24th September 2012 Archive

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  • NZ spooks acted unlawfully in Megaupload wiretap

    Court informed of wrongdoing as PM orders inquiry

    Law 24 02:47

  • IBM to debut Power7+ servers on October 3

    Staggered rollout, maybe running top to bottom this time

    Data Centre 24 04:14

  • Apple demands $707m more from Samsung

    Court filing wants extra damages for patent breaches

    Law 24 04:38

  • 40 Foxconn staff hospitalised after CAMPUS RIOT

    2,000 staff fight after rumours claim security guard roughed up employee

    Business 24 05:02

  • Adelaide hospital rolls out RFID tagging

    Wireless everywhere to track kit, people, in AUD$71M project

    Networks 24 05:34

  • Now Apple cuts back on Samsung displays

    Cupertino sticks it to patent rival

    Business 24 07:15

  • Dell's blade data-centre-in-a-box 'much better than HP's'

    More bladey than Miyamoto Musashi's umbrella stand

    Storage 24 07:31

  • Google Go language gets used: For file-scrambling trojan, though

    No-one sure why 'mobe rooter' VXers like obscure lingo

    Security 24 07:57

  • Scottish islanders' wave power hopes sunk by 'massive costs'

    £107m bill in 2020 to hook into national grid

    Science 24 08:17

  • Big in Brazil: Sage gobbles accountancy software firm

    We want to be part of an economy that's growing

    Financial News 24 08:38

  • Orée outs wood-carved keyboard

    Tree feat

    Hardware 24 08:45

  • Unconsenting Facebookers exposed by Beacon denied payouts

    Lawyers get rich, plaintiffs get 'not a nickel'

    Law 24 08:56

  • Samsung ready to drop faster SSDs

    Sata blatter

    Hardware 24 09:12

  • A10 seduces app load balancing biz spurned by Cisco

    Will networking giant bite back with an acquisition?

    Data Networking 24 09:29

  • Rambus' patent evidence-shredding slices into Hynix DRAM payout

    Judge reckons royalty rate too generous

    Law 24 09:50

  • Seagate: Our tech will be BETTER than WD's helium-filled hardness

    Spinning disks and squabbling sisters

    Storage 24 10:08

  • Events in stratosphere can affect Earth's entire climate

    Powerful knock-on oceanic effects from upper atmos events

    Science 24 10:29

  • Peeved bumpkins demand legally binding broadband promise from UK.gov

    DCMS claims to be on track with meeting 2015 target

    Broadband 24 10:46

  • Fears for small biz as 'draconian Cisco chokes cash flow'

    New partner programme pays out less upfront

    The Channel 24 10:58

  • Toshiba AT300 10in Android tablet review

    Hello Tosh, got a new Tegra?

    Tablets 24 11:00

  • 'Your app will work on Windows 8 - but please rewrite it anyway'

    Microsoft bigwig adds: 'We’re not afraid to make hard calls'

    Windows 8 24 11:16

  • Toyota kills city 'e-car for everyone'

    Only a limited launch for eQ

    Science 24 11:20

  • CSC axes doctor support software in the UK

    580 GP practices will lose their iSoft products

    Financial News 24 11:38

  • Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl

    Other cheeks unturned in unholy rumpus

    Bootnotes 24 11:55

  • EC happy for Avnet to gobble down Magirus

    Competition authorities not concerned about resulting mega Euro distie

    The Channel 24 12:09

  • Apple begs ex-Google bods to fix crap maps app

    Hope they don't use iOS 6 to find One Infinite Loop

    Mobile 24 12:24

  • Iran's top brass deny nuking US bank websites

    'We are not the scriptkiddies you are looking for'

    Security 24 12:44

  • Apple weekend iPhone 5 sales miss forecasts

    Ten million to ship? Half that, more like

    Phones 24 12:48

  • Microsoft Research man: It all starts with touch

    Windows 8 just the beginning of 'natural' sensory input trend

    Windows 8 24 13:04

  • Crooks can milk '$100k a day' from 1-million-zombie ZeroAccess army

    Botnet herders upgrade malware, still making bank – Sophos

    Security 24 13:33

  • Motorola, Samsung smash Apple's touchscreen patent claim

    Android mobe makers FINALLY catch a break in court win

    Law 24 14:02

  • Sky gripe grounded Freeview EPG facelift

    Prøn peddler upset too

    Hardware 24 14:31

  • Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results

    Shuttleworth: Don't be mad, you trust us with root anyway

    Operating Systems 24 14:35

  • Tacky mobile ad networks could kill publishing, survey shows

    Audience are leaving, but their dollars don't follow

    Mobile 24 15:02

  • Micro Anvika goes titsup after Olympics fails to save its shops

    Calls in the receivers, keeps biz open in bid to sell it as going concern

    The Channel 24 15:33

  • Polish Samsung Galaxy S IIIs first to scoff Jelly Bean update

    More Euro countries and a Galaxy of mobes to follow

    Mobile 24 16:01

  • Stratus runs Marathon after high-availability server rival gobble

    Beats the competition to the finishing line

    Servers 24 16:27

  • Facebook shares drop 10%, trip NASDAQ 'circuit breaker'

    Channels Leonard Cohen's 'Dress Rehearsal Rag'

    Financial News 24 18:38

  • Hitachi claims glass data storage will last millions of years

    Until you break it, that is

    Storage 24 19:21

  • Red Hat uncloaks RHEL 5.9 beta

    Heading for the paddock on the way to the pasture

    Operating Systems 24 19:59

  • Adobe goes gaga for web standards with Edge tool push

    Who needs Flash, anyway?

    Developer 24 20:44

  • NSW gives Technologies curriculum a 'D'

    Board of Studies says current draft is not a basis for a quality curriculum

    Policy 24 22:00

  • Smartphones may soon listen in on you while they sleep

    Advantage: hands-free convenience. Disadvantage: g'bye, privacy

    Mobile 24 22:11

  • Savvy ex-Soviets out-hack East Asian arrivistes

    Custom cracks versus strength of numbers

    Security 24 22:19

  • Researchers reveal NFC subway bonk-nonpayment scheme

    Using Android phones to dodge fares

    Security 24 22:49

  • Broadband too costly in developing countries, says ITU

    National network policy now all the rage

    Broadband 24 23:08

  • Red Hat pinched by muscular greenbacks in Q2

    Selling now, investing for then, sitting on a pile of cash

    Financial News 24 23:10

  • Berkeley Lab proposes 4D clock

    ‘Space-time crystal’ would outlast the universe

    Science 24 23:55