21st September 2012 Archive

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  • SingTel gets app happy with Pixable

    Snaps up social pic streamer for US$26.5m

    Business 21 Sep 00:16

  • Critical flaw exposes Oracle database passwords

    Vuln leaves barn door open to brute-force attacks

    Security 21 Sep 00:33

  • Defective PCB cleaner cans could inflict eye injury

    Step away from that soldering iron and check the recall details

    Hardware 21 Sep 00:41

  • Swiss railways ticked off at iOS clock knock-off

    Trademarked and copyrighted clock design reproduced in iOS 6 app

    Law 21 Sep 01:30

  • Tiny trackers untangle bee secrets

    Navigating for efficiency

    Science 21 Sep 02:15

  • China plots 2017 mission to plan MOON COLONY

    Can't say when it will land, can say what needs to be done

    Science 21 Sep 06:23

  • Australian PM opens SYSADMIN-KILLER data centre

    Bit barn pitched as alternative to in-house server rooms

    Data Centre 21 Sep 06:27

  • Chinese hacktivists launch cyber attack on Japan

    Government sites sink in dispute over islands

    Security 21 Sep 06:37

  • Most Hong Kong iPhone 5s to be smuggled into China

    Analyst reveals massive grey market racket

    Networks 21 Sep 06:42

  • The Jupiter Ace is 30

    Two Spectrum stars go Forth

    Hardware 21 Sep 07:00

  • OpenWave fires ten-gun patent broadsides at Apple AND Google

    The enemy of my enemy is ... also my enemy

    Mobile 21 Sep 07:38

  • Reg readers serve up bacon sarnie amuse-bouche

    Pinnacle of pork perfection preview

    SPB 21 Sep 08:01

  • Single NFC bonk subjugated Samsung Galaxy SIII and slurped it out

    Attackers groped about until they had total dominance

    Security 21 Sep 08:19

  • 'Apple's iOS 6 maps app is SHOCKING, rushed and half-baked'

    Plus: 'We're trying to re-imagine the world with Windows 8'

    Windows 8 21 Sep 08:43

  • Climate sceptic? You're probably a 'Birther', don't vaccinate your kids

    Think cigs don't cause cancer, Saddam had WMDs etc etc

    Science 21 Sep 09:00

  • Polar sea ice could set ANOTHER record this year

    Exceptionally large amounts of it down south right now

    Science 21 Sep 09:14

  • Google bins its free music service in China

    Couldn't gain much interest even giving the stuff away

    Media 21 Sep 09:29

  • Japanese fanboy robbers empty shops of iPhone 5s ahead of launch

    Yoink! Now we just need a load of nano SIMs ...

    Bootnotes 21 Sep 09:44

  • Microsoft drives German patent tank into Google's front room

    Joins Apple panzer in smashing up House of Android

    Law 21 Sep 09:58

  • Pirate Bay’s neo-Nazi sugar daddy files for bankruptcy

    Crispbread heir, freetard icon doesn't fancy paying fines

    Media 21 Sep 10:13

  • Apple iPhone 5 review

    The thinnest, slickest, fastest iPhone yet

    Phones 21 Sep 10:23

  • Google 'dominance abuse' games may yet mean monster Euro smack

    'Translate words into ACTION', thunders commish

    Government 21 Sep 10:30

  • LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'

    High-fiving shoppers spark bewilderment from normal folk

    Bootnotes 21 Sep 10:51

  • Oil and gas giants' PCs polluted by new cyber-spy Trojan

    Advanced Persistent Threat 'Mirage' group is back

    Security 21 Sep 10:57

  • BlackBerry network goes titsup inopportunely AGAIN

    You don't want an iPhone, because >bzzert<

    Mobile 21 Sep 11:13

  • Samsung chips evicted from iPhone 5, autopsy reveals

    The screen's a doddle to replace too

    Phones 21 Sep 11:15

  • Hapless Kate topless, toothless law useless

    Once it's digital, it's out of your hands

    Hardware 21 Sep 11:30

  • Channel biggun 2e2 dragged to county court over £14,000 debt

    Second CCJ this year 'doesn't comfort' suppliers

    The Channel 21 Sep 11:44

  • Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

    'If more people use it, it will become less rubbish'

    Hardware 21 Sep 11:59

  • EMC: I Have A Dream - of ABBA in every HPC setup

    When you need to nuke an asteroid, take a chance on us

    HPC 21 Sep 12:29

  • Space shuttle to slip surly bonds of Earth one last time over California

    Endeavour heads off on sightseeing tour of California

    Science 21 Sep 12:57

  • Neil Gaiman’s saucy pop wife agrees to pay her musicians in money

    I give them 'hugs and love', they should be paying ME!

    Media 21 Sep 13:29

  • Ig Nobels 2012: Physics of ponytails, chimp arse-cognition and more

    Calling Bruce Schneier

    Bootnotes 21 Sep 14:01

  • Facebook given 4 weeks to FULLY SATISFY Irish data commissioner

    Review mainly leads to whiskey doubles all round

    Media 21 Sep 14:25

  • Actian daubs go-faster stripes on cheapo database kit

    Code crammed into nimble x86 processor caches

    Storage 21 Sep 15:00

  • EU lets Universal gobble up EMI, but it must spit out certain chunks

    Also must hurl forth Cliff Richard, Coldplay and Kylie

    Media 21 Sep 15:11

  • IBM: Last chance to load up on Power 6+

    Getting ready to lead the old girl out back with gun and spade

    Servers 21 Sep 15:25

  • French Skyper freed after accidentally hacking bank's phone system

    C'est le plus merde passcode dans le MONDE. Et l'espace

    Security 21 Sep 15:54

  • Apple scrambled to hire iOS 6 maps engineers DAYS before launch

    It's almost as if Apple didn't plan this very well

    Bootnotes 21 Sep 16:05

  • LSI: Flash is just another thing, not a miracle in your pants

    Use it where it makes sense, don't get all giddy

    Storage 21 Sep 16:32

  • Microsoft issues emergency IE bug patch

    Zero-day flaw exploited by hackers takes six to fix

    Security 21 Sep 18:06

  • Sweating Sharp cops a boost as Intel sniffs around

    Chipzilla could be fixin' to snork up ¥30bn stake

    Financial News 21 Sep 18:38

  • Inphi: Don't skimp on memory for those virty servers

    LRDIMM versus RDIMM benchmark smackdown

    Virtualization 21 Sep 19:02

  • W3C reveals plan to finish HTML5 and HTML 5.1

    Splitting it up to save time, headaches

    Developer 21 Sep 19:33

  • EMC puts a bullet in its XAM storage access

    Cross-vendor protocol idea goes titsup

    Storage 21 Sep 19:42

  • Shuttle Endeavour buzzes the Golden Gate Bridge

    Farewell, Endeavour – and NASA's manned orbital capability

    Science 21 Sep 20:39

  • Xamarin links mobile apps with Microsoft cloud services

    Mono-based SDK for iOS and Android

    Developer 21 Sep 20:47

  • Verizon CFO: 'Unlimited' data is just a word

    Customers might reply that so is 'cancellation'

    Mobile 21 Sep 20:48