20th September 2012 Archive

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  • International Trade Commission heeds Moto, targets Apple

    Trade regulator votes to peruse Cupertino's patent pile

    Government 20 Sep 00:16

  • Boffins spin up working Qubit in silicon

    Quantum researcher outlines how to build a quantum logic gate

    Science 20 Sep 02:10

  • China warned on nano-safety

    Academy of Science calls for more research on potential hazards

    Science 20 Sep 03:15

  • Microsoft releases VMware-eater

    All your VMDKs are belong to Windows Server thanks to free converter

    Data Centre 20 Sep 04:32

  • Salesforce CEO: Social is god and Zuck is its prophet

    Are we 'Facebook for enterprise' yet?

    Cloud 20 Sep 04:36

  • Taiwan's civil servants caught by sexy email trap

    That's one way to raise info-security awareness

    Security 20 Sep 04:49

  • Apple slip-up slows iOS 6 upgrades

    iDevices tried to find missing web page before activating WiFi or 3G connections

    Networks 20 Sep 05:27

  • Asian hackers p0wned by Eastern European rivals

    Former Soviet bloc countries hack hardest, says former presidential security man

    Security 20 Sep 06:20

  • How hard is 3D printing?

    Modelling technology takes shape

    Hardware 20 Sep 07:00

  • Want a Leica camera from Jony Ive? There CAN BE ONLY ONE

    Holy icon of ultimate hipness to be created, f'charidee

    Hardware 20 Sep 07:29

  • 'People will give you their data if you don't do nobbish things with it!'

    Blinding insight from shrewd wonkateers

    CIO 20 Sep 08:01

  • Bonking payment by NFC doubled by Olympics splash

    Slapcash getting some traction ... not with iPhone fans

    Mobile 20 Sep 08:18

  • So many devices, so little policy

    So what are you waiting for?

    Business 20 Sep 08:21

  • New CEO takes reins at Virident with $26m in the saddlebag

    Looking to get founders harnessed up, whipped into shape

    Storage 20 Sep 08:39

  • Sky ruled OK to hold broadcast licence without Murdoch at helm

    What if he was still in charge? 'That's hypothetical'

    Media 20 Sep 08:57

  • Sophos antivirus classifies its own update kit as malware

    Fix issued swiftly, but naturally difficult to install!

    Security 20 Sep 09:01

  • Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app

    iOS 6 slammed for shonkey geography

    Phones 20 Sep 09:23

  • 'Sub-arctic' atmos at RIM UK as jobs apocalypse looms

    Sickly octopus refuses to confirm or deny tentacle's fate

    Business 20 Sep 09:28

  • AmPhones put amplifiers in guitarists' ears

    Jam in a can

    Hardware 20 Sep 09:39

  • HTC hawks fresh WinPho smartphones

    Pieces of 8

    Phones 20 Sep 09:42

  • UK.gov lays out what cities will get in broadband cash divvy

    'Digital leaders, digital stage, digital, er ... thingmy'

    Broadband 20 Sep 09:44

  • Mars rover Curiosity gets ready to blast its first rock

    Taste alpha beams and X rays! In the name of SCIENCE!

    Science 20 Sep 09:59

  • CEO bloodbath in storage land - four bigshots gone in one week

    Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence ...

    Storage 20 Sep 10:17

  • UK electric car funding - another subsidy for the RICH, say MPs

    Squeezed middle pay for poshos' plug-in freebie towncars

    Science 20 Sep 10:29

  • HTC Droids get working bonk-payment NFC setup in China

    Networks, iPhone 5 owners not invited to tapcash party

    Mobile 20 Sep 10:44

  • HP unzips slim Windows 8 notebooks

    Envy and Sleekbook likes extended

    Laptops and Tablets 20 Sep 10:53

  • UK to hold public consultation on social-media troll prosecutions


    Law 20 Sep 10:58

  • Redmond promises emergency IE bug fix on Friday (zero day + 5)

    Keep calm and carry on, advise security types

    Security 20 Sep 11:28

  • OLYMPIC SECRETS to stay locked up for 15 YEARS

    We have top men working on the ticket conspiracy. Top men

    Government 20 Sep 11:54

  • Adobe moving its users into the Cloud: Wants middlemen to help

    Come on you turkeys, it could be Christmas every day!

    The Channel 20 Sep 12:23

  • Latest iPhone hacked to blab all your secrets

    Dutchies pop iOS 6 on a Jesus Phone 4S

    Security 20 Sep 12:58

  • Astronomers tell story set a LONG time ago in a galaxy far, FAR away

    13.2 BEELION lightyears, when the universe were but a pup

    Science 20 Sep 13:01

  • Conflict-of-interest scandal could imperil Wikimedia charity status

    'A positive Wikipedia article is invaluable SEO'

    Media 20 Sep 13:54

  • Google's Android celebrates fourth birthday

    Version 1.0 'pushed out' in September 2008

    Phones 20 Sep 14:23

  • Google to snatch US web advertising crown from Facebook

    Admit it, you thought they were already number one

    Media 20 Sep 15:06

  • Hacktivists, blackhats snatch sixguns from whitehats' holsters

    Age-old connection between weapons and tools continues

    Security 20 Sep 16:02

  • HP installs UK cloud overlord to get its cumulus in one sock

    Biggest Cloud IN THE WORLD 'still won't move the needle'

    The Channel 20 Sep 16:10

  • Deep, deep dive inside Intel's next-generation processor

    Join us on a whirlwind Haswell holiday – non-geeks heartily welcomed

    Hardware 20 Sep 17:50

  • DAB dad Pure deploys DVR

    Freeview HD set-top launched

    Hardware 20 Sep 18:06

  • Sun men bump bellies in Cisco v Arista freaky trade battle

    'You call that a low-latency switch, buddy?'

    Data Networking 20 Sep 19:36

  • DARPA demos cyborg binoculars to spot the enemy

    Brain-augmented CCTV for the forces

    Hardware 20 Sep 20:34

  • Swiss boffins jump in Lake Lugano for Cray super

    Pumping water uphill to cool a 750 teraflops Cascade

    HPC 20 Sep 20:45

  • Roxon clarifies data retention proposals with ASIO support

    For you own good, really

    Government 20 Sep 22:30

  • Heroku puffs out Java cloud with one-click app stack

    From Ruby hacks to enterprise apps

    Cloud 20 Sep 22:37

  • iPhone queue ‘superficial and pretentious’ says queuing fangirl

    Reg hack braves world’s first iPhone sales frenzy, films weird Apple rituals

    Mobile 20 Sep 23:12

  • Oracle gears up for infrastructure cloud and 12c database launches

    Hardware drags down sales in fiscal Q1

    Financial News 20 Sep 23:17

  • Senate hears Microsoft and HP avoided billions in US taxes

    Civilization costs money, get over it

    Financial News 20 Sep 23:53