22nd August 2012 Archive

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  • The Oatmeal hits $850,000 goal for Tesla museum

    Crowdsourcing brings in the bucks, again

    Science 22 00:18

  • Rackspace lands in Australia

    Takes hall in Digital Realty's local bit barn

    Cloud 22 00:20

  • The problem with Foxtel’s call for NBN copyright cops

    Destroy the network to save the content

    Broadband 22 00:27

  • Apple, Samsung blast away in patent case closing arguments

    Jury decision 'could change the way competition works' in US

    Law 22 00:35

  • D-Wave goes public with 81-qubit protein modeling

    All together now: ‘It’s quantum, innit?’

    Science 22 01:00

  • Don't bother with Big Data – listen to customers instead

    Analytics has a role, says telco innovator, but better insights come from your ears

    Business 22 02:39

  • Google facing irrelevance in China

    Local rival Qihoo drops Google from popular portal

    Business 22 03:25

  • Behold: China's robot noodle army!

    Coming soon to a restaurant near you?

    Bootnotes 22 06:17

  • Foxconn certified as good employer, rights groups disagree

    Labour organisations want other Apple suppliers investigated

    Business 22 06:27

  • Ten Androids for under 100 quid

    Call for change

    Phones 22 07:00

  • WikiLeaks' secrets weren't, says former MI5 chief

    Dame Stella Rimington wants pollies' TXTs on the record

    Security 22 07:25

  • Facebook ordered to unmask anonymous trolls by beak

    We've axed web pests' accounts... bitch

    Law 22 07:32

  • Speaking in Tech: Can you sell technology without having AWESOME HAIR?

    We chat about this and other erm, storage and virtualisation puzzlers...

    Virtualization 22 08:02

  • City strokes modest firms, promises to spend a few million on IT

    There, there. Your time will come, soon, ish

    Government 22 08:23

  • UK.gov's minimum booze price dream demolished

    Economists sink case, addicts will always sink cases

    Government 22 08:41

  • Apple's Cupertino comrades conspire to capture Russia

    'Direct sales invasion mulled'

    The Channel 22 09:02

  • Curiosity preps for first Martian road trip

    Rover gets ready to roll three metres from landing site

    Science 22 09:25


    'Photos taken on Earth', insists amateur scientist

    Science 22 09:42

  • Everything Everywhere flogs 4G hand-me-downs to Three

    But what's this? 'Do not open until September 2013'

    Broadband 22 10:02

  • LOHAN turns up the heat on Vulture 2 motor

    Space-grade toaster to keep spaceplane engine warm

    SPB 22 10:17

  • Patch Tuesday deja vu: Adobe patches Flash ... again

    Double-take for IT admins

    Security 22 10:28

  • Councils launch eight spying ops on Brits A DAY using RIPA

    Law designed for spooks, used against smokers

    Law 22 10:44

  • Nikon snaps first Android-based camera crown

    All it needs now is a phone

    Hardware 22 10:53

  • Boffins zapped '2,000 bugs' from Curiosity's 2 MILLION lines of code

    Billion-dollar laser-firing nuke tank - what could go wrong?

    Security 22 11:00

  • Doctor Who to hit small screen on 1 September

    Time Lord countdown to Series 7 begins

    Media 22 11:16

  • It's not just crap PC sales: Dell's storage revs are also slipping

    Slump hits across the board

    Storage 22 11:33

  • Everything Everywhere to be Nothing Nowhere in rebrand

    Reg readers! Suggest new name for mobile telco NOW

    Mobile 22 11:46

  • AMD snubs hackers' tiny package, will fix raided blog

    As perps turn fire on Philips' websites

    Security 22 12:01

  • OpenStacker stuffs free Moxie on USB

    Piston Cloud repackages OpenStack for devs

    Developer 22 12:22

  • Apple's patent insanity infects Silicon Valley

    Patent trolls go nuclear

    Law 22 12:43

  • SkyTap embeds Cloud Foundry in app dev cloud

    Imports and exports from private VMware virty servers

    Virtualization 22 13:01

  • Ofcom vows to smooth out ISP complaint complaints

    'Inconsistencies' found in dispute handling

    Broadband 22 13:28

  • Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'

    Free-to-play inevitable?

    Games 22 13:57

  • Superworm Crisis eats Macs, VMware and - shock - Windows

    Don't panic, don't panic - OK, panic! Panic!

    Security 22 14:33

  • Apple TV: Rubbish, you don't like documentaries – I'll just flick to porn

    Cupertino awarded patent on intuitive channel-switching

    Media 22 14:59

  • New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD

    Fission not just safe and affordable: sustainable too

    Science 22 15:13

  • Windows 7 hotspot hacker turns to software bonding

    Wi-Fi, 4G, wired, whatever you've got – borged into one powerful stream

    Applications 22 15:38

  • Google screams into top Opera soprano gig - again

    Norwegians seal two-year search deal for browser

    Applications 22 16:01

  • Tech Data on its crappy Q2: Don't blame us, blame the strong dollar

    Distributor's profits drop in lacklustre second quarter

    The Channel 22 16:26

  • Bogus Android markets seized in FBI software crackdown

    'You wouldn't steal an Android app...'

    Security 22 17:20

  • T-Mobile USA: Our new unlimited data plan is actually unlimited

    Carrier compensates for iPhone-less inadequacy

    Mobile 22 19:47

  • Curiosity spins its wheels and shoots up the Martian landscape

    NASA renames touchdown point 'Bradbury's Landing'

    Science 22 21:23

  • HP posts $8.9bn loss on slow sales, charges in Q3

    Revenues down in nearly every division

    Financial News 22 22:27

  • Clarke tags new RuggedCom vuln

    Hard-coded RSA key provides new backdoor

    Security 22 23:07

  • Aussie mobile SAP house acquired by Kony

    Sky Technologies gets global push

    Business 22 23:31