19th September 2012 Archive

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  • Dice swallows Slashdot, SourceForge, Freecode in $20m deal

    Geek sites welcome their new recruiter overlords

    Business 19 00:37

  • ABC sends lawyers after iView freeware

    Client for Australia's iPlayer equivalent under threat on Linux and Android

    Policy 19 02:37

  • ITU suggests replaceable cables for power supplies

    Standards body hopes to reduce e-waste, match connectors with voltages

    Hardware 19 04:11

  • New European weather satellite reaches orbit

    Euro space agencies forecast better forecasts

    Science 19 05:22

  • Casio to enter tablet market with twin-cam scanner

    'Paper Writer' will convert hand-written notes into digital form

    Hardware 19 05:56

  • Governments block YouTube over that video

    Feeling the backlash. O' the cat

    Policy 19 06:06

  • Baidu's patriotic doodle ruffles Japanese feathers

    Chinese users offered chance to plant flag on disputed islands, instead of rioting

    Business 19 06:28

  • Ten backpacks for tech-heads

    Carry on computing

    Hardware 19 07:00

  • AGIMO's final cloud guidance released

    Urges modest pilots when first vaporising IT

    Policy 19 07:19

  • EU ponders £30bn BAE-EADS mega aerospace-military borg

    Brussels sayin' yes to gov's pieces o' eight could make or break deal

    Government 19 07:34

  • Budget-slash fest shaves 10% off IT mercenaries' day rates

    But RBS tech fiasco may shower COBOL mateys in gold

    Jobs 19 08:01

  • Euro watchdog: We need ONE definition of 'illegal content' across EU

    Scurvy server dogs threatened with the plank

    Government 19 08:17

  • iPass Wi-Fi hands the boss control, staff get the bill

    All hands on deck

    Broadband 19 08:41

  • 'Stuff must be FREE, except when it's MINE! Yarr!' - top German pirate

    Talks like a pirate, walks like a 'privileges pussy'

    Media 19 08:58

  • Even slimmer PS3 out next week

    Flash storage version inbound too

    Games 19 09:05

  • Pushdo botnet's smokescreen traffic hits legitimate websites

    Aargh, cap'n, the server be like to founder

    Security 19 09:19

  • iPhone 5 sleuth work points to $199 component costs

    Virtual deconstruction

    Phones 19 09:32

  • Hello Miracast vid-beaming: ANOTHER thing the iPhone 5 hasn't got

    Shiver me timbers, 'tis on the Galaxy SIII though

    Phones 19 09:36

  • Phone hack scandal: Cop, two scribes nabbed in bung brouhaha

    Clapped in irons by the King's men, d'ye see?

    Media 19 09:43

  • So many devices, so little policy

    So what are you waiting for? Matey

    Business 19 09:59

  • Inside the guts of a fiendish Internet Explorer 0-day attack

    Bite down, matey, surgeon Pott's got his chopper out

    Data Centre 19 10:06

  • Who queues for an iPhone 5? Protesters, hipsters and the jobless

    These lubbers be strange 'uns, and no mistake

    Phones 19 10:24

  • ASA keelhauls Ebuyer AGAIN - this time for dodgy disk ad

    Belay that promo, these cost savings be lies

    The Channel 19 10:30

  • Yahoo! punts! $3.6bn! to! shareholders! after! Alibaba! deal!

    Gold, by the powers! Now, what'll us do with it, eh?

    Financial News 19 10:44

  • Report: Microsoft to cop it from Brussels in Browser Choice affair

    Ballmer's back to feel the licking o' the cat

    Government 19 10:58

  • Gigantic Roman bathtime-fun mosaic found under Turkish field

    Buried treasure, me hearties! Darr, there be no gold here

    Science 19 11:24

  • GCHQ in new challenge for cyber security wannabes

    So me lad, ye think ye can repel boarders, eh?

    Security 19 11:58

  • Juries: The only reason ANYONE understands patent law AT ALL

    Give us honest men, not a parcel o' wiggy land-sharks

    Law 19 12:28

  • Dell sets out Win8 tablet, Ultrabook, all-in-one stall

    Business, as usual

    Laptops 19 12:36

  • 'Programming on Windows 8 just like playing bingo' - Microsoft VP

    Avast, ye Redmond buckos, where's me variadic template?

    Windows 8 19 13:01

  • Raspberry Pi patch adds warranty-safe overclocking

    1GHz Turbo Mode debuts

    Hardware 19 13:02

  • Publishers, Apple bend over for EU eBooks probe

    They'm scurvy price-dogs, arr, but be Black Jeff Bezos worse?

    Media 19 13:28

  • Arista touts next-gen switch as malleable as a T-1000 Terminator

    Plunder me x86, programmable pipeline, and OpenFlow booty

    Data Networking 19 13:54

  • Size matters: Bromium 'microvisor' to guard PCs for big biz

    Clap these mutinous dogs in th' app brig, mister mate

    Virtualization 19 14:25

  • New vicious UEFI bootkit vuln found for Windows 8

    Arr, 'tis typical: Redmond swabs lag behind OS X, again

    Windows 8 19 15:02

  • Speaking in Tech: We infiltrate Hitachi Data Systems' secret labs

    How to keep data doubloons out of Davy Jones' bitlocker

    Storage 19 15:30

  • Samsung's appeal gaffe keeps Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in US

    Ye swung y'self from t'yardarm this time, growls beak

    Law 19 16:03

  • UK.gov will struggle to avoid pain in further IT cuts, says HP bigwig

    Me cutlass is hittin' bone now, King's man

    The Channel 19 16:19

  • Google acts against prostitution app after complaints from Congress

    Scurvy droid pimp pulled off, d'ye see

    Media 19 16:59

  • Sleep easy, Tim Cook: Surface, Win8 tablet shipments looking poor

    These fondleslab galleons be barely worth pillaging

    The Channel 19 17:18

  • Dell bends shiny server linings for denser clouds

    Zeus chassis, lightning not included

    Servers 19 17:18

  • Apple iOS 6 review

    200 new features, but you'd never know it

    Phones 19 17:19

  • Zuckerberg loses $8bn in Facebook IPO fiasco

    Wee lad's Forbes 400 booty ranking mercilessly keelhauled

    Business 19 18:00

  • Chase joins Bank of America in possible Islamic attack outage

    Another target of the 'Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam'?

    Security 19 19:29

  • OpenStack Foundation launches with $10m in funding

    NASA, Rackspace experts jump ship to Nebula

    Virtualization 19 20:24

  • CrimTrac seeks new CIO after incumbent joins Gartner

    New leader can expect lots and lots of meetings with bureaucrats

    Jobs 19 22:00

  • SUSE updates Linux control freak

    Shadowman in a chameleon suit wearing a Red Hat

    Virtualization 19 22:05

  • Did GM food cause GIANT TUMOURS IN RATS?

    French study under fire

    Science 19 23:00

  • Microsoft promises two-step IE fix

    Protection first, then an update

    Software 19 23:39