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Canonical aligns Ubuntu Server with quick-change OpenStack

Canonical, the distributor of the Ubuntu variant of Linux, wants to be on the cutting edge and be stable at the same time. And as anyone who has dated knows, that is a tough balancing act that few people can manage. But a new strategy from Canonical will line up the fast-changing OpenStack cloud control freak that is part of the latest Ubuntu Server distribution with the Long Term Support stable version of the company's Linux.
The actor playing a young Julian Assange in the telemovie Underground

Key evidence in Assange case dissolves

The case against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may be on the brink of collapse following claims from the defence team that the central piece of evidence used in the case does not contain Assange’s DNA.
Natalie Apostolou, 17 Sep 2012
Slap my phone up, says Microsoft

Smack your phones up, says Microsoft

Microsoft has filed for a patent on a new technique that allow users of mobile devices to silence them by delivering a firm whack.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Sep 2012
Panoramic pic of Greeley Haven

Opportunity finds new patch of 'berries' on Mars

The Curiosity rover kept trundling away over the weekend, with NASA reporting the vehicle has now moved 142 meters.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Sep 2012
ASUS' Windows 8 Clover Trail tablet from Computex

Office to propel Windows tablets past Android in 2015

Taiwan-based analyst TrendForce says Windows-based tablets will overtake Android's market share by 2015, thanks to the presence of Microsoft Office on the devices.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Sep 2012
Array of multicoloured LEDs reminiscent of the matrix

Boffins receive quantum key from moving plane

A group of German researchers has taken a step closer to achieving quantum key distribution with satellites, receiving quantum keys transmitted by a moving airplane.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Sep 2012

French firm snatches Italian set-top contract from Blighty's Amino

French digital video specialist Technicolor has snatched away a central set top contract from UK's Amino, the set top company that has so far blazed a trail in the hybrid Intel-based set top market. Technicolor has announced that it will supply the next generation set top for Telecom Italia‘s Cubovision.
Faultline, 17 Sep 2012

Dropbox drops JavaScript, brews CoffeeScript

Dropbox has stopped using JavaScript whenever it codes for browsers and has instead adopted CoffeeScript by re-writing 23,000 lines of code.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Sep 2012

G-Cloud: Please excuse our 'overlapping' frameworks

The G-Cloud team says that in a move away from traditional frameworks, it is setting up "multiple overlapping frameworks" which it says are each compliant with the Official Journal of the European Union process.
Government Computing, 17 Sep 2012

Experts: What ICO should know BEFORE your private info ends up in a skip

The view of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) that businesses do not require individuals' "explicit consent" in order to contract others to process their sensitive personal data is in contrast with the wording of data protection law, according to two experts.
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Sep 2012

Why lock your digits to a phone? Telefonica to flog cloudy numbers

Mobile operators are facing an inevitable squeeze as voice minutes disappear and the golden goose of messaging dies, but O2 owner Telefonica Digital has a plan: bring on the Chuckle Brothers and shell the OS out of existence.
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2012

Memo to openSUSE 12.2: More polish, less angst

ReviewChameleon fans, rejoice: openSUSE 12.2 is finally here. This release, due more than two months ago, has been plagued with delays.
Scott Gilbertson, 17 Sep 2012

Space Station 'nauts touch down on Kazakh steppe

Three International Space Station crew have made it safely back home, landing early this morning in Kazakhstan in the Soyuz TMA-04M.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Sep 2012

Apple admits iCloud 'unacceptable', vows to not go titsup again

Apple has apologised to fanbois hit by an iCloud outage, and described the ten-hour downtime as "not acceptable".
Anna Leach, 17 Sep 2012

Google defends drowning Acer's newborn Alibaba Linux mobe

Google exec Andy Rubin has defended his advertising giant's decision to block Acer from launching a mobile phone for Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, claiming the Android ecosystem is quite fragmented enough.
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2012
Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 tops benchmark chart

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 is one of the fastest ARM devices out there, beating even the Asus-made Google Nexus 7, if benchmark data posted online are to be believed.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2012

Oi, don't leave Cymru in broadband slow lane, MPs warn

The UK government's broadband rollout plan fails to address the needs of businesses in Wales, MPs have warned in a report published today. The dossier highlights an apparent "gap" in internet access in more remote parts of Cymru.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Sep 2012
PlayStation Network

Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service

Sony's latest pledge to fix Europe's faulty PS Plus subscription service "as quickly as possible" will do little to appease users, who were told the exact same thing two months ago.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2012

Malwarebytes branches out into enterprise security market

Malwarebytes, the anti-virus firm best known for its freebie scanner software, branched out into the enterprise with the launch of corporate products on Monday.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2012

Manchester is 'PIRATE CAPITAL of the UK'

Manchester is Britain's biggest cove of pirate downloaders, claims a Shoreditch-based music upstart. Mancunians have a particular craving for illegal copies of smirking indie crooner Ed Sheeran's albums and singles, we're told.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Sep 2012

Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box

BMWs and other high-end cars are being stolen by unskilled criminals using a $30 tool developed by hackers to pwn the onboard security systems. The new tool is capable of reprogramming a blank key, and allows non-techie car thieves to steal a vehicle within two or three minutes or less.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2012

Redstone throws £9.9m at sickly managed services firm in all-share deal

Cloud and network integrator Redstone made a bid today for troubled managed services provider (MSP) Maxima, valuing the firm at £9.9m.
Paul Kunert, 17 Sep 2012

Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'

In a revelation that seems set to shake the technology world to its very foundations, a clandestine Register source has informed us that secretive shiny-stuff behemoth Apple could easily supply more than enough iPhone 5s to meet initial demand: but that it deliberately chose not to.
Team Register, 17 Sep 2012

Fears mount over future of Voyager Networks

Concerns are mounting over the future of Coventry-based Cisco Gold partner Voyager Networks.
Paul Kunert, 17 Sep 2012

Google to axe IE 8 support, cuts off Windows XP lifeline

Google confirmed late last week that it would soon be killing off support for Microsoft's now aged browser, Internet Explorer 8, which also means it no longer gives a stuff about Windows XP hold-outs.
Team Register, 17 Sep 2012

Microsoft bod dreams up 'Star Trek holodeck' games console

Microsoft wants to push Xbox games beyond the screen and put them all over the sitting room, reveals a patent application published by the US Patent Office last week.
Anna Leach, 17 Sep 2012
Apple iPhone 5

Fanboys order 2m iPhone 5s in 24 hours

Millions of fanboys have asked Apple to send them an iPhone 5, two million of them within 24 hours of orders first being taken for the new handset.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2012

BT to win Norfolk broadband contract - if Europe gives the nod

BT has been chosen by Norfolk County Council as the preferred bidder for a £39.3m contract to run fibre-optic broadband out to the sticks.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Sep 2012
DRAM chips

PC share of DRAM biz falls below 50%

PCs, once the final destination for almost all of the world's memory chips, now consume less than half of the world's DRAM shipments.
Hard Reg, 17 Sep 2012

IT biz bosses are 'BIGGEST job cutters' in the US

Not only does automation help companies reduce their payrolls, the relentless competition among IT and telecom equipment and service suppliers - and the drive to ever-higher profit levels - is causing them to shed workers instead of adding them.
RFID'd bee, image via CSIRO

Job-hunting honeybees rely on 'meth' to find work

PicHoneybees have no choice about what career they'd like: their destiny is hardwired into their genes - much like Fry in Futurama, who wakes up from cryogenic storage to be assigned a job based on his capabilities.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Sep 2012
Game logo

Game to lure customers with free Wi-Fi

Troubled high street retailer Game is attempting to get customers back into its stores by offering them free Wi-Fi access.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2012
The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler

Winklevoss twins stuff $1m into social network for the FILTHY RICH

Wanna know what the world's been lacking? A social network for hedge-fund bods, of course. And who better to be at the helm of such a brave Web2.0 venture than square-jawed Olympic rowing twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss - who rose from the ashes of their legal spat with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to plunge some of their settlement cash into SumZero.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Sep 2012

Flame espionage weapon linked to MORE mystery malware

Forensic analysis of two command-and-control servers for the Flame espionage worm has revealed that the infamous malware has been around for longer than suspected - and has links to other mystery software nasties.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2012

Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in importance

Acording to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, 2012 is "the most epic year in Microsoft history," and the launch of Windows 8 is a bigger deal to Redmond than the launch of Windows 95.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Sep 2012

Yahoo! ditches! BlackBerry! for! 'smart! fun!' phones!

UpdatedApparently, new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer doesn't think BlackBerrys count as smartphones: she has launched a program to give a free smartphone to every employee, but handsets from Research in Motion (RIM) didn't make the cut.
Neil McAllister, 17 Sep 2012

CFO Seifert finds AMD's executive exit door, walks through it

The personnel changes in AMD's executive suites continue with the resignation of the company's CFO, Thomas Seifert, on Monday.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Sep 2012

HP's Whitman promises 'more beautiful' PCs

Building PCs and laptops that are better looking and more instantly recognizable to consumers is a key component of HP's strategy to turn around its struggling PC division, according to CEO Meg Whitman.
Neil McAllister, 17 Sep 2012
The Tecal E9000 modular server from Huawei

Huawei previews Cisco-killin' E9000 modular system

Chinese telecom giant and increasingly important server player Huawei Technologies is moving from racks and blades into modular designs that use a mix of both approaches – and look very much like modular kit from Cisco Systems, IBM, and Hitachi, as well as the newer bladish iron from HP and Dell.

Users told: Get rid of Internet Explorer (again)

Internet Explorer users have been told to ditch the application and switch to another browser, pronto.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Sep 2012

Monster camera preps for dark energy search

Fermilab’s Dark Energy Camera has captured its first images, as a test run for the Dark Energy Survey due to begin in December 2012.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Sep 2012
Spyeye logo

Vague data retention proposal draws IIA ire and friendly fire

The vagueness of the Australian government discussion paper for “potential reforms of National Security legislation” is becoming the focus of the country’s data retention debate.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Sep 2012

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