28th August 2012 Archive

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  • Cloud 'destroys time' and fracking is great innovation

    CEO thought bubbles from Dell, Gelsinger, Maritz, Georgens, and Tucci

    Business 28 Aug 02:00

  • Telstra to extend reach of 4G network

    Clickity click says big T, as it plans to reach 66% of Australia

    Networks 28 Aug 03:53

  • Shenzhen wage hike causes supply chain jitters

    Local gov may raise minimum wage for sweatshop toilers

    Business 28 Aug 04:00

  • Open source author pulls code after GPL abuse

    Mayan EDMS code pinchers named and shamed

    Software 28 Aug 04:20

  • Arctic ice shrinks to ‘smallest in satellite era’ - NASA

    And summer at the North Pole is not yet over

    Science 28 Aug 06:33

  • Ten netbooks

    Small, cheap computers for scholars

    Laptops and Tablets 28 Aug 07:00

  • Pay TV giant Hulu becomes victim of its own success

    Latest rumour of CEO's departure heralds end of stormy honeymoon

    Media 28 Aug 07:35

  • Visual Studio 2012: 50 Shades of Grey by Microsoft

    It's a good thing looks aren't that important, right?

    Windows 8 28 Aug 07:57

  • Police beg for e-forensics team to probe crims' iPads, mobiles

    Wanna star in CSI: ICT?

    Law 28 Aug 08:18

  • Violin thrusts vSphere into flash arrays, turns them into servers

    VMware OEM deal

    Servers 28 Aug 08:42

  • Windows 8 Storage Spaces: Can you trust it with your delicates?

    'Horrible write speeds', 'vanishing storage'... but it IS early in the RC

    Windows 8 28 Aug 09:03

  • Facebook's new app bazaar 'violates' punters' privacy – lobbyists

    Sort it out or we'll see you in a German court... bitches

    Networks 28 Aug 09:19

  • Hong Kong beauties stiffed by hackers' enormous poll attack

    Miss HK wannabes 'hosed in web flood'

    Cloud 28 Aug 09:42

  • Middlesbrough culinary giants battle for parmo supremacy

    Local takeaway crowned post-pub nosh king

    Bootnotes 28 Aug 09:59

  • MasterCard beds Everything Everywhere for exclusive pay-by-bonk

    Friends with benefits

    Mobile 28 Aug 10:21

  • Troubled! Yahoo! tries! to! keep! staff! sweet! with! free! nosh!

    CEO du jour also bags ex-Amazon exec

    Business 28 Aug 10:42

  • RIP Neil Armstrong: The reluctant American hero

    Tributes to the first man to walk on Moon

    Science 28 Aug 10:56

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android tablet review

    Stylus over substance?

    Laptops and Tablets 28 Aug 11:14

  • VMware to penetrate OpenStack cloud

    Gold-level competition

    Virtualization 28 Aug 11:18

  • UK ISPs crippled by undersea cable snap

    Many quickly re-routed but slowcoaches O2, Be slapped

    Broadband 28 Aug 11:39

  • Mars rover harangues empty landscape with loudhailer

    'Gooooood morning Mars! General Charlie Bolden here'

    Science 28 Aug 11:51

  • LG first to flaunt quad-core Qualcomm smartie

    Optimus G adopts Snapdragon

    Phones 28 Aug 12:01

  • Apple demands a quickie, aims its torpedo at 8 Samsung mobes

    Judge Koh urged: Wham, ban, thank you ma'am

    Mobile 28 Aug 12:17

  • Official: Google's brazen domination of Earth nearly complete

    TLDs, gotta catch 'em all

    Networks 28 Aug 12:41

  • VMware: Our monster will eat servers, belch clouds, excrete profit

    Grow or die like a minicomputer

    Virtualization 28 Aug 13:03

  • Queen of WorldPay cash-machine scam sent down for 2.5 years

    Hi-tech Fagin herded money mules

    Security 28 Aug 13:24

  • Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech

    Think we'll be richer without patents? Think again

    Law 28 Aug 13:43

  • 1 MILLION accounts leaked in megahack on banks, websites

    On my (shell) command, unleash hell!

    Security 28 Aug 14:01

  • Bluetooth 4 pulls on pair of profiles, hits the track

    Standard still has a long way to run

    Broadband 28 Aug 14:33

  • IBM embiggens iron with System zEnterprise EC12 mainframe

    Five score 5.5GHz engines wrapped in a funky new chassis

    Servers 28 Aug 15:01

  • Tech disties and telcos lock horns in cloud death match

    Spread the love, not war

    The Channel 28 Aug 15:05

  • Didn't know THAT could go in THERE: EMC dedupes server flash

    VFCache working with vMotion

    Storage 28 Aug 15:28

  • Nokia, Moto, Sony phone wing of Foxconn is soaked in red

    Half-year loss sparks hunt for better customers

    Financial News 28 Aug 16:02

  • Watchdog probes rules for naughty mobe fondling on flights

    Whipping out gizmos on takeoff and landing revisited

    Government 28 Aug 17:04

  • VMware sees multi-device future on Horizon

    Declares Post-PC era not happening, talks up 'UI virtualisation'

    Virtualization 28 Aug 18:12

  • Lexmark dumps inkjet arm, sacks 1,700

    Estimates savings of $95m per year

    Business 28 Aug 18:44

  • UKNova drops torrents after threats from FACT

    Pressure group claims another scalp

    Media 28 Aug 20:13

  • Firefox 15 offers fewer leaks, more frags

    Improved WebGL support for in-browser 3D gaming

    Applications 28 Aug 20:51

  • Dr Who shoves BitTorrent in the Tardis

    New series to stream in Oz minutes after first Beeb broadacast

    Media 28 Aug 21:30

  • 'Intel made more virty cash than VMware'

    And that's why Cisco won't fear Nicira, says VMware's top cloud man

    Cloud 28 Aug 22:18

  • NYT fights back against links-in-texts patent

    Troll meets big billygoat

    Law 28 Aug 22:47

  • Lab-on-a-chip takes Eureka prize

    Sniffing out the sarin

    Science 28 Aug 23:54