13th September 2012 Archive

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  • Congress report warns: drones will track faces from the sky

    I am the eye in the sky, looking at you

    Security 13 00:08

  • Intel backs 'overhyped' HTML5 for cross-platform app dev

    Resistance is futile

    Developer 13 00:18

  • One more try: Metro apps are now 'Windows Store' apps

    Microsoft really means it this time

    Windows 8 13 01:20

  • Foxconn to investigate iPhone 5 factory woes

    Undercover hack claims filthy conditions, bullying

    Business 13 03:40

  • NHS eye hospital embiggens in-house open source system

    What's that? An e-patient record system that works?

    Government 13 07:28

  • Osborne hands £80m tax break to punters drilling in 'old' oil, gas fields

    Brown Field Allowance will 'repair damage' from 2011 rise – energy law expert

    Science 13 08:03

  • Prof casts doubt on Stuxnet's accidental 'great escape' theory

    How DID the super-weapon flee Iran's nuke plant?

    Security 13 08:32

  • Agility without anxiety

    Does deliver early, deliver often equal deliver badly?

    Site News 13 08:56

  • Hate the Windows 8 touch UI? Try Kinect-like finger shaking instead

    Game console tech to stop punters fondling the screen

    Windows 8 13 09:00

  • Apple: Thanks for the iPhone 5s, China, now get to the BACK of the queue

    Hong Kong braces for Chinese fanboi invasion

    Mobile 13 09:18

  • Stone Group CEO Bird flies the coop in dispute

    Disagreement over selling the biz led to chief's exit

    The Channel 13 09:22

  • Yahoo! to! guzzle! £4.7bn! in! Alibaba! stake! sale! 'next! week!'

    Troubled web biz needs cash for spending spree

    Business 13 09:41

  • EE screams UK iPhone 4G exclusive, rest of pack sobs quietly

    O2, Vodafone unable to join Apple's party

    Mobile 13 10:04

  • Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

    The Lightning seeds

    Phones 13 10:20

  • Journo bung probe cops cuff armed-forces bloke and wife

    Suspects quizzed by police after 6am swoop

    Law 13 10:45

  • Who cares about Big Data

    What do you think

    Business 13 11:01

  • Cambridge boffins: Chip and PIN cards CAN be cloned – here's how

    Chip and skim

    Security 13 11:02

  • Ten iPhone 5 challengers

    Smart alternatives on price and performance

    Phones 13 11:24

  • RIP Howard Strowman: The stock doctor

    Industry, friends and family mourn IT channel hero

    The Channel 13 11:41

  • Humanity facing GLOBAL BACON SHORTAGE

    Stuff climate change, this is serious

    Bootnotes 13 11:58

  • EMC slashes channel training fees to woo resellers

    Vows to stop using sessions as a profit centre

    The Channel 13 12:09

  • Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

    Whether you Like it or not... bitch

    Media 13 12:22

  • Nikon launches D600 lightweight full-frame DSLR

    Not so heavy on the wallet either

    Hardware 13 12:40

  • New monkey species with massive blue arse found in Africa

    Possibly record-breaking buttocks stun boffinry world

    Science 13 12:58

  • UK govt to KILL OFF Directgov within weeks

    Replacement GOV.UK nearly ready for showtime

    Government 13 13:32

  • VCs snaffle £200m of UK taxpayer gold ... to bet on high-risk biz

    All systems are BONG!

    Small Biz 13 14:03

  • Who's afraid of Windows 8? Trio leads Microsoft migration pack

    Internet Explorer a hurdle for most, says consultant

    Windows 8 13 14:38

  • Microsoft seizes Chinese dot-org to kill Nitol bot army

    Takedown after infected new computers sold to victims

    Security 13 15:01

  • IT chiefs' purses drained, security budget still safe - report

    CIO study finds spending maintained or rising, despite recession

    Broadband 13 15:33

  • Smartphone sales to new users 'have peaked'

    It's an upgrade business from here on

    Phones 13 15:43

  • Channel newbie SSS swallows e-Warehouse

    Bags customer list, some staff and SaaS tool

    The Channel 13 15:52

  • iPhone 5 adaptors goldrush begins

    Conversion kit manufacturing mother lode

    Phones 13 16:15

  • 'Google strangled Acer phone using Alibaba Android rival at birth'

    Cancelled launch event leaves journos milling

    Operating Systems 13 16:20

  • Blackhole 2: Crimeware kit gets stealthier, Windows 8 support

    Malware-flinging tool to target mobiles too

    Security 13 17:03

  • Intel builds 'can't be built' working digital RF transceiver chip

    Analog out as radios enter SOCs

    Hardware 13 17:59

  • Nintendo Wii U launch and pricing disclosed

    Two models inbound

    Games 13 18:55

  • Microsoft keeps Win Phone 8 under hype-boosting wraps

    'Not all features have been announced'

    Developer 13 19:51

  • Intel to take felon-foiling tech to phones, slates

    Lock up your datas

    Tablets 13 22:11

  • HGST floats helium for low power, MASSIVE capacity HDDs

    Up to seven platters in one drive

    Storage 13 22:28

  • 4K LCD TV output to outstrip OLED production

    Smart picture tech too late to market?

    Hardware 13 22:33

  • Intel's chief chipman: '22nm better than expected, 14nm on track'

    'After 14nm? My lips are sealed'

    Hardware 13 22:49

  • Australian gamers can get high and naked

    New R18+ classification allows nudity, drug use, but no sex or dealing

    Policy 13 22:55

  • German court turkey-slaps Motorola in patent case

    Recall ordered, subject to Apple posting bonds

    Law 13 23:30

  • Codethink jumps into the ARM server fray with Baserock Slab

    A Marvell-ous cluster in a box

    Servers 13 23:51