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Kim Dotcom's Rented Mansion in New Zealand

NZ spooks acted unlawfully in Megaupload wiretap

New Zealand authorities have informed the nation's High Court that individuals at the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) “acted unlawfully while assisting the Police to locate certain individuals subject to arrest warrants” in the case of Kim Dotcom's Megaupload service.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Sep 2012
Die shot of the Power7+ chip from IBM

IBM to debut Power7+ servers on October 3

The first Power7+ machines are fueled up and ready for launch on Wednesday, October 3. We've been telling you all about the impending Power7+ processors and speculating on the related servers for so long you probably think they are already here and can't figure out why they aren't available from IBM and its business partner channel.

Apple demands $707m more from Samsung

Apple has rubbed US$707m worth of salt into the wound it inflicted on Samsung when it beat the Korean company in California's courts over the design of the companies' respective telephones.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Sep 2012
Workers in a Foxconn plant, credit: Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA

40 Foxconn staff hospitalised after CAMPUS RIOT

A dispute at a dormitory near a Foxconn plant in northern China last night led to a riot involving 2,000 employees lasting well into the early hours of this morning when police took control, with scores sent to hospital for treatement.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Sep 2012
Wife dressed as nurse administers last act of mercy

Adelaide hospital rolls out RFID tagging

Visionstream will deploy a AUD$71 million ICT solution for the Royal Adelaide Hospital that is aimed to integrate government development on high end data services with actual health care provision.
Natalie Apostolou, 24 Sep 2012
iFixit.com iPhone 5 takeapart

Now Apple cuts back on Samsung displays

Apple is scaling back its purchase of tablet LCD displays from Samsung's display wing, in what looks like another clear sign that Cupertino wants to reduce its dependence on the Korean giant in the wake of their recent acrimonious patent battles.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Sep 2012
Dell EqualLogic storage blade

Dell's blade data-centre-in-a-box 'much better than HP's'

Dell is now shipping an EqualLogic storage blade array, and claiming it is much better than HP's equivalent product.
Chris Mellor, 24 Sep 2012

Google Go language gets used: For file-scrambling trojan, though

Virus writers are experimenting with Google's Go as a programming language for malware.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2012

Scottish islanders' wave power hopes sunk by 'massive costs'

The "massive costs" faced by developers in Scotland's first Marine Energy Park to connect their wave and tidal projects to the grid could potentially hold back investment, an industry body has warned.
OUT-LAW.COM, 24 Sep 2012

Big in Brazil: Sage gobbles accountancy software firm

The Sage Group have bought a Brazilian accountancy software company, sweeping in an extra 4000 customers.
Anna Leach, 24 Sep 2012
Orée Board

Orée outs wood-carved keyboard

French outfit Orée launched its unique bluetooth keyboards in the UK this week: input devices cut from a single piece of wood.
Caleb Cox, 24 Sep 2012

Unconsenting Facebookers exposed by Beacon denied payouts

A US appeals court has refused to add to Facebook's $9.5m settlement sea in a class action suit brought over the network's creepy adware service Beacon.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Sep 2012
Samsung 840 SSD

Samsung ready to drop faster SSDs

Samsung will have a new SSD out next month. The 840 Series is a notebook-ready 6Gbps Sata drive, with a high performance - Samsung claims - Pro line accompanied by a lesser, cheaper vanilla offering.
Hard Reg, 24 Sep 2012
The AX 5200 load balancer from A10 Networks

A10 seduces app load balancing biz spurned by Cisco

Cisco Systems has stopped development on its Application Control Engine load balancer modules for its high-end switches and routers, and now networking rivals are trying to raid Cisco's installed base. Upstart A10 Networks has struck first with a Cisco ACE trade-in deal.

Rambus' patent evidence-shredding slices into Hynix DRAM payout

A US judge has ruled that legal attack dog Rambus destroyed evidence prior to its patent lawsuit against SK Hynix - but decided the paper-shredding wasn't a deliberate attempt to derail Hynix's defence.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Sep 2012
WD RE4 Enterprise disk drive

Seagate: Our tech will be better than WD's helium-filled hardness

We've had WD showing off the flash-disk mutants on its road map to the investment analysts, boasting of its upcoming helium-filled drives - where did they come from? - and 5mm ultra-thin drives. Now Seagate has followed suit and said it will get there first, wherever it is.
Chris Mellor, 24 Sep 2012

Events in stratosphere can affect Earth's entire climate

Events high in the upper atmosphere can cause massive shifts in the behaviour even of deep ocean currents, according to new research.
Lewis Page, 24 Sep 2012

Peeved bumpkins demand legally binding broadband promise from UK.gov

The UK government's plans to deploy faster broadband connections to 90 per cent of homes and businesses by 2015 has once again been criticised by landowners in England and Wales, who have labelled the BDUK process as "too bureaucratic".
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Sep 2012

Fears for small biz as 'draconian Cisco chokes cash flow'

Cisco's sweeping changes worldwide to its Shared Support Programme (SSP) will alter the way the networking giant pays its partners - and could have dire consequences for the liquidity of some small service providers.
Paul Kunert, 24 Sep 2012
Toshiba AT300 Android tablet

Toshiba AT300 10in Android tablet review

To date Toshiba’s Android tablets have barely made a ripple let alone a splash in the fondleslab market but the new AT300 may change that. A replacement for the AT200 – that I failed to get excited about earlier in the year – the new device is cheaper and, thanks to its Tegra 3 underpinnings, considerably more powerful.
Alun Taylor, 24 Sep 2012

'Your app will work on Windows 8 - but please rewrite it anyway'

Is Windows so much weighed down by legacy and the need to support existing applications that Microsoft cannot advance its platform? I put this question to Satya Nadella, president of the server and tools business at Microsoft, at the recent Visual Studio 2012 launch in Seattle, Washington.
Tim Anderson, 24 Sep 2012

Toyota kills city 'e-car for everyone'

Who killed the electric car? This time round, Toyota did. It said today it will not release its proposed mass-market mini e-car, the eQ.
Tony Smith, 24 Sep 2012

CSC axes doctor support software in the UK

CSC has finally confirmed it is pulling its GP support products from the primary care market.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Sep 2012

Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl

Five footballers from the West Midlands Christian League are heading for some serious time in the sin bin after a match last weekend degenerated into a "brutal brawl".
Lester Haines, 24 Sep 2012
European Union Flag

EC happy for Avnet to gobble down Magirus

The European Commission has given the green light to Avnet's proposed acquisition of Germany-based pan-European distributor Magirus.
Paul Kunert, 24 Sep 2012

Apple begs ex-Google bods to fix crap maps app

As reported on Friday, Apple is hastily hiring software engineers to fix its disastrous new Maps App. Not surprisingly, it appears the iPhone maker hopes to lure them from Google.
Anna Leach, 24 Sep 2012

Iran's top brass deny nuking US bank websites

Iran has denied computers on its soil were behind denial-of-service attacks against American banks.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2012
Apple iPhone 5

Apple weekend iPhone 5 sales miss forecasts

Apple shipped just over five million iPhone 5s during the first three days of the handset's availability, rather fewer than one analyst forecast of eight million units, let alone another bullish prediction of ten million.
Tony Smith, 24 Sep 2012

Microsoft Research man: It all starts with touch

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s addition to the growing tide pool of touch input for computers. Redmond's new OS joins Apple's iOS and Google’s Android in moving beyond keyboard and mouse and into touch, slide, swipe and pinch.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Sep 2012

Crooks can milk '$100k a day' from 1-million-zombie ZeroAccess army

The stealthy ZeroAccess botnet commands a zombie army of more than one million machines, according to new research.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2012

Motorola, Samsung smash Apple's touchscreen patent claim

Apple has lost two patent lawsuits against Samsung and Motorola over touchscreen technology, ending the iPhone maker's victorious summer of litigation.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Sep 2012

Sky gripe grounded Freeview EPG facelift

An attempt to modernise the Freeview channel listing last week proved something of a fail after a stack of planned moves did not take place, thanks to complaints from Sky and a purveyor of adult entertainment.
Tony Smith, 24 Sep 2012

Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results

Ubuntu loyalists are furious that shopping suggestions from Amazon will be plonked into desktop search results, shown when users attempt to find stuff on their computers and the local network.
Anna Leach, 24 Sep 2012

Tacky mobile ad networks could kill publishing, survey shows

As if they haven't got enough to worry about: magazines and newspapers are seeing audiences migrate to mobile, but the advertising revenues they need to keep their publications running just aren't following.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Sep 2012

Micro Anvika goes titsup after Olympics fails to save its shops

The directors at Tottenham Court Road outfit Micro Anvika have called in the administrators after more than 28 years in business, The Channel can reveal.
Paul Kunert, 24 Sep 2012

Polish Samsung Galaxy S IIIs first to scoff Jelly Bean update

Samsung has started rolling out Android Jelly Bean to a lucky few Europeans who have a capable gadget and don't have a pesky network operator standing in the way.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Sep 2012
Stratus Technologies logo

Stratus runs Marathon after high-availability server rival gobble

Stratus Technologies, the maker of high-availability software and fault-tolerant servers, has snapped up rival Marathon Technologies for an undisclosed amount. The purchase locks up a niche market and keeps Marathon's wares out of the hands of larger rivals, which might have otherwise grabbed it to bolster their server or virtualization portfolios.

Facebook shares drop 10%, trip NASDAQ 'circuit breaker'

In a speedy response to an analyst's negative assessment, Facebook's stock price dove by over 10 per cent in trading on Monday morning, triggering the NASDAQ exchange's "circuit breaker" designed to prevent over-zealous short sellers from further destroying a company's book value.
Rik Myslewski, 24 Sep 2012

Hitachi claims glass data storage will last millions of years

Hitachi is showing off a storage system using quartz glass that it claims will retain data for hundred of millions of years.
Iain Thomson, 24 Sep 2012

Red Hat uncloaks RHEL 5.9 beta

Commercial Linux distie Red Hat has not forgotten that a whole lot of its customers are still back one release on Enterprise Linux 5, and has rolled out a beta of an updated 5.9 release to give customers a sneak peek at enhancements coming their way. This marks the last big update for the RHEL 5 life cycle, but Red Hat will support the operating system for another four and a half years.

Adobe goes gaga for web standards with Edge tool push

Adobe has kicked off its worldwide "Create the Web" tour by announcing a new set of applications aimed at making it easier for developers and designers to build graphically rich, interactive applications based on web standards.
Neil McAllister, 24 Sep 2012
Pink Floyd: The Wall

NSW gives Technologies curriculum a 'D'

The New South Wales Board of studies has strongly criticised Australia's proposed national curriculum for Technologies, saying that in its current form it “does not represent a curriculum structure that provides the basis for a quality Technologies curriculum.”
Simon Sharwood, 24 Sep 2012

Smartphones may soon listen in on you while they sleep

Your smartphone may soon be able to hear and respond to you even when it's in sleep mode – that is, if the combined efforts of engineers at speech-recognition leader Nuance Communications and chipset makers succeed in their goal.
Rik Myslewski, 24 Sep 2012

Savvy ex-Soviets out-hack East Asian arrivistes

An analysis of the hacking communities in Eastern Europe and Asia has concluded that citizens of the former Soviet bloc are still top dogs at cracking complex systems.
Iain Thomson, 24 Sep 2012

Researchers reveal NFC subway bonk-nonpayment scheme

Transit systems around the world have begun turning to card-based "contactless" ticketing systems as an easy way to process fares. But according to security researchers, flaws in some ticketing schemes could allow savvy customers to bag themselves a permanent ticket to ride, using nothing more than an Android app and an NFC-enabled phone.
Neil McAllister, 24 Sep 2012
Array of multicoloured LEDs reminiscent of the matrix

Broadband too costly in developing countries, says ITU

In a new report that digests international broadband policies, the ITU has found that services remain too expensive in many countries.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Sep 2012

Red Hat pinched by muscular greenbacks in Q2

Anyone selling hardware or software overseas as a significant portion of their overall revenues got a haircut in the past few months, and Linux server and Java application server juggernaut Red Hat was no exception.
Four dimensional tic tac toe

Berkeley Lab proposes 4D clock

It’s not quite a perpetual motion machine: scientists at the US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have proposed a design for a timing crystal they say would theoretically outlast the universe.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Sep 2012

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