17th September 2012 Archive

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  • Canonical aligns Ubuntu Server with quick-change OpenStack

    Updates Landscape control freak for Linux machines

    Servers 17 Sep 00:38

  • Key evidence in Assange case dissolves

    Intimate single-use garment doesn't contain white-haired one's DNA

    Policy 17 Sep 00:49

  • Smack your phones up, says Microsoft

    Patent says mobes need a firm whack to shut them up

    Hardware 17 Sep 01:25

  • Opportunity finds new patch of 'berries' on Mars

    Microbe-made Mars rocks mystery re-opens as Curiosity keeps trundling

    Science 17 Sep 02:14

  • Office to propel Windows tablets past Android in 2015

    Apple to stay on top of fondleslab fight says Taiwanese analyst

    Software 17 Sep 03:59

  • Boffins receive quantum key from moving plane

    Alice and Bob play catch

    Science 17 Sep 05:02

  • French firm snatches Italian set-top contract from Blighty's Amino


    Media 17 Sep 06:59

  • Dropbox drops JavaScript, brews CoffeeScript

    23,000 lines of code converted, but why?

    Developer 17 Sep 07:00

  • G-Cloud: Please excuse our 'overlapping' frameworks

    We've moved beyond 'traditional' contracts, mmm'kay?

    Government 17 Sep 07:34

  • Experts: What ICO should know BEFORE your private info ends up in a skip

    Businesses do need 'explicit consent' before outsourcing data protection – legal eagles

    Government 17 Sep 08:02

  • New hottest-ever extreme temperature records now easier to achieve

    1922 Italian army reading in Libya expunged from files

    Science 17 Sep 08:18

  • Why lock your digits to a phone? Telefonica to flog cloudy numbers

    Voice-minute cash cow is slowly dying

    Broadband 17 Sep 08:43

  • Memo to openSUSE 12.2: More polish, less angst

    Consumer transition a work in progress

    Operating Systems 17 Sep 08:59

  • Space Station 'nauts touch down on Kazakh steppe

    Sparky spacemen trio return after power-supply job done

    Science 17 Sep 09:34

  • Apple admits iCloud 'unacceptable', vows to not go titsup again

    iYawn 5 maker in 10-hour email outage outrage

    Cloud 17 Sep 10:16

  • Google defends drowning Acer's newborn Alibaba Linux mobe

    Android biz fears den of 40,000 thieves

    Mobile 17 Sep 10:28

  • iPhone 5 tops benchmark chart

    Seemingly beats phones, tablets

    Phones 17 Sep 10:32

  • Oi, don't leave Cymru in broadband slow lane, MPs warn

    Welsh demand alternatives to BT fibre

    Broadband 17 Sep 10:44

  • Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service

    No fix after months

    Games 17 Sep 10:46

  • Freebie virus scan biz punts belt-and-braces security for suits

    Two AV software products are better than one

    Security 17 Sep 11:01

  • Manchester is 'PIRATE CAPITAL of the UK'

    Brits snap up Ed Sheeran, Rihanna from '43m BitTorrent' downloads

    Media 17 Sep 11:35

  • Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box

    Your flash motor - gone in 180 seconds

    Security 17 Sep 11:52

  • Redstone throws £9.9m at sickly managed services firm in all-share deal

    Buyer finally found for Maxima's core bits

    The Channel 17 Sep 11:55

  • Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'

    'They're in there playing Jenga with them', whispers mole

    Bootnotes 17 Sep 12:09

  • Fears mount over future of Voyager Networks

    Loss-making Cisco UC specialist has credit issues and is paying disties late

    The Channel 17 Sep 12:27

  • Google to axe IE 8 support, cuts off Windows XP lifeline

    Waves goodbye to old Microsoft browser on 15 November

    Applications 17 Sep 12:36

  • Microsoft bod dreams up 'Star Trek holodeck' games console

    Downloads complete, hit Enter when ready

    Bootnotes 17 Sep 12:57

  • Fanboys order 2m iPhone 5s in 24 hours

    Record obsession

    Phones 17 Sep 13:04

  • BT to win Norfolk broadband contract - if Europe gives the nod

    Hopes to ink fibre rollout deal over next few weeks

    Broadband 17 Sep 13:40

  • PC share of DRAM biz falls below 50%

    First time since the early 80s

    Hardware 17 Sep 13:46

  • IT biz bosses are 'BIGGEST job cutters' in the US

    And these are just the redundancies we know about

    CIO 17 Sep 14:28

  • Job-hunting honeybees rely on 'meth' to find work

    Workers nurse or forage by brain chemistry

    Science 17 Sep 15:15

  • Game to lure customers with free Wi-Fi

    Easier than ever to find cheaper prices on the web?

    Games 17 Sep 15:15

  • Winklevoss twins stuff $1m into social network for the FILTHY RICH

    Zuck on that, Mark

    Networks 17 Sep 15:39

  • Flame espionage weapon linked to MORE mystery malware

    Command systems weren't just directing data-raiding worm

    Security 17 Sep 16:26

  • Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in importance

    And that rumour of a $199 Surface? Fuggedaboutit

    Media 17 Sep 18:23

  • Yahoo! ditches! BlackBerry! for! 'smart! fun!' phones!

    RIM's platform not smart enough to give away

    Mobile 17 Sep 19:36

  • CFO Seifert finds AMD's executive exit door, walks through it

    Yet another leadership transition for Intel's only ARMless competitor

    Business 17 Sep 21:32

  • HP's Whitman promises 'more beautiful' PCs

    This Apple company might be onto something

    Hardware 17 Sep 21:35

  • Huawei previews Cisco-killin' E9000 modular system

    Pulling the telecom-to-datacenter California alley-oop

    Servers 17 Sep 22:03

  • Users told: Get rid of Internet Explorer (again)

    It’s more like an exploit than a browser

    Security 17 Sep 22:17

  • Monster camera preps for dark energy search

    Fermi’s 570 megapixel giant gets snappy

    Science 17 Sep 22:53

  • Vague data retention proposal draws IIA ire and friendly fire

    Meanwhile, government also mulls better privacy protection for Australians

    Policy 17 Sep 23:01