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Climate denier bloggers sniff out new conspiracy

Climate skeptic bloggers the world over have a shiny new conspiracy to obsess about: whether a University of Western Australia psychology professor "faked" a research study.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Sep 2012

Google's stats show few Android tablets in use

AnalysisAndroid may have topped Apple's iOS in terms of overall global smartphone sales, but if the latest figures from Google are to be believed, it certainly isn't winning many converts among tablet users – that is, if you ignore Amazon's customers, as the Chocolate Factory's numbers do.
Neil McAllister, 07 Sep 2012

Hackers claim to have Mitt Romney's tax records

Various media outlets, including El Reg, have been sent a message claiming to be from a hacking group that has stolen the tax records of Mitt Romney and threatens to release them on September 28.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2012

Google snags patent on price discrimination

You might think that the biggest brains in the USA could be put to work curing cancer, but the Chocolate Factory has bigger fish to fry: how to mine what it knows about users to “customize” content pricing.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Sep 2012

Ex-pat IT pros have oversized packages

Ex-pat IT bosses working in Asia receive a gross pay package of more than $230,000 (£144,566) a year on average, but those fancying relocation may be better off financially if they head to less well-known parts of the region, according to new research from ECA International.
Phil Muncaster, 07 Sep 2012
Smartphone user on Tube

CIOs urged to take BYOD pleas with pinch of salt

When it comes to implementing mobile technologies inside and outside of the company, plan, plan and then plan some more, but don’t listen too hard to your customers or users, a panel of top IT leaders has advised.
Phil Muncaster, 07 Sep 2012
Optus 4G USB dongle

TV Now PVR-as-a-service shut down

Australian telco Optus’s personal-video-recorder-as-a-service TV Now will be switched off, after the nation’s highest court declined to hear an appeal that would have given it a chance of appealing a decision that the service breaches copyright.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Sep 2012
Mio Spirit 695 LM satnav

Mio Spirit 695 LM satnav review

These be tough times for satnav makers when, for under £100, you can pick up a good 4in smartphone like the Huawei Ascend G300 which comes with Google’s ever-evolving and improving free navigation, and even entry-level eight grand motors, like VW’s new Up!, feature low-cost optional navigation packages. To compete satnav makers have to offer more for less, which is exactly what Mio has done with its new Spirit 600 LM series.
Alun Taylor, 07 Sep 2012

Health Dept teases suppliers with mega NHS systems cash windfall

The Department of Health has issued a pre-tender for a framework agreement contract to provide an electronic staff record system and pension scheme administration services. Suppliers will be bidding for a lucrative contract beginning in 2014.
Government Computing, 07 Sep 2012
Amazon Kindle Fire e-book tablet

Amazon pitches cheap new Kindles for Blighty

Amazon is bringing its Kindle Fire to the UK almost a year after the 7in Android tablet's US debut. The good news for folk who've been patiently waiting: it's only 129 quid.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2012

STORServer backup beast heads list of top tools

STORServer's EBA 3100 has been named as the backup appliance king by analyst firm DCIG. The appliance examiner even created a new enterprise category in its Backup Appliance Buyer's Guide for the tool.
Chris Mellor, 07 Sep 2012

Titans of tech: Why I'll never trust 'em

Sysadmin blogI am responsible for making decisions regarding the purchase of computer hardware, software and services. I advise others regarding the tactical and strategic implementations of technologies and IT-related services. The financial security and stability of my own company, the companies of my clients and all the associated employees depends at least in part upon the accuracy and soundness of my decisions. The process underlying my decision-making is the source of continued introspection.
Trevor Pott, 07 Sep 2012

'GNOME people are in total denial about what their problem is'

QuotwThis was the week when a total raving lunatic, or "nutjob" as he/she/they has come to be known, did their absolute best to extort a free Raspberry Pi from Foundation founder Eben Upton with a series of increasingly irate and always grammatically erroneous threats via IM.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 07 Sep 2012

Edgy penguins test-fly Ubuntu's Quantal Quetzal

ReviewForget colourful foliage and dropping temperatures, nothing says autumn for Linux nerds like the arrival of an Ubuntu beta. This season includes twice the fun, with Canonical plotting not one, but two betas for the coming Quantal Quetzal, or Ubuntu 12.10. The first arrived on Thursday.
Scott Gilbertson, 07 Sep 2012

Why I've got a sync'ing feeling about Amazon's new Kindle Fire

Open ... and ShutWhile Amazon's Jeff Bezos took the stage to show off new Kindle Fire devices, the magic of these devices isn't in hardware or software. The magic is what happens between disparate devices, and it's what continues to make Amazon the most credible competitor to Apple's iPad sync.
Matt Asay, 07 Sep 2012

Windows Server 2012: Fickle pricing smacks Europe, Oz, Japan

The launch of Windows Server 2012 this week has again highlighted the pricing disparity confronting Microsoft customers across the globe, but it seems dear old Blighty has got off relatively lightly.
Paul Kunert, 07 Sep 2012
'Blue marble' image of Africa and the Middle East

Twitter to world: We have NO rivals, ha ha ha!

Twitter claimed today that it has no rivals on the world stage, but the US-centric tide of social network growth is being increasingly pushed back by a rising number of innovative Asian players, according to industry experts.
Phil Muncaster, 07 Sep 2012

Fox to release movie downloads weeks before discs

Fox is to offer movie downloads up to three weeks before the films arrive on disc and in video-on-demand services in a bid to boost digital sales.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2012

Watchdog barks at EU plan to hand asylum-seeker database to cops

The EU's privacy watchdog has slammed plans to grant police access to Europe's database of asylum seekers' fingerprints.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2012

Emotional baggage

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Two days before my teenage son was due to begin Sixth Form this week, the school phoned up to say that he's not allowed to study ICT at A-level.
Alistair Dabbs, 07 Sep 2012

Amazon to create 5,000 UK jobs in Kindle Fire hire

Amazon is to bolster the UK launch of its Kindle Fire tablet by creating 5,000 full-time and temporary jobs in Blighty.
Gavin Clarke, 07 Sep 2012

First Irish-speaking virus holds bloke's computer to ransom

Crooks have created what's reckoned to be the first computer virus featuring the Irish language.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2012

Huawei Enterprise's Muscles-from-Brussels Vanhamme scrams

Huawei Enterprise is already operating with a caretaker in the UK, and now an interim boss is about to take control of the European channel after the current chief Dominique Vanhamme leaves today.
Paul Kunert, 07 Sep 2012

Judge: Apple not liable for dropped, broken iPhone screens

A US judge has ruled that punters who drop their iPhones, smashing the smartphone's glass screen in the process, can't blame Apple for it.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2012

New broadband minister snubs 'ugly' fibre cabinet gripes

Brits will no longer be able to object to the arrival of "ghastly" fibre optic cabling cabinets outside their homes: Blighty's new broadband minister has stamped her authority on moves to upgrade the nation's internet infrastructure that sidestep local councils.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2012

SSL BEASTie boys develop follow-up 'CRIME' web attack

The security researchers who developed the infamous BEAST attack that broke SSL/TLS encryption are cooking up a new assault on the same crucial protocols.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2012

Facebook seals Instagram buyout for roughly $715m

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom is totally "psyched" to see his company merge with Facebook, even after the deal ended up being much lower than the initial $1bn price tag initially offered by Mark Zuckerberg.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2012

Sparkfun punts bonkers banana-piano kit at hardware hackers

PicsSparkfun - a supplier of components, widgets, doohickeys and other frivolities - is now making its own hardware in the form of the Makey Makey, which turns just about anything into a keyboard.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2012

Hold the chips: Apple axes Samsung RAM order for iPhone 5

Apple has cut down its order of memory chips from Samsung, reducing its reliance on its smartphone rival for components, say supply chain sources cited by Reuters.
Anna Leach, 07 Sep 2012

FCC to TV broadcasters: Ready, set ... give your spectrum up

The FCC is poised to publish the mechanism by which US TV broadcasters will be able to swap some of their allocated radio spectrum – which they mostly received for free – for a little cold, hard cash come 2014.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2012

Phone hack cops nick journo over data taken from pinched mobes

Scotland Yard officers arrested a 33-year-old man this morning on suspicion of theft offences, computer misuse and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2012

Listen up, Nokia: Get Lumia show-offs in pubs or it's game over

AnalysisNokia has a couple of mountains to climb. There's the real mountain: in the marketplace it's starting from scratch, a newcomer that just happens to have a large distribution business in place, and a couple of billion euros in capital. Then there's the metaphorical mountain, which is a mountain of cliches.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Sep 2012

NASA's spy sat snaps Curiosity rover burning tracks on Mars

Curiosity Rover has left a mark on Mars that is visible from space. The rover's maiden journey across the Red Planet has left tire tracks that have been photographed by the high resolution camera on NASA's Mars Reconaissance Orbiter.
Anna Leach, 07 Sep 2012

Dredd movie review

ReviewI haven't seen The Raid, the skirmish-in-a-skyscraper flick so many Dredd reviewers have compared with this latest attempt to bring 2000AD's favourite anti-hero to the big screen. But I have been reading the comic on and off since 1977 - more on than off; it went a bit crap in the 1990s - and Judge Dredd remains a weekly joy, especially when penned by co-creator John Wagner.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2012
Intel logo

Intel rolls eyes at flaccid PC biz, cuts $1bn off expected sales

Well, it looks like the Intel Developer Forum might be a bit more subdued next week than usual, with the chipmaker cutting its revenue projections for the third quarter, which ends this month.

Google beefs up security portfolio with VirusTotal buy

Google has bought online malware-scanning firm VirusTotal and is pledging to keep the service open to support security software vendors.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2012

Microsoft: 'Update your security certs this month – or else'

The good news is that Microsoft's next Patch Tuesday, due on September 11, should be a breeze, bringing just two security updates. The bad news is that October's Patch Tuesday will be a game changer, and Microsoft has cautioned Windows admins to take advantage of the lull to make sure their security houses are in order.
Neil McAllister, 07 Sep 2012

Why is the iPhone so successful? 'Cause people love 'em

Apple's iPhone may have its detractors, but they don't appear to include many folks who actually own one – yet another survey has shown that Apple's überpopular handset is beloved by a strong percentage of its users.
Rik Myslewski, 07 Sep 2012

Cash-strapped Sharp puts HQ, factories in hock

With negotiations stalled on a hoped-for equity investment from Taiwan's Hon Hai, Sharp has set in motion a contingency plan that will see it put up nearly all of its domestic real estate as collateral for up to $3.8bn in bank loans.
Neil McAllister, 07 Sep 2012

UK ice boffin: 'Arctic melt equivalent to 20 years of CO2'

A prominent British Arctic scientist and researcher says that the continued and accelerated melting of the polar sea-ice cap is not only a result of climate change, but is also a massive contributor to it.
Rik Myslewski, 07 Sep 2012

Airbus predicts catapult takeoffs and formation flying by 2050

Airbus has detailed its plans for the future of air travel in 2050, when megacities and rising fuel costs will make flying a very different kettle of (flying) fish.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2012

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