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Predator drone, credit Wikipedia

Congress report warns: drones will track faces from the sky

With the FAA working on rules to integrate drones into airspace safety by 2015, the US government’s Congressional Research Service has warned of gaps in how American courts might treat the use of drones.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Sep 2012

Intel backs 'overhyped' HTML5 for cross-platform app dev

IDF 2012HTML5 is overhyped, slow, and insecure, says Intel senior VP of software and services Renée James – but Chipzilla thinks it's the future of software development anyway.
Neil McAllister, 13 Sep 2012

One more try: Metro apps are now 'Windows Store' apps

Another week, another chapter in what must be one of the worst branding and marketing disasters in the history of computing: what to call the blocky, touch-centric apps designed for the new Windows 8 Start Screen, formerly known as Metro-style apps.
Neil McAllister, 13 Sep 2012
Workers in a Foxconn plant, credit: Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA

Foxconn to investigate iPhone 5 factory woes

Foxconn, the Chinese contract manufacturer, has admitted it's "not perfect" and promised to investigate conditions at its Tai Yuan plant after an undercover exposé by an undercover reporter revealed filthy dorms and bullying by managers on the iPhone 5 production line.
Phil Muncaster, 13 Sep 2012

NHS eye hospital embiggens in-house open source system

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has said that it has added three new modules for prescribing, operations notes and correspondence to OpenEyes, its open source e-patient record system.
Government Computing, 13 Sep 2012

Osborne hands £80m tax break to punters drilling in 'old' oil, gas fields

A new tax break for operators of older "brown field" oil and gas fields in the North Sea shows that the government understands their continuing importance to the wider economy, an energy expert has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Sep 2012

Prof casts doubt on Stuxnet's accidental 'great escape' theory

AnalysisAn expert has challenged a top theory on how the infamous Stuxnet worm, best known for knackering Iranian lab equipment, somehow escaped into the wild.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2012

Hate the Windows 8 touch UI? Try Kinect-like finger shaking instead

Microsoft is pushing hard to promote Windows 8: its first operating system to let you point, swipe and prod your way through desktop applications and actions - quite possibly without the need for a touchscreen or mouse, thanks to gesture-sensing tech.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Sep 2012
iPhone 5 running Passbook

Apple: Thanks for the iPhone 5s, China, now get to the BACK of the queue

Chinese fanbois will have to rely on grey market imports and dubious online sellers yet again as their country was left off Apple’s list of nations to get the new iPhone 5 next week.
Phil Muncaster, 13 Sep 2012

Stone Group CEO Bird flies the coop in dispute

PC supplier Stone Group's founder and long-standing CEO James Bird is leaving the organisation, The Channel understands.
Paul Kunert, 13 Sep 2012

Yahoo! to! guzzle! £4.7bn! in! Alibaba! stake! sale! 'next! week!'

Chinese internet giant Alibaba is set to get back half of Yahoo!’s 40 per cent stake in the company for a whopping $7.6bn (£4.7bn) outlay, as the two firms near the end of their bumpy relationship.
Phil Muncaster, 13 Sep 2012

EE screams UK iPhone 4G exclusive, rest of pack sobs quietly

Only EE (formerly called Everything Everywhere) will be able to offer islands of 4G connectivity to the 4G-capable iPhone 5 when it arrives in the UK.
Bill Ray, 13 Sep 2012
Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

First lookLast night in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook presented his third keynote in fine, relaxed form. There were announcements about iTunes, a longer iPod nano and colourful iPod touch models. But the night belonged to the iPhone, not to be dubbed the new iPhone, but the iPhone 5.
Oscar Milde, 13 Sep 2012

Journo bung probe cops cuff armed-forces bloke and wife

Met cops investigating allegations of corrupt payments to police and public officials arrested two suspects in Surrey this morning.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Sep 2012

Cambridge boffins: Chip and PIN cards CAN be cloned – here's how

Boffins at Cambridge University have uncovered shortcomings in ATM security that might be abused to create a mechanism to clone chip-and-PIN cards.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2012
LG Optimus 4X HD

Ten iPhone 5 challengers

Product Round-upIt’s that time of year again when the Autumn leaves begin to fall and a young man’s thoughts turn to a shiny new iPhone. Or perhaps, this year, something running Windows Phone 8? Redmond's new baby is also just about to be thrust mewling and puking 'puting into the world and thus anyone shackled to a recently inked two year Windows Phone 7 contract will be feeling truly sick.
Alun Taylor, 13 Sep 2012
Image kindly provided by Tarquin Millington-Drake

RIP Howard Strowman: The stock doctor

ObituaryThe career and life of Howard Strowman, who died in a motorbike accident this weekend, mirrored the ever-changing fortunes of the UK's high-tech sector.
Paul Kunert, 13 Sep 2012


Doomwatchers are painting an apocalyptic picture of a world where weeping humanity is reduced to scraping meagre nourishment from mash without bangers, hole without toad, scratchings without pork and, chillingly, sarnies without bacon.
Lester Haines, 13 Sep 2012

EMC slashes channel training fees to woo resellers

EMC says it will no longer seek to profit from holding IT channel training sessions, but said that only a select band will get courses completely free of charge.
Paul Kunert, 13 Sep 2012

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

Apple has quietly done away with Ping, its music-based social network in iTunes. The move came as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage at the iPhone 5 launch last night, and announced all the ways his website will integrate with the latest version of Apple's music'n'vids software.
Anna Leach, 13 Sep 2012

Nikon launches D600 lightweight full-frame DSLR

Nikon has unveiled the D600, its most compact and inexpensive full-frame DSLR yet.
Caleb Cox, 13 Sep 2012

New monkey species with massive blue arse found in Africa

A species of monkey previously unknown to science has been discovered in Africa: and boffins say that it has an "extensive" bright blue bottom which rivals that of the largest and most colourful known monkeys on Earth.
Lewis Page, 13 Sep 2012

UK govt to KILL OFF Directgov within weeks

New Labour's Directgov is about to be tossed into the rubbish bin, after it was revealed today that Britain's public services website would be replaced by the Cabinet Office's single government domain on 17 October.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Sep 2012

VCs snaffle £200m of UK taxpayer gold ... to bet on high-risk biz

The UK government has showered venture capitalists with £200m of taxpayers' money for high-risk investments, the science and universities minister David Willetts told MPs today.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Sep 2012

Who's afraid of Windows 8? Trio leads Microsoft migration pack

Windows 8 isn't ideal for many big businesses and government users. In fact, the majority of operations running tens of thousands of PCs are only now replacing Windows XP with Windows 7 at any meaningful scale – despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary. But a few brave businesses are planning on jumping into touch and swipe with Windows 8 in the next 12 months.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Sep 2012

Microsoft seizes Chinese dot-org to kill Nitol bot army

Microsoft has disrupted the emerging Nitol botnet - and more than 500 additional strains of malware - by taking control of a rogue dot-org website. The takedown is the latest in Microsoft's war against armies of hacker-controlled PCs.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2012

IT chiefs' purses drained, security budget still safe - report

Security looks set to be one part of companies' IT budgets that will be comparatively safeguarded in the recession, if the beancounters at Gartner are to be believed.
Paul Kunert, 13 Sep 2012
Apple iPhone 4s smartphone

Smartphone sales to new users 'have peaked'

The smartphone market will establish its maturity this year: 2012 will be the last time the shipment of handsets to new users grows.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2012

Channel newbie SSS swallows e-Warehouse

Specialist Software Services (SSS) has made its first acquisition, devouring certain assets of e-Warehouse for an undisclosed sum.
Paul Kunert, 13 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 adaptors goldrush begins

As Apple's iPhone 5 packs an all-new Nano Sim, those with two handsets will probably need a fresh Sim card adaptor. These have already hit the market, of course.
Caleb Cox, 13 Sep 2012

'Google strangled Acer phone using Alibaba Android rival at birth'

Google has reportedly forced Acer to cancel the launch of a phone that used an Android rival as its operating system.
Anna Leach, 13 Sep 2012

Blackhole 2: Crimeware kit gets stealthier, Windows 8 support

Cybercrooks have unveiled a new version of the Blackhole exploit kit. Version 2 of Blackhole is expressly designed to better avoid security defences. Support for Windows 8 and mobile devices is another key feature, a sign of the changing target platforms for malware-based cyberscams.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2012

Intel builds 'can't be built' working digital RF transceiver chip

IDF 2012Intel has developed a truly digital radio chip, a part that replaces the analog elements in today's radio frequency transmission and reception circuitry with digital equivalents.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2012

Nintendo Wii U launch and pricing disclosed

Nintendo today officially revealed Wii U release dates, foreign pricing structures and launch titles.
Caleb Cox, 13 Sep 2012

Microsoft keeps Win Phone 8 under hype-boosting wraps

The reason Microsoft isn't sharing more information about Windows Phone 8 with developers is because it doesn't want to let the cat out of the bag regarding the features of its new smartphone OS, the company says.
Neil McAllister, 13 Sep 2012

Intel to take felon-foiling tech to phones, slates

IDF 2012Intel has confirmed that it will bring its Anti-theft Technology (AT), currently being pitched at Ultrabooks, to Atom-based smartphones and tablets.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2012
hitahi t7k500 hard disk drive

HGST floats helium for low power, MASSIVE capacity HDDs

A new hard drive technology from HGST promises to improve drive performance in virtually every category, the company says – including capacity, power, cooling, and storage density – all because the drives are filled with helium instead of air.
Neil McAllister, 13 Sep 2012

4K LCD TV output to outstrip OLED production

An interesting snippet here from market watcher NPD DisplaySearch: the momentum behind 4K x 2K TVs is rather greater than that behind large OLED sets.
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2012

Intel's chief chipman: '22nm better than expected, 14nm on track'

IDF 2012The low-voltage performance of Intel's 22-nanometer chip-baking process turned out better that the company had predicted, and the development of next year's 14-nanometer process technology is proceeding swimmingly, thankyouverymuch.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Sep 2012
Two faces black background

Australian gamers can get high and naked

Australian gamers will soon be able to legally indulge in violent, nude and drug fuelled games, thanks to the publication of new, long-anticipated Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games that for the first time include an R18+ classification for games that can only be sold to adults.
Natalie Apostolou, 13 Sep 2012

German court turkey-slaps Motorola in patent case

A Munich court has determined that Motorola infringed Apple’s “overscroll bounce” technology and has ordered a recall of all tablets and smartphones containing the technology.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Sep 2012
Codethink logo

Codethink jumps into the ARM server fray with Baserock Slab

The crafty engineers at embedded software development house Codethink assembled an ARM-application build server for their own use this June, and have now decided that you might want one, as well – so starting this week they'll sell you a commercial version of that box called the Baserock Slab.

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