31st August 2012 Archive

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  • Huawei picks Android for new tablets and smartphones

    Asks users to second its Emotion

    Mobile 31 Aug 00:06

  • Australian 'scope to help Europe's galaxy-mapping satellite

    Zadko telescope ready for earth-saving duty spotting low flying rocks

    Science 31 Aug 00:15

  • Publishers pony up $69m in ebook price-fixing settlement

    Pennies from heaven the DoJ for you and me

    Law 31 Aug 00:58

  • BYOD turns sysadmins into heroes

    Intel China's IT boss on consumerisation

    CIO 31 Aug 01:00

  • China's net addiction staff told to stop the beatings

    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone

    Policy 31 Aug 04:20

  • Yikes. Supervolcano found under Hong Kong

    Krakatau a mere firecracker compared to thankfully-dormant discovery

    Science 31 Aug 04:24

  • Build your own robot soccer world cup winner

    Brainware, CAD files, all online and open source

    Science 31 Aug 05:07

  • Now even China's PC market is shrinking

    Record PC sales declines across Asia and Gartner says Windows 8 won't turn things around

    Business 31 Aug 06:00

  • Velociraptor drives get Thunderbolt boost

    VD and daisy-chaining go together, says WD

    Storage 31 Aug 06:29

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Gang bang

    Games 31 Aug 07:00

  • NFC tap-to-pay kit spreads its wings at IFA: Now used for audio

    It's not just good for bonking

    Broadband 31 Aug 07:19

  • Readers: Choose the proper new name for Everything Everywhere

    Nothing anywhere, something somewhere, Omnipulant ...

    Mobile 31 Aug 07:38

  • Windows Phone 8: What Nokia and Microsoft MUST do

    You - Ballmer, Elop - yes you. Pay attention

    Windows 8 31 Aug 08:00

  • O2 looses legal torpedo at Everything Everywhere 4G monopoly

    Let us have something somewhere, pleads spurned telco

    Mobile 31 Aug 08:14

  • Mellanox rips covers off virt-SAN beast, claims Fibre Channel vanquish

    Preparing a whuppening for VNX ass, one might think

    Storage 31 Aug 08:28

  • Windows Phone 8: Microsoft quite literally can't lose

    If it bombs, Ballmer is no worse off than he is now

    Windows 8 31 Aug 08:44

  • Hands on with the HP Envy X2

    Windows 8 tablet-keyboard combo fingered

    Tablets 31 Aug 09:00

  • A load of Tosh: External hard drives the new 'personal clouds'

    New STOR.E Cloud 3.5in disk is a NAS disguised as a bandwagon

    Storage 31 Aug 09:17

  • LOHAN rolls out racy rocketry round-up

    Progress to date on our audacious spaceplane mission

    SPB 31 Aug 09:31

  • Philips databases pillaged and leaked SECOND time in a month

    Anonymous piles into electronics giant

    Security 31 Aug 09:47

  • Hands on with LG's 21:9 monitors

    Widescreen viewing for business or pleasure

    Hardware 31 Aug 10:00

  • VMware bounced from the OpenStack party

    What do you mean we're not on the list?

    Developer 31 Aug 10:16

  • So, just what is the ultimate bacon sarnie?

    If you think you know, prove it

    SPB 31 Aug 10:29

  • 'This lawsuit is not about patents or money, it's about values'

    Plus: 'A mind-numblingly inept display'

    Law 31 Aug 10:43

  • Safer conjugal rights via electronic skin

    I just want to touch

    Hardware 31 Aug 11:00

  • Cheer up, Samsung: Tokyo judge bins Apple's sync patent claim

    South Koreans didn't nick music transfer idea

    Law 31 Aug 11:13

  • Capita Group snaps up travel agent for biz types Expotel

    Outsourcer will book events and travel for firms like BP

    Financial News 31 Aug 11:29

  • Hertfordshire plod passwords leaked by pro-Assange data burglar

    Database raid by lackadaisical protestor

    Security 31 Aug 11:46

  • Hipsters hacking on PostgreSQL

    Relational cred from SoMa to Shoreditch

    Developer 31 Aug 12:03

  • Facebook shoves your face in Microsoft's Bing thing

    Please visit our search engine... bitches

    Media 31 Aug 12:17

  • HTC hawks fresh Desire for market boost

    X marks the spot

    Phones 31 Aug 12:30

  • Sharp's slim screen factory 'flogged to death' by Apple

    Plant can't build enough working parts for Cupertino idiot-tax giant

    Mobile 31 Aug 12:43

  • Archos pushes out 7-inch GamePad, slaps on dual thumbsticks

    Droid-tab gets Vita-esque makeover

    Media 31 Aug 12:59

  • Catapults, subsidies, and benefits: Bongonomics explained

    Our VC's on FIRE at Burning Man and the Paralytic Games

    Media 31 Aug 13:26

  • Sony slims down 3D headset, cooks up eye candy

    Also updates NEX snappers and projector tech

    Hardware 31 Aug 14:02

  • Amazon flings open doors to Android Appstore in Europe

    At what point does choice turn into fragmentation?

    Applications 31 Aug 14:27

  • Apple drones reject American drone-strike tracker app

    Is it useful to know when robot flyers kill someone?

    Applications 31 Aug 15:04

  • Computacenter profit hit by start-up costs in Germany

    'Growing pains impacted our bottom', groans chairman

    The Channel 31 Aug 15:07

  • Chemical biz 'Nitro' hackers use Java to coat PCs in poison ivy

    Chinese spying crew is back in business

    Security 31 Aug 15:31

  • 3,000 Guild Wars 2 gamers banned for flogging stolen loot

    Black-marketers get the black spot

    Media 31 Aug 16:02

  • Pret-a-porter: LG boffins' bendy battery can be worn as PANTS

    But keep that fire extinguisher close

    Science 31 Aug 16:36

  • Ethernet switch sales sizzle

    Everybody needs – and is buying – bigger pipes

    Data Networking 31 Aug 16:42

  • Flash firm boss smacks back at SEC's insider trading charges

    It ain't me guv gov

    Financial News 31 Aug 17:02

  • Here we go again: Critical flaw found in just-patched Java

    Emergency fix rushed out half-baked

    Security 31 Aug 18:45

  • Symantec crowdsources buzzword bingo to name product

    Global Intelligent Integrated Automated Critical Business Recovery, anyone?

    Applications 31 Aug 18:57

  • NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing

    With just one small problem ...

    Science 31 Aug 20:20

  • Schlockmeister Troma's back catalog hits YouTube

    Toxic Avenger, Surf Nazis Must Die, and other works of cinematic genius now online

    Media 31 Aug 20:33

  • IBM to double-stuff sockets with power-packed Power7+

    Big boost in clock speed, smart accelerators

    Servers 31 Aug 23:03

  • Ninefold offers Windows Server 2012 head start

    Australian company offers cloudy servers with cut-over to official code

    Operating Systems 31 Aug 23:08

  • The dead reanimates as HP ships Open webOS beta

    Meg's boys are also hiring webOS developers. Curious...

    Operating Systems 31 Aug 23:16

  • Google engineer finds British spyware on PCs and smartphones

    FinSpy turning up in dictatorships across the world

    Security 31 Aug 23:30