18th September 2012 Archive

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  • Microsoft announces Office 2013, Office 365 pricing

    Subscribers get extra goodies

    Applications 18 00:58

  • VMTurbo sucks up apps and blows them into clouds

    Operations Manager control freak pushed to 3.2

    Virtualization 18 04:01

  • Microsoft offers workarounds for IE bug

    English-only, partially-supported Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit the fix

    Security 18 04:04

  • RIPE NCC handing out last European IPv4 addresses

    Going, going, almost gone

    Networks 18 04:58

  • iPhone 5 has 'laser keyboard, holographic images'

    Fox out-foxed by fanboi video

    Networks 18 05:38

  • Acer Iconia Tab A700 32GB HD Android tablet review

    Media darling

    Tablets 18 07:00

  • Agility without anxiety

    Does deliver early, deliver often equal deliver badly?

    Business 18 07:26

  • Forty Canadian birds BONKING against windows EVERY MINUTE

    'Free food contributes to the problem'

    Science 18 08:05

  • Twitter to UK.gov: Web super-snoop law will trample twits' rights

    A little bird told me scolds me

    Government 18 08:17

  • Leeds' amazing cash-slash plan: BYOD and that cloud thing

    You spend, we save, ta very much

    Government 18 08:41

  • Freeview kit to require retune tomorrow

    EPG shake-up

    Hardware 18 08:54

  • Siri, will Apple's App Store lock out blind people on iOS 6?

    New fears that upgrade knackers VoiceOver support

    Applications 18 09:01

  • E-books get Brits reading more

    Dead tree sales not dead yet

    Tablets 18 09:29

  • Windows 8: Never mind Office, it's for GAMING

    Metro + playtime = easier-to-swallow?

    Windows 8 18 09:43

  • Motorola outs Razr phone with Intel Inside

    Oh, i

    Phones 18 09:53

  • Elpida stakeholders beg US courts: Stop Micron's cheap meal deal

    Injured DRAMurai warrior's bondholders go Stateside to stop $2.5bn slurp

    Financial News 18 10:23

  • Booksellers club calls in Kobo to aid indies

    Small shops to get e-stores

    Tablets 18 10:32

  • Mobile phones still failing to kill people – Nordic scientists

    Boffins call out hypersensitive types

    Mobile 18 11:02

  • All you need to know about nano SIMs - before they are EXTERMINATED

    The chip inside the iPhone 5

    Mobile 18 11:19

  • Apple forecast to sell 8m iPhone 5s next weekend


    Phones 18 11:27

  • 'How I CRASHED my bank, stole PINs with a touch-tone phone'

    Security bod's boast harks back to 1980s phreaking era

    Security 18 11:35

  • SEC bars ex-Systemax veep from director role in fraud deal

    Gilbert Fiorentino settles with fine of $65,000

    The Channel 18 11:52

  • Google+ claims 100 million 'active' users

    Buys Instagram rival for social network platform destination site

    Applications 18 12:16

  • Famous thesps tread boards on smart TVs

    Play time

    Hardware 18 12:32

  • Virgin Media STILL working on fix for SuperHub corrupt downloads glitch

    Promises it's nearly fixed as punters resort to buying other routers

    Broadband 18 12:39

  • New benefits website at risk of hackers, no Plan B - ministers

    Fraud, downtime, data loss, anything could happen!

    Security 18 13:02

  • NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN

    May not even need 17,000 megaton superbomb for power

    Science 18 13:06

  • Amazon cosies up to Nokia for Google Maps alternative

    To exit Google Maps, head southwest

    Developer 18 13:33

  • OCZ chief dashes as flash cash stash bashed

    Top marketing bod steps in after results, shares fall short

    Financial News 18 14:07

  • Romanians plead guilty to credit card hack on US Subway shops

    $10m PoS pwn

    Security 18 14:32

  • UK.gov squatting on £1bn IPv4 motherlode

    Epetition asks DWP to flog its /8 block of internet addresses

    Hosting 18 15:02

  • Arise Sir Kevin, king of HP's enterprise channel

    Re-org over for now: HP says fewer business units = more agility

    The Channel 18 15:12

  • Motorola Razr i hands-on review

    Cutting edge-to-edge?

    Phones 18 15:13

  • Lenovo gobbles Stoneware, joins cloud storage game

    Room for one more on that bandwagon?

    The Channel 18 15:32

  • Acer takes fight to Nexus 7 with seven-inch Iconia tablet

    Taking aim at the Asus-made slate

    Tablets 18 15:44

  • K3 Business Technology Group no longer for sale

    Offers on table weren't up to much

    The Channel 18 15:51

  • 'Cloud' services to bag $109bn in 2012

    Even more people rush into the cloud

    Cloud 18 15:58

  • Lightning strikes fresh iPad Mini shots

    Rumour mill still cranking, not resting after iPhone 5 debut

    Tablets 18 15:59

  • Wobbly swipe reader Square gulps down another $200m

    Web 2.0 sweetheart now valued at $3.25bn

    Financial News 18 16:33

  • Net neuters seek FCC relief from AT&T's FaceTime fees

    Free market at work or Big Phone extortion?

    Mobile 18 19:48

  • Win8 tablets may cost MORE than iPads – AND LAPTOPS

    Leaked slide shows $599 and up

    Windows 8 18 19:51

  • Nvidia puts Tesla K20 GPU coprocessor through its paces

    Early results on Hyper-Q, Dynamic Parallelism speedup

    HPC 18 20:21

  • Microsoft, RIM ink new licensing agreement

    Calm down, Microsoft isn't the one buying

    Mobile 18 21:53

  • Aus curriculum consultation skips some, still pleases

    Vendors, industry groups, unaware of national curriculum development and review

    Policy 18 22:30

  • Brains behind Kazaa and Morpheus unleash patent storm

    Personalweb nastygram has Github, Apple, Rackspace and others in the cross-hairs

    Policy 18 22:46

  • ACCC busts Bieber scamming mobile content pushers

    Regulator slaps down premium SMS naughtiness

    Policy 18 23:09

  • Cisco EOLs ACE load balancer platform

    Borg bullets Application Control Engine

    Data Networking 18 23:29