27th August 2012 Archive

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  • Rackspace, MacTel snipe in the cloud

    Patriot Act does/does not apply, take your pick

    Cloud 27 00:30

  • UK kids' charity lobbies hard for 'opt-in' web smut access

    Parenting fail or p0rn0 too easily available? Esther Rantzen says it's the latter

    Government 27 08:02

  • Big Data bites back: How to handle those unwieldy digits

    When you can't just cram it into tables

    Storage 27 09:02

  • It's Lego's 80th birthday party, but only the boys are invited

    Girls get pink-boxed dollhouses, boys get to build

    Media 27 10:06

  • China Mobile to roll-out 16GB MEGA-cloud platform

    Store your data in China. We dare you

    Cloud 27 12:47

  • Huawei, ZTE hit with ITC patent probe

    US authorities heed patent trolls' throaty call for action

    Policy 27 14:00

  • AMD engineering another Opteron-like leap

    A future of APUs and dense-packed servers

    Servers 27 14:54

  • HyTrust goes ballistic with virty compliance appliance

    Locks down Vblock clouds

    Virtualization 27 15:38

  • Broadcom launches Trident II switch chip

    Blasting over 100 10GE ports into the clouds

    Servers 27 15:42

  • Dropbox joins the security two-step party

    Spamming stimulates the system

    Security 27 18:10

  • Samsung fights to stay on US shelves as Apple calls for ban

    Injunction hearing scheduled for September

    Business 27 19:25

  • VMware offers cloud construction mind meld as a service

    'New Operating Model for the Cloud Era' to mutate sysadmin jobs

    Cloud 27 20:00

  • Curiosity rover hijacked by will.i.am to debut science song

    Audio pollution of two worlds

    Science 27 20:33

  • VMware kills vRAM memory tax with vSphere 5.1 server virt

    Stretching VMs, and taking on Microsoft

    Virtualization 27 20:36

  • Office 2013 to offer one-off apps on demand

    Close your file and the application vanishes

    Applications 27 21:29

  • NBN zealotry in the ultra-high definition age

    Do anti-FTTP NBN arguments stack up against the reality of UHDTV and Terabit Ethernet?

    Broadband 27 22:00

  • Google gets hands on 'glove-cam' patent

    Chocolate Factory gets the finger

    Hardware 27 22:24

  • EMC shows off XtremIO's Project X box

    Enters the million-IOPS club with all-flash array

    Storage 27 22:43

  • VMware rolls up an integrated cloudy control freak

    How vCloud Suite it is

    Virtualization 27 22:54

  • Disable Java NOW, users told, as 0-day exploit hits web

    All operating systems, browsers vulnerable

    Security 27 23:42