10th September 2012 Archive

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  • Spammers, phishers escape proper punishment

    Little guidance for judges on how to set cyber-crims straight

    Security 10 Sep 00:37

  • Office 365 turns Lotus eater

    Microsoft licenses migration tool

    Software 10 Sep 02:17

  • Oz cinema chain to stream new releases

    If you can't beat them, stream them

    Networks 10 Sep 02:48

  • Taobao shoots pirates on Hollywood's orders

    China's eBay signs deal to hunt down dodgy content

    Media 10 Sep 03:44

  • Curiosity clears things up

    Removes dust cover to produce sharpest images to date

    Science 10 Sep 04:02

  • Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad

    'Find my fondleslab' to track thief is legal, court rules

    Security 10 Sep 05:40

  • China pushes green PCs to punters

    Meanwhile APEC agrees green tech import cut

    Science 10 Sep 05:48

  • Apple chatting up labels for Fanboi Radio: Pandora, boxed?

    Hmm, there's a thing, let's own it ALL

    Media 10 Sep 07:02

  • Germany leads global enterprise social push

    It's all in the process, Mein Herr

    Business 10 Sep 07:15

  • Pasty munchers scoff at £300m council deal with comms kingpins

    BT and CSC in bid to reduce Cornish costs by £5m a year

    Government 10 Sep 07:35

  • Was Russia Today hacked - or did it just forget to renew rt.com?

    State-owned web pravda bunked off for days

    Hosting 10 Sep 08:01

  • EMC's big kahuna Tucci threatens to cling on until 2015

    Who will prise the CEO from his desk?

    Storage 10 Sep 08:32

  • US job market sneezing, blowing nose: Will we catch cold too?

    Consultancy up, manufacturing down. Talk, don't do

    Jobs 10 Sep 09:01

  • HP tempts EVA customers with low-end 3PAR array honeypot

    EVA replacement gives them a 50% boost

    Storage 10 Sep 09:14

  • Oracle hits reboot on Itanium software development

    Back to HP-UX business

    Servers 10 Sep 09:33

  • Google Aurora hackers AT LARGE, launch 0-day bazookas

    Security snoopers back? They never left

    Security 10 Sep 09:46

  • Quanta leaps out in front with Centerton Atom microserver

    Trying to get the jump on HP Gemini boxes

    Servers 10 Sep 10:01

  • Sysadmins: Your favourite tool's now ready for, er, fondling

    The spice(works) must (re)flow

    Developer 10 Sep 10:17

  • Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

    Norman Lamb calls on 'proper controls' to protect kids

    Government 10 Sep 10:32

  • Lovefilm Germany goes titsup for a FORTNIGHT

    Amazon-owned Dummkopf locks out movie fans

    Media 10 Sep 10:46

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 voice recognition software review

    Give your PC a hearing aid

    Software 10 Sep 11:00

  • HP hires Youngjohns to head up Autonomy

    Tries to counter cool winds blowing through HP's software biz

    The Channel 10 Sep 11:13

  • Virus lab blogger collared by blundering copyright cop bot

    Malware authors have rights too, says French legal droid

    Security 10 Sep 11:32

  • Top dog EMC crushes whimpering rivals in storage pack

    Is server storage cramping array sales?

    Storage 10 Sep 11:44

  • Nokia flagellates self further to quell fake cam ad Twitterstorm

    Ethics? Isn't that somewhere north of London?

    Mobile 10 Sep 12:02

  • Amazon: Pay more for Kindle Fire, smoke ads from slabs

    Freedom to read in commercial-free land comes at a cost

    Hardware 10 Sep 12:18

  • German Pirate party punters 'don't pay their membership fees'


    Media 10 Sep 12:43

  • Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt

    Not in our backyard leafy historic streets

    Broadband 10 Sep 12:59

  • Apache man disables Internet Explorer 10 privacy setting

    Fielding: Windows 8's web window is 'standards abuse'

    Developer 10 Sep 13:33

  • Mars probably never wet enough for life, nuclear bomb crater indicates

    Spoilsport boffins: Theorised aliens have feet of clay

    Science 10 Sep 13:38

  • Open IPTV joins HbbTV in connected telly love-in

    A spec-test shared is a spec-test halved

    Media 10 Sep 14:03

  • Microsoft to comply with Brussels over browser choice gaffe

    Steve Ballmer recognises how VERY SERIOUS it is

    Applications 10 Sep 14:26

  • HP throws an extra 2,000 staff onto chopping block

    29,000 bods at risk of redundancy, morale problematic

    The Channel 10 Sep 15:01

  • Foxconn: We're not FORCING interns to make iPhone 5

    They are making it of their own free will

    Hardware 10 Sep 15:39

  • Everything Everywhere 'to stuff Santa's sack' with 4G Lumia 920s

    Crimbo window opens for high-speed mobe monopoly

    Mobile 10 Sep 16:01

  • Infosys gobbles Lodestone for £218m

    Indian outsourcer sups SAP sap

    The Channel 10 Sep 16:16

  • Stratus girds fault-tolerant servers with Xeon E5s

    Virtualization that won't go down on you

    Servers 10 Sep 16:37

  • HP preps designer desktops for Windows 8

    Claims world's slimmest all-in-one PC

    Hardware 10 Sep 16:57

  • Riverbed sucks in more data for cloud gateway deluge

    Four times bigger gut too

    Storage 10 Sep 16:59

  • HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US

    Judge tells Apple: 'I have to be pretty darn certain a US patent is invalid'

    Law 10 Sep 17:14

  • NEC speeds up Gemini FT chipset, adds in Xeon E5s

    Fault tolerance, cheaper ESXi trumps VMware HA

    Servers 10 Sep 17:29

  • King Coyne snaps chains, escapes Western Digital

    Hitachi GST's top man replaces departing CEO

    Storage 10 Sep 17:44

  • Intel hints at weaving network fabric into Xeons, Atoms

    Time for controllers and processors to share the bed

    Servers 10 Sep 18:00

  • Windows 8 to grab iPad market share wrested back from Android

    Google, watch out for MS not Apple, says analyst

    Tablets 10 Sep 18:16

  • Vesa to enable backlight arrays on laptops, tablets

    DisplayPort updated to preserve power

    Laptops 10 Sep 18:23

  • Google declares success for Kansas City gigabit broadband

    80% buy into Fiberhood fold

    Networks 10 Sep 19:36

  • Coding may not make national curriculum

    Ministerial decision coming in August, but Ministers mostly oblivious

    Policy 10 Sep 20:30

  • Valve puts Steam on the TV

    Big Picture UI turns a PC into a console

    Games 10 Sep 20:45

  • Dolby sets Digital Plus to shine in UltraViolet

    Online movie tech gets sonic boon

    Hardware 10 Sep 21:12

  • GoDaddy stopped by massive DDoS attack

    Millions of sites may be affected – not by Anonymous, it appears

    Security 10 Sep 21:43

  • Microsoft to open 32 pop-up retail stores for the holidays

    Take that, Apple Store

    Windows 8 10 Sep 21:57

  • E-publisher 'fesses up: 'Apple UDIDs were ours'

    BlueToad clears FBI of device data collection

    Security 10 Sep 22:14

  • NZ software giants join patent bill protest

    Petitioning against patent trolls

    Software 10 Sep 22:45

  • Scientists provide a measure of uncertainty

    What would Heisenberg’s position be?

    Science 10 Sep 23:16

  • Intel contextual awareness: 'We know what your wife is up to'

    Knows when its best to call, text, or just leave her alone

    Mobile 10 Sep 23:38