29th August 2012 Archive

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  • Leaked Genius Bar manual shows Apple's smooth seductions

    It's all about empathy, and making the sale

    Business 29 Aug 00:23

  • Windows Azure adds code-free data services for mobile apps

    Cloudy database backends in less than five minutes

    Windows 8 29 Aug 00:24

  • Mission Impossible for animation house Fuel VFX

    Oz company titsup despite work on Avengers, Prometheus and Iron Man 2

    Business 29 Aug 03:51

  • AMD CTO spills 'Steamroller' core specs

    Shows off impending Opteron SeaMicro microserver

    Servers 29 Aug 04:23

  • More of Kim Dotcom's booty released by court

    Lord of uploads outlines even more mega upload service

    Policy 29 Aug 06:00

  • Ghostbusters

    Plasma TV?

    Games 29 Aug 07:00

  • Number-plate spycams riddled with flaws, top cop admits

    Crims know location of some ANPR cameras, helps them evade capture on the road

    Law 29 Aug 07:32

  • Low sunspot activity linked to rivers freezing: Mini Ice Age on way?

    'CO2 is certainly a climate factor, but so is the Sun'

    Science 29 Aug 07:56

  • Heartbroken app-maker Qt sneaks into Android's bed

    The library that's too cute to kill

    Developer 29 Aug 08:21

  • RIP Brian Wynne Oakley: Saviour of Bletchley Park

    When Big Government was a good thing

    Bootnotes 29 Aug 08:41

  • Apple: I love to hate, and hate to love thee

    Rebel, patent wrangler, aggressive litigator

    Hardware 29 Aug 09:03

  • Hack on Saudi Aramco hit 30,000 workstations, oil firm admits

    First hacktivist-style assault to use malware?

    Security 29 Aug 09:18

  • Intel tries to wangle China crypto-standards deal

    TCM + TPM = TXT

    Security 29 Aug 09:37

  • Mars rover will.i.am 'cast: A depressing day for space and technology

    Interplanetary voyages: Boring compared to pop, obviously

    Science 29 Aug 09:51

  • New rule on blood-soaked metals in mobes is POINTLESS

    Tech biz already cracked down on Congo's capacitors

    Hardware 29 Aug 10:12

  • Cops cuff journo over anonymous plod blogger unmasking

    Computer Misuse Act cited

    Law 29 Aug 10:26

  • Microsoft gives Android punters some official SkyDrive love

    Come and Google Play

    Applications 29 Aug 10:43

  • DOCTOR WHO world, or Magrathea, SPOTTED* orbiting twin suns

    NASA star scope confirms sci-fi planets realistic

    Science 29 Aug 10:52

  • Ten movies inspired by video games

    Playing in the cinema

    Hardware 29 Aug 11:00

  • Worldwide server sales head south as shipments put on ice

    Unix, mainframe transitions stall Q2

    Servers 29 Aug 11:14

  • BT wins ad watchdog ruling against BSkyB's 'instant movie' claim

    All a question of broadband speed, dear boy

    Media 29 Aug 11:28

  • IDC: Trying to flog PCs? It's not going to happen

    Box counter slashes sales forecasts... Windows 8 not following the script

    Hardware 29 Aug 11:44

  • Apple: You'd want hi-fi streamage from us, not poor-people Wi-Fi audio

    Admit it, you want everything to be shiny and swanky

    Broadband 29 Aug 12:03

  • Second LulzSec suspect charged over Sony Pictures hack

    Arizona man hands himself in

    Security 29 Aug 12:18

  • Serco throws US in the clink for wrecking cash targets

    Outsourcer's H1 2012 propped up by rest of the world

    The Channel 29 Aug 12:41

  • Samsung to offer Apple Dock style Start Button in Windows? Really?

    Making Apple-ish stuff has gone well for them - oh wait

    Developer 29 Aug 12:56

  • Ho ho ho! Apple's Samsung ban bid pushed back to Christmas

    South Koreans gasp for breath after patent smackdown

    Law 29 Aug 13:25

  • 'FIRST ever' Linux, Mac OS X-only password sniffing Trojan spotted

    Windows? Who the hell uses that?

    Security 29 Aug 14:03

  • Young alcoholic star 'covered in fluids needed for birth of alien life'

    THEY CAME quite literally FROM OUTER SPACE

    Science 29 Aug 14:15

  • Targeted firm smacks back, chucks patent sueball at Overland

    What do you mean we're the ones infringing YOUR intellectual property?

    Storage 29 Aug 14:27

  • Privacy warriors win right to fight Google's itty-bitty FTC payout

    Is that $22m for stalking punters missing a zero or two?

    Law 29 Aug 15:01

  • Samsung chucks 'free' Galaxy S III at dragon sketcher

    It's paid for itself in publicity

    Mobile 29 Aug 15:27

  • Red Hat's JBoss gets BPM facelift

    Acquisition expands middleware reach

    Developer 29 Aug 15:58

  • Speaking in Tech: VMware vNerds drop it like it's hot – LIVE

    The usual suspects at our enterprise tech-cast broadcast from the centre of the action

    Virtualization 29 Aug 16:34

  • VMware adds EMC daddy's deduping backup to vSphere

    Prepares for backlash of the backup vendors...

    Virtualization 29 Aug 17:06

  • AMD to double up cores with Jaguars

    And maybe finally a Cat server variant

    Hardware 29 Aug 17:25

  • Look out, world! SUSE Linux's OpenStack control-freak is loose

    And it's chasing a cloudy bandwagon

    Servers 29 Aug 18:03

  • Fired Toyota coder trashes systems, steals data

    Insider info leak could cause 'irreparable damage'

    Security 29 Aug 19:33

  • Gelsinger wants VMware to be the Apple of the data centre

    Innovation without arrogance the goal ... just like Cupertino?

    Virtualization 29 Aug 19:44

  • Intel adding wireless power sharing for smartphones and laptops

    Dump the cords in 2014

    Mobile 29 Aug 20:35

  • Customs contradicts vendors over IT pricing

    Joins Treasury in endorsing 'grey market'

    Government 29 Aug 21:48

  • Republican manifesto calls for internet freedom but no net neutrality

    Trust the corporate sector to do you right

    Government 29 Aug 22:37

  • New Zealand softens software patent ban

    Amendment welcomed by vendors, laywers

    Business 29 Aug 22:45