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International Trade Commission heeds Moto, targets Apple

The IT industry’s ongoing battle to outlaw itself with intricately cross-linked patent-driven bans on device sales continues, with Google-owned Motorola Mobility winning an International Trade Commission investigation into Apple over yet more infringement.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Sep 2012
Engineers making quantum devices at the Australian National Fabrication Facility at UNSW: Credit: Australian National Fabrication Facility

Boffins spin up working Qubit in silicon

The University of New South Wales' School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications has created what it says is the world's first working qubit based on a single atom.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Sep 2012
'Nanotree' hydrogen fuel generator

China warned on nano-safety

China has been urged to carry out extensive safety studies and tighten regulation of its thriving nanotechnology industry to reassure countries importing nano-goods that there are no health risks associated with exposure to such materials.
Phil Muncaster, 20 Sep 2012
Windows server 2012 logo

Microsoft releases VMware-eater

One of the more interesting moments at this year's VMworld keynote saw outgoing CEO Paul Maritz proclaim, in an unusual-for-him strident tone, that one cannot beat Microsoft on price. One beats Microsoft on value, he concluded, before implying that VMware will do that blindfolded and with one arm tied behind its back.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Sep 2012

Salesforce CEO: Social is god and Zuck is its prophet

Dreamforce 2012"Business is social" is Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff's mantra these days, and throughout his sprawling, star-studded keynote at the company's Dreamforce 2012 conference in San Francisco on Wednesday – which ran nearly a full hour over schedule – he seemingly couldn't repeat it often enough.
Neil McAllister, 20 Sep 2012

Taiwan's civil servants caught by sexy email trap

Some 1,000 sex-obsessed civil servants in Taiwan have been sent on an internet security course after being caught in a kind of online honey trap set up by their local government employer.
Phil Muncaster, 20 Sep 2012

Apple slip-up slows iOS 6 upgrades

Fanbois rushing to install iOS 6 on their iThings have been frustrated by the absence of a web page the devices need to visit when reconnecting to networks after the upgrade.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Sep 2012
Many awards: Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev

Asian hackers p0wned by Eastern European rivals

Cyber criminals from Eastern Europe present a more sophisticated information security threat to Western firms than their rivals in East Asia, according to a surprising new assessment of the global threat landscape by a former White House cyber security advisor.
Phil Muncaster, 20 Sep 2012
MakerBot The Replicator with model

How hard is 3D printing?

If you want to make your own gun or harboured a desire to make a boat perhaps the device you need is a 3D Printer. In principle it sounds easy: just download a 3D model from the net, throw it at the printer, and whatever you desire comes out the other end.

Want a Leica camera from Jony Ive? There CAN BE ONLY ONE

Apple design saint Jonathan Ive will design a single special edition Leica M camera, in what must surely be the world's most hipster industrial design collaboration to date.
Anna Leach, 20 Sep 2012

'People will give you their data if you don't do nobbish things with it!'

Businesses stand to benefit if they grant consumers more control over how their personal data is used, a policy think-tank has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Sep 2012

Bonking payment by NFC doubled by Olympics splash

As an Olympics sponsor Visa used the London games to highlight pay-by-bonk technology, successfully doubling the number of contactless payments across the UK while taking a fifth of the transactions within the park.
Bill Ray, 20 Sep 2012

New CEO takes reins at Virident with $26m in the saddlebag

Looking for a flash of magic, PCIe flash start-up Virident has recruited BlueArc's ex-CEO to take the business forward, with the two co-founders looking after technology and strategy. The firm has also been given $26 million for business development in a fourth round of funding.
Chris Mellor, 20 Sep 2012

Sky ruled OK to hold broadcast licence without Murdoch at helm

Communications regulator Ofcom today ruled that Sky - which is nearly 40 per cent owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp - IS fit and proper to hold a TV broadcast licence.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Sep 2012

Sophos antivirus classifies its own update kit as malware

Sophos users woke up to mayhem on Thursday after the business-focussed antivirus firm released an update that classified itself and any other update utility as a virus.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2012

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app

Apple today faced the ire of thousands of irritated iOS 6 users who upgraded to the new version of the iDevice operating system only to discover the Cupertino's new Maps app is, well, pants.
Tony Smith, 20 Sep 2012

'Sub-arctic' atmos at RIM UK as jobs apocalypse looms

Workers at RIM European's headquarters in Slough have been warned job cuts are coming, it is understood, after CEO Thorsten Heins threatened in June to axe 5,000 staff globally.
Anna Leach, 20 Sep 2012

AmPhones put amplifiers in guitarists' ears

Amplifier maker Vox has joined forces with Audio Technica to launch the amPhones, over-the-ear cans for the living-room guitarist.
Caleb Cox, 20 Sep 2012

HTC hawks fresh WinPho smartphones

HTC today unveiled its first Windows Phone 8 handsets, the 8X and 8S.
Caleb Cox, 20 Sep 2012

UK.gov lays out what cities will get in broadband cash divvy

Freshly-installed culture Secretary Maria Miller announced this morning just how much cash will be slapped on 10 major cities to improve local broadband, after the Treasury's initial £100m allocation ballooned to £114.1m.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Sep 2012

Mars rover Curiosity gets ready to blast its first rock

NASA's nuclear Mars truck Curiosity is poised to start zapping its first rock to find out what it's made of, and is on its way to its first major science destination.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Sep 2012
Sliced Bread

CEO bloodbath in storage land - four bigshots gone in one week

Four storage supplier chief execs have taken a hike in the past week. CEOs at Amplidata, OCZ, STEC and Virident all spun the revolving door.
Chris Mellor, 20 Sep 2012

UK electric car funding - another subsidy for the rich say MPs

The £11m of public money used to promote electric vehicles is mostly just helping rich Brits buy a second car, a group of MPs said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Sep 2012

HTC Droids get working bonk-payment NFC setup in China

HTC and China Merchants Bank have launched a mobile wallet, allowing owners of HTC Android smartphones to pay for stuff wirelessly by tapping their phone on the till or what have you. The technology is stored in a secure chip in the handset and thus is available without approval, or notification, of the network operator.
Bill Ray, 20 Sep 2012
HP Envy 4-1010ea Ultrabook

HP unzips slim Windows 8 notebooks

More skinny (ish) Windows 8 notebooks from HP. Branded Sleekbook, the new notebooks don't meet Intel's specifications for Ultrabook status, not least the 14in model, which sports an AMD CPU.
Hard Reg, 20 Sep 2012

UK to hold public consultation on social-media troll prosecutions

Mainstream and local press have covered trolling cases on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites into an inch of their life this year as public outrage about the phenomenon has led to some UK folk being arrested under suspicion of malicious communications offences.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Sep 2012

Redmond promises emergency IE bug fix on Friday (zero day + 5)

Microsoft is promising to release an emergency patch that tackles a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer on Friday.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2012

OLYMPIC SECRETS to stay locked up for 15 YEARS

Anyone who wants to investigate just how London 2012 ticket sales were set up and run (or other mysteries of the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games) will have their chance: Blighty's National Archives has agreed to house and publish all the digital records arising from the Games. Unfortunately, in many cases outsiders will have to wait 15 years to have a look.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Sep 2012

Adobe moving its users into the Cloud: Wants middlemen to help

Adobe says its direct sales force will be competing with resellers when its Creative Cloud (CC) suite reaches enterprise punters.
Paul Kunert, 20 Sep 2012

Latest iPhone hacked to blab all your secrets

Dutch hackers have exploited a WebKit bug in mobile web browser Safari to rinse an iPhone 4S of its photos, address book contacts and its browser history. The flaw exists in Apple's iOS 5.1.1 and the latest developer preview of iOS 6, the first public build of which was released last night to fanbois.
Anna Leach, 20 Sep 2012

Astronomers tell story set a LONG time ago in a galaxy far, FAR away

The Hubble telescope has detected starlight that comes from a galaxy 13.2 billion light-years away, scientists reported today. The galaxy is believed to be the most distant object that humans have ever seen, says the paper in the journal Nature.
Anna Leach, 20 Sep 2012

Conflict-of-interest scandal could imperil Wikimedia charity status

Wikipedia contributors in the UK are concerned that a scandal involving the close-knit group of friends and business associates who run Wikimedia UK may imperil its charitable status.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Sep 2012
Android logo

Google's Android celebrates fourth birthday

Android will be four years old on Sunday, September 23.
Tony Smith, 20 Sep 2012

Google to snatch US web advertising crown from Facebook

Google will overtake Facebook in the lucrative digital display advertising market in the US by holding 15.4 per cent of the sector by the end of the year, according to new figures.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Sep 2012

Hacktivists, blackhats snatch sixguns from whitehats' holsters

Tools designed for testing server and network defences are being snapped up by hacktivists to launch denial-of-service attacks on websites.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2012

HP installs UK cloud overlord to get its cumulus in one sock

HP has hoisted Business Critical Server boss Michael Clifford into a newly created role intended to join-up its cloud services portfolio.
Paul Kunert, 20 Sep 2012
Intel logo

Deep, deep dive inside Intel's next-generation processor

At Intel's developer shindig last week, chippery engineers spent a goodly amount of time conducting tech sessions that detailed the company's upcoming 4th-generation Core microprocessor architecture, code-named "Haswell."
Rik Myslewski, 20 Sep 2012
Pure Avalon 300R Connect

DAB dad Pure deploys DVR

The doyen of DAB radios, Pure, is to return to its roots - it was once called VideoLogic - and release TV-centric product: a Freeview HD DVR.
Tony Smith, 20 Sep 2012
The Nexus 3548 high freaky trading switch

Sun men bump bellies in Cisco v Arista freaky trade battle

High frequency trading and certain parallel computing tasks need low-latency switches with as little jitter as possible, and they are willing to pay a hefty premium for those qualities. This was one of the founding premises of switch upstart Arista Networks, and Cisco Systems has revved up its Nexus 3000 series switches to try to carve out a piece of this profitable market from its upstart rival.

DARPA demos cyborg binoculars to spot the enemy

The US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) reports that field trials of a new threat detection system, which augments cameras with a human operator's brainwaves, has shown remarkable success in spotting potential threats.
Iain Thomson, 20 Sep 2012
cray cascade mountain

Swiss boffins jump in Lake Lugano for Cray super

The boffins at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) are opened up a new supercomputing center in Lugano this year, and now they are getting a shiny new "Cascade" parallel supercomputer from Cray to hum away inside of it.
Spyeye logo

Roxon clarifies data retention proposals with ASIO support

Australia’s Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, has tried to take some of the heat out of the data retention debate.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Sep 2012

Heroku puffs out Java cloud with one-click app stack

Dreamforce 2012Heroku's core fanbase of Ruby on Rails hipsters must be mortified. Since being bought by Salesforce.com in 2010, the platform as a service (PaaS) vendor has steadily added support for more languages – including boring old Java – and as of this week's Dreamforce 2012 conference in San Francisco, it's even started muttering the e-word.
Neil McAllister, 20 Sep 2012
Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S

iPhone queue ‘superficial and pretentious’ says queuing fangirl

VidApple Stores have started selling the iPhone 5 in Australia, the country where this kind of thing happens first thanks to accidents of geography and the location of the International Date Line.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Sep 2012
Larry Ellison, photo by Oracle Corporate Communications

Oracle gears up for infrastructure cloud and 12c database launches

Larry Ellison has let the cat out of the bag about some announcements that Oracle is making at OpenWorld in San Francisco. The much-awaited Oracle 12c database is coming in two weeks, as is an infrastructure cloud service for the Oracle Cloud, he announced on Thursday.

Senate hears Microsoft and HP avoided billions in US taxes

Hearings at the US Senate have been examining how some of the richest technology firms use offshore banking and tax loopholes to avoid having to pay billions to support their native country.
Iain Thomson, 20 Sep 2012

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