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Microsoft denies Windows 8 app spying via SmartScreen

Microsoft has moved to quell fears that Windows 8 is building up a detailed record of all applications stored on client machines via its SmartScreen application.
Iain Thomson, 25 Aug 2012
Ten all-in-one inkjet photo printers

Ten... all-in-one inkjet photo printers

Product Round-upMost inkjet all-in-ones are capable of printing passable photos, but some are geared up specifically with this in mind and feature memory card slots, high resolution printheads and wireless connectivity for printing from mobile devices. Some even have direct-print to DVDs and CDs as well as scanning from slides and negatives with separate trays for photo paper. Specifications also tend to offer higher resolution printing and scanning and more than four ink colours for improved accuracy, in higher-end models.
Simon Williams, 25 Aug 2012

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul

On the one year anniversary of his appointment as Apple CEO, Tim Cook must be partying especially hard in light of Friday's verdict against Samsung. But if his memo to staff about the verdict is anything to go by, in winning the case Apple has lost its soul.
Iain Thomson, 25 Aug 2012
Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong dies aged 82

Neil Armstrong, who famously took a giant leap for mankind when he descended the ladder of Apollo 11's Eagle lander and set boot on the moon, has died.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Aug 2012

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