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The PCI card housing a Xeon Phi coprocessor

Intel teaches Xeon Phi x86 coprocessor snappy new tricks

Hot ChipsIt took fifteen years for Intel to shrink the computing power of the teraflops-busting ASCI Red massively parallel Pentium II supercomputer down to something that fits inside of a PCI-Express coprocessor card – and the Xeon Phi coprocessor is only the first step in a long journey with coprocessor sidekicks riding posse with CPUs in pursuit of exascale computing.

NASA captures mind-bogglingly gorgeous solar video

VideoLast Friday the Sun put on a magnificent display, ejecting a massive solar filament that was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in all its glory.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Sep 2012

Gunman takes potshots at Dell HQ, chopper search ensues

Labor Day ended with a bang at the Dell headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, after an unidentified shooter fired a number of rounds though its windows.
Iain Thomson, 05 Sep 2012

Qubes OS bakes in virty system-level security

Invisible Things Lab (ITL), a group of security researchers based in Warsaw, Poland, has announced Qubes 1.0, the first production release of a new desktop operating system designed to provide unprecedented security through the pervasive use of virtualization.
Neil McAllister, 05 Sep 2012
The dutch ZonSpot solar powered WiFi desk

Greens promise free WiFi for Sydney

New South Wales' local government elections aren't the forum for massive IT&T debates, but the Greens have at least given technologists something to sway their votes with a promise to introduce free WiFi in the City of Sydney and adjoining Marrickville local government area.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Sep 2012
carving of kiwi

New Zealand's Copyright Tribunal to hear first cases

The New Zealand music industry has taken aim at illegal music downloaders threatening to use the controversial ‘Skynet’ law for the first time before the new Copyright Tribunal.
Natalie Apostolou, 05 Sep 2012
Bitcoin gold coin logo

Bitcoin exchange shuts after heist

Bitcoin exchange Bitfloor has suspended its operations while it tries to figure out who pinched 24,000 units of the virtual currency by accessing an unencrypted backup and using information it contained to transfer 24,000 BTC to destinations unknown.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Sep 2012

China's tech giants gang up on short seller

A group of 60 Chinese entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and regional heads of global tech concerns including Microsoft and SAP has turned their collective fury on short seller Citron Research, arguing the firm is deceiving the market by finding fault in firms where there is none.
Phil Muncaster, 05 Sep 2012
Old man sitting at a loom

Old men who use computers less likely to get dementia

Men who use computers as they enter their winter years have a better chance of avoiding dementia than those who don't, according to a new Australian study.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Sep 2012

NEC looks to offload Lenovo shares

Ailing Japanese electronics giant NEC looks set to sell all of its shares in Lenovo after the Chinese PC maker confirmed to The Reg that it has waived a previous restriction on the sale.
Phil Muncaster, 05 Sep 2012

Apple hoards LTE patents to deflect Samsung attack

Apple has been hoarding LTE patents in a bid to head off a possible legal attack from fierce rival Samsung on its forthcoming iPhone 5, according to reports from Korea.
Phil Muncaster, 05 Sep 2012
Crucial v4 256GB (CT256V4SSD2) SSD

Crucial v4 256GB budget SSD review

The latest addition to Crucial’s range of SSD’s, the v4 series isn’t, as you might expect, the follow up to the company’s highly successful m4 series but a different animal entirely. It's so different in fact, it makes you wonder what was Crucial’s thinking behind it.
Simon Crisp, 05 Sep 2012

Game devs beg UK taxman: Can we pay 30% less?

Companies involved in making video games in the UK should receive a tax break worth 30 per cent of what they owe, a trade association has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 05 Sep 2012

LOHAN poses for sexy wide-angle vid

There's always a frisson of excitement when we take delivery of some new kit at the Special Project Bureau's mountaintop headquarters, and last week the bloke with the big white van drew up at the door to drop off the latest piece of Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) kit - a GoPro HD HERO2 camera.
Lester Haines, 05 Sep 2012

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study

File sharers who download torrents from services such as The Pirate Bay can expect to find their IP address logged by copyright enforcers within three hours, according to a new study by computer scientists.
John Leyden, 05 Sep 2012

Auditor: You know what Scotland needs? Proper IT experts

Audit Scotland is calling on the Scottish government to consider providing a central resource of specialised ICT expertise and advice for public bodies.
Government Computing, 05 Sep 2012

Windows Server 2012: Smarter, stronger, frustrating

ReviewMicrosoft has released Windows Server 2012, based on the same core code as Windows 8. Yes, it has the same Start screen in place of the Start menu, but that is of little importance, particularly since Microsoft is pushing the idea of installing the Server Core edition – which has no Graphical User Interface. If you do install a GUI, Server 2012 even boots into the desktop by default.
Tim Anderson, 05 Sep 2012
Apple iPad Mini

Third of iPad owners want smaller slabs

Market watcher Strategy Analytics has been asking iPad owners about their desires for the platform and found that a third of them want a tablet with a different size screen.
Tony Smith, 05 Sep 2012

Oh no, sysadmins! VMware touts data centre that runs itself

Now that vCloud Suite 5.1 has arrived, VMware is pushing a new term: the software-defined data centre (SDD). It's easy at first to dismiss this as merely another marketing buzzword, meaningless PR babble like "cloud" or "synergy". If you poke your head behind the curtain, you'll find there's good reason for this newest bit of jargon.
Trevor Pott, 05 Sep 2012

Voyager's 35th birthday gift: One-way INTERSTELLAR ticket

As NASA's Voyager probes complete their 35th year of operation, Voyager 1 has sensed a second change in the surrounding expanse of obsidian nothingness - just as scientists predicted would happen before the craft enters interstellar space.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 05 Sep 2012

Zuckerberg WON'T flog his Facebook shares for a year

Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed he will not sell any of his shares in his social networking website for one year.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Sep 2012

Finger-free Kinect coming to fondlesome Windows 8

Kinect, Microsoft's hands-free game controller, will run Windows 8 applications from next month.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Sep 2012

Ditch disk and bin tape: Harvard boffins have cracked DNA storage

I recently decided to clean out my home office; I’d had enough of the 56K modems lying around, and needed the space. But what I didn’t expect was to find a museum of data storage concentrated in such a small space.
Bill McGloin, 05 Sep 2012
SAS badge

Famous SAS man trousers £1m as e-publishing startup sold to Tesco

Famous ex-SAS man "Andy McNab" will pocket almost £1m as Mobcast, an e-book publishing operation he co-founded, is sold to Tesco.
Lewis Page, 05 Sep 2012

RIM begs devs: Build for BlackBerry 10, we'll bung you $10K

Developers who get BlackBerry 10 apps in quick will get their income bumped up to $10,000 if they make more than $1,000, as RIM gets in the drinks at the last chance salon.
Bill Ray, 05 Sep 2012

Chick-lit star snubs Menshn.com password flaw alert

UpdatedA security researcher has warned of new vulnerabilities in Tory MP and former chick-lit queen Louise Mensch's three-month-old chatroom-cum-microblogging service.
John Leyden, 05 Sep 2012

'World's first' dog to sniff out pilfered cabling is Brit black lab

A dog named Jazz has been trained to sniff out forensic markings on metal to help cops nab crooks who pinch copper cabling from BT's underground telephone network.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Sep 2012

IT distribution titan Tech Data to gobble UK's SDG for $350m

Technology products distributor Tech Data (TD) has swallowed Specialist Distribution Group (SDG) for $350m (£220.3m) in a deal that is subject to regulatory approval from the EU's competition authorities.
Paul Kunert, 05 Sep 2012

UK's pay-by-bonk mobile network threesome wins EU approval

The UK operator consortium to create a single electronic wallet will not impede competition, the EU has decided – though Three, Google and PayPal may beg to differ.
Bill Ray, 05 Sep 2012

GCHQ spooks give biz chiefs crash course in thwarting hackers

GCHQ, the UK's nerve-centre for eavesdropping spooks, will advise the nation's business leaders on how best to thwart attacks by hackers.
John Leyden, 05 Sep 2012

UK's non-x86 server sales dive off cliff, vendors take a hit

Growth in the UK server market evaporated in Q2 as x86 platform sales dipped and the already dwindling base of non-x86 machines collapsed.
Paul Kunert, 05 Sep 2012

Guinness World Records pulls beards off online Secret Santas

Guiness World Records has owned up to leaking 1,070 email addresses of Redditgifts users who won the record for the Largest Online Secret Santa.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 05 Sep 2012
SanDisk Extreme 120GB SDSSDX-120G-G25

SanDisk flogs strap-on to speed up your lazy Windows 7 PC

SanDisk has brought out a cheapish solution for flash-less Windows 7 PCs. The firm promises a start-up time that is four times faster as well as app-loading that's 12 times faster if you buy its new SanDisk SSD and caching software bundle.
Chris Mellor, 05 Sep 2012

Android spat loser Oracle ordered to toss Google some change

Oracle has been ordered to pay part of Google's legal bill in the database giant's failed Android patent infringement lawsuit.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Sep 2012

Nokia tears wraps off new Windows Phone Lumias on steroids

From a distance, Nokia's new Lumia 920 flagship smartphone looks identical to its current flagship handset - but on a diet of performance-enhancing steroids.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Sep 2012

CSC pockets £68m in truce over NHS patient database fiasco

CSC and the UK government have reached a truce over the company's central patient database cock-up: both sides have agreed to a more flexible contract until 2016 and to shelve any potential litigation.
Paul Kunert, 05 Sep 2012

Swedes are best at using the internet, says Berners-Lee

Sweden has won the top prize in a new global index of countries getting the best out of the net socially and politically, with the US second and the UK coming third.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 05 Sep 2012
IBM's System zEC12 mainframe

IBM's z12 mainframe engine makes each clock count

Hot ChipsWhen you charge hundreds of thousands of dollars per core for an engine that is designed to run full-out all day doing online transaction processing and all night running single-threaded big batch jobs, you have no choice but to believe in higher clock speeds and doing anything and everything to boost that single-thread performance. And that is what IBM's new z12 mainframe engines are all about.

Apple weighs in on AntiSec's alleged FBI hack

If, as they claim, the black hats of AntiSec did indeed hack into an FBI agent's laptop and lift unique device identifier (UDID) codes and some users' personal info from 12,367,232 iPhones and iPads, the feds did not get that user and device data from Cupertino. Or so Apple says.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Sep 2012

Consumers getting cagier about mobile app privacy

Mobile users are getting a lot smarter about what they are willing to share with application developers, with over half deciding against downloading an app because of the information it sought to harvest.
Iain Thomson, 05 Sep 2012

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?

It was harder than usual, but not impossible, to get my hands on Nokia's two new Windows 8 phones today. Word has already gone around Twitter that press and analysts were forbidden from handling the devices. This is not true – and on a scale of difficulty it hardly rated alongside reporting from outside Baghdad's Green Zone. So here's my hands-on take.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Sep 2012

WinPhone 8 preview SDK limited to established developers

Developers who expect to get cracking on apps for Windows Phone 8 this summer may be in for a disappointment: not only will the final WP8 SDK not arrive until later this year, but the Preview edition due next week will be available to only a select few.
Neil McAllister, 05 Sep 2012
HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System

US energy lab's pump-happy petaflopper goes green

The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory has hooked up with HP, Intel, and partners to design a new hybrid supercomputer and an energy-efficient data center wrapper for it that will – among other green gains – use the exhaust heat from the supercomputer to heat adjacent offices.
Artist's impression of Envisat. Credit:ESA

French satellite operator gets Aussie carrier licence

French owned satellite operator EutelSat is poised to beam into the Australian market after securing a carrier licence and announcing that it will launch a new satellite covering Australia by year's end.
Natalie Apostolou, 05 Sep 2012

Insecure SCADA kit has hidden factory account, password

Cylink’s Justin Clarke has tagged another SCADA maker for default insecurity, discovering a hidden factory account – complete with hard-coded password – in switch management software made by Belden-owned GarrettCom.
Richard Chirgwin, 05 Sep 2012

Huawei denies spying, calls for global security standards

Even as execs of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei prepare to testify before Congress over concerns that the company's networking equipment may pose a security threat to US infrastructure, the company issued a public statement claiming that it has never participated in cyber espionage or any other illegal act, and that it would never do so.
Neil McAllister, 05 Sep 2012

Samsung accused of using child labor in its own factories

Samsung is facing fresh allegations of employing illegal child workers – this time in its own Chinese factories – a day after the company said that an independent review had cleared one of its main suppliers of similar charges.
Iain Thomson, 05 Sep 2012
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Toothbrush fixes ISS’ stuck bolt

The International Space Station has hosted its first “maker fair”, with astronauts Akihiko Hoshide and Sunita Williams spending last weekend fashioning tools to fix the power module’s jammed bolt.
Richard Chirgwin, 05 Sep 2012

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