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WISE-watchers munch on hot DOGs

The latest data release from the Wide-Field Infrared Explorer has NASA almost as excited as a Mars landing, with the space agency trumpeting “millions” of new black holes, among other discoveries.
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Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit

Apple CEO Tim Cook might be pleased with the verdict in his company's recent patent legislation against Samsung, but Samsung customers are definitely not, according to the market watchers at mobile phone trade-in firm Gazelle.
Australian Government 2.0 taskforce logo

AGIMO suspends govt supplier application process

The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has suspended its Multi Use Lists (MULs) for consultants and general ICT suppliers, possibly because no-one is using them.
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Harvard boffins build cyborg skin of flesh and nanowires

Humanity has taken another step down the path of the Borg with the invention of the first flesh containing a functional nanowire sensor network that's biocompatible with the human body.
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Oracle knew about critical Java flaws since April

The critical Java vulnerabilities that have security experts cautioning users to disable Java in their browsers are not new discoveries, a security firm claims. On the contrary, Oracle has known about them for months, and it has probably had a patch ready since before an exploit was discovered in the wild.
The Goophone Y5 iPhone clone

'iPhone 5' released by Chinese Apple copycat

Fanbois in China who just can’t wait to get their hands on the much-hyped upcoming iPhone 5 are in for a treat, as an Android-based version of the device modelled on the imminent handset's rumoured specs has made its way online.
Great Wall of China

Chinese dissident grassed by Yahoo nears release

A Chinese democracy advocate and journalist who was sent to jail for a decade after Yahoo! grassed him up to the authorities will be released this week.

Philippines tech industries survive floods

To the west of the Philippines' capital, Manila, lies Laguna De Bay, a colossal freshwater lake that has just become the site of what can loosely be called maritime services startups.
Apple Mountain Lion Server

Apple Mac OS X Server for Mountain Lion review

The cost of Mountain Lion Server is a fraction of what Apple charged for its server software just a few years ago, especially if you look at the old 'unlimited client' editions of Mac OS X Server. Then, the software alone cost as much as a new Mac. Now, it costs as much as a Hollywood blockbuster on DVD, and it’s far more useful.

Quantum sends out cheap 'n' fast newbie to beat off Amazon's Glacier

Quantum is facing the Amazon onslaught head on with the debut of its cloudy Q-Cloud service – cloud-based backup, restore, and disaster recovery – at Amazon Glacier pricing: 1 cent per GB per month.
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Radio arse tags solve modern-day TV musical chairs dilemma

Vid Little electronic tags that broadcast data over the air turn up in the strangest of places. Now they've managed to end up sewn into the back of contestants' shorts in a TV version of childhood favourite, musical chairs.
Bill Ray, 30 2012
DVD it in many colours

Tosh flashifies disk in demo hybrid drive

Toshiba has demonstrated a 1TB hybrid disk drive at the Flash Memory summit; that's 250GB bigger than Seagate's Momentus XT.
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Samsung readies handheld releases for Windows 8

IFA 2012 At the Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin last night, Samsung showed off its Windows 8 handheld devices that appear in its new Ativ range of computing products that all feature touchscreen functionality.
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Amazon steps over Groupon's festering corpse to set up UK deals souk

Amazon has launched its daily deals bazaar in the UK, moving into a market that seems already oversubscribed with the likes of Groupon.
image via SXC

Super-critical Java zero-day exploits TWO bugs

A potent Java security vulnerability that first appeared earlier this week actually leverages two zero-day flaws. The revelation comes as it emerged Oracle knew about the holes as early as April.
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Mobe-maker flogs self-designed phones ... to your KIDS

UK mobile phone company OwnFone is pitching a £55 handset which can only call up to 12 pre-programmed numbers, betting that the ability to create your own buttons and colour scheme will blind users to the price.
Bill Ray, 30 2012
Barbed wire surrounding communications tower

Indian gov ponders restrictions on Chinese networking gear

The Indian government is set to become the latest global power to restrict the use of Chinese-built telecoms and internet infrastructure technology, in what could be another blow to the ambitions of Huawei and ZTE as they look to grow abroad.

Sony unwraps James Bond's new Droidphone

IFA 2012 Sony ushered in a fresh range of smartphones at IFA this week, as well as its first Xperia tablet.
Caleb Cox, 30 2012

Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

Sysadmin blog Java is horrible and I hate it.
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Facebook co-founder Moskovitz scrambles to offload his shares

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has sold over 1.3 million of his shares in the social network over the last two weeks.
VSphere UI. Credit: VMware

Love vSphere? You're going to have to love Flash too

If you're considering building your cloud infrastructure on the latest version of vSphere, you probably weren't banking on Adobe Flash being part of your set-up.
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Yahoo! bureau! chief! sacked! for! Mitt Romney! racism! jibe!

Yahoo! News' Washington bureau chief has been sacked after he joked that Republican US presidential wannabe Mitt Romney was "happy to have a party with black people drowning".
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NASA launches armoured storm probes to the Van Allen belts

NASA has successfully launched two Radiation Belt Storm Probes into Earth's orbit to start a two-year mission to study the two giant donuts of plasma trapped in radiation surrounding the planet.

Samsung whips out Galaxy Note II, cam-phone with proper zoom lens

IFA 2012 After Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Note II at IFA this week, attentions turned to its all-new camera phone, a digital snapper with built-in 3G connectivity.
Caleb Cox, 30 2012
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UK data-blurt cockups soared 1,000 PER CENT over last five years

The number of times Brits' sensitive data has been lost or leaked in the UK has risen 1,000 per cent over the past five years. Councils recorded the biggest increase in breaches of data protection law, according to figures obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request.
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Brummie plod cuffed in Facebook troll hunt

A serving West Midlands police officer has been arrested after a woman was torn into by trolls on Facebook.
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Scotland Yard manacles another suspect in phone hack probe

A 60-year-old man was arrested this morning at his home in South West London on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications relating to Scotland Yard's probe of alleged phone hacking.
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If you can't take the Samsung, get out of the kitchen

IFA 2012 Samsung’s IFA keynote was true to form, some might say. Although the company had "a different script" with its presentation style, it did seem to have copied been influenced by the recent UK Olympic opening ceremony, given its theatricalities.
DVD it in many colours

Windows 8 tablets unwrapped in Berlin: Dell goes keyless for ARM

Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Sony have hitched their skirts to reveal PCs running Windows 8, which will be on sale in October.

Flash tart Astute goes fourth and multiples your data

Staff at storage biz Astute Networks are all smiles as they tout their fourth-generation all-flash array at VMworld 2012 - but behind-the-scenes, the company has had a chequered history.
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Robot rover Curiosity sets out on first long Mars trip

The Mars-invading laser-toting nuclear-powered space truck Curiosity is off on a 400-metre jaunt to try out its life-hunting drill.
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Foxconn overlord seeks cheap Sharp stake to cope with Apple fanbois

Foxconn daddy Hon Hai wants a piece of Sharp so it can improve the moribund telly biz's production of Apple iPhone displays - but it will only do the deal if talks on how to boost Sharp's earnings pan out.
LG 55LM960V Cinema 3D LED Smart TV

Attack of the Gigantic Tellies hits Berlin IFA

IFA 2012 Television manufacturers bigged-up their products at IFA this week, adding additional inches to their respective boob tube offerings. Here's a run down of what to expect and where to focus those square-eyes in the future.
Caleb Cox, 30 2012
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Obama Q&A on Reddit briefly knackers entire site

US President Obama has his fingers crossed for another four years in the White House - and to bolster support for a second term, the Democrat took to Reddit.com for a cosy chat with left-leaning cat-worshipping netizens.
Amazon logo 75

Amazon: Time for a new Kindle Fire, this one's sold out

Amazon says the Kindle Fire has completely sold out and production has ceased, paving the way for a successor to be launched at the company's event next week.
Caleb Cox, 30 2012
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Mystery virus attack blows Qatari gas giant RasGas offline

A mystery virus has infected the network of Qatar's natural gas pumper RasGas, prompting bosses to pull the plug on the biz's internet connection. Office systems have been unusable since the malware struck on 27 August, according to local reports.
AMCC's X-Gene server card

Applied Micro's X-Gene server chip ARMed to the teeth

Hot Chips An opportunity to define the future of server processing comes along once every decade or so, and Applied Micro Circuit, a company known for its networking chips and PowerPC-based embedded controllers, wants to move up into the big leagues to take on Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, and the handful of remaining etchers of RISC processors for the data center.
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UK: 'We're legally bound to arrest Mr Assange'

The UK's Foreign Secretary has refused to rule out storming the Ecuadorian embassy to arrest Julian Assange and pack him off to Sweden.

Microsoft NZ exposes TechEd delegates' passwords

Software used by Microsoft's New Zealand outpost to register attendees for next week's TechEd conference has exposed delegates' passwords to unwelcome scrutiny.
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Oracle rushes out patch for critical 0-day Java exploit

In an uncommon break with its thrice-annual security update schedule, Oracle has released a patch for three Java 7 security flaws that have recently been targeted by web-based exploits.

ACMA flags more ‘agile’ regulatory future

The days of “black letter law” regulation are numbered, according to ACMA chairman and CEO Chris Chapman, with technology changing and converging faster than legislation can keep up.
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Apple and Google in talks to end patent war?

The heads of Apple and Google are said to be in talks to try and find a solution to the current patent war over the Android operating system.
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ANU scientists in a record-breaking tangle

A group of ANU researchers says it’s taken a step towards usable quantum communications with a setup that creates eight entangled modes from a single beam, doubling the world’s previous record.
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Oracle rallies PaaS providers to float cloud interop spec

A consortium of seven technology vendors, including enterprise software heavyweights Oracle and Red Hat, have teamed up to produce an industry standard that they say will make it easier for customers to manage applications deployed in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments.