20th August 2012 Archive

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  • IT helps Australian bank achieve carbon-neutrality

    National Australia Bank has adopted tri-generation, private cloud, modular data centres

    Data Centre 20 Aug 00:09

  • Better onion anonymity possible: researcher

    Boost to reliability as well

    Security 20 Aug 00:34

  • Curiosity's laser turns Mars rocks to 'glowing plasma'

    Watch out Martians, those million-watt jolts were just target practice

    Science 20 Aug 03:14

  • Assange calls for help from … Quakers?

    Peers out window, appeals for freedom, lectures world

    Security 20 Aug 03:58

  • China and Taiwan complete historic undersea cable

    Small cable is hugely significant

    Networks 20 Aug 04:47

  • Disney sitcom says open source is insecure

    Free software full of viruses, says pre-teen sysadmin

    Security 20 Aug 06:14

  • Indian gov bans bulk texts as workers flee Bangalore

    North-easterners panicked by rumours of violence

    Government 20 Aug 06:48

  • Cloud-puffing Iomart goes south - to gobble Manc biz Melbourne

    Data centre tentacles spread across Blighty

    Financial News 20 Aug 07:04

  • Capita bungs staff £250 if they cheer up, smile for ad snaps

    PFYs asked to wash smelly Metallica T-shirts

    The Channel 20 Aug 07:32

  • Hard-up fondlers rejoice: Tablet PC prices plummet

    Analyst: 'If you aren't an iPad, you'd better be cheap'

    The Channel 20 Aug 08:01

  • Brocade global sales boss exits, leaves soon-to-depart CEO to flog kit

    It's not every day your boss fills in for you

    Storage 20 Aug 08:17

  • PLT chair: UK Radio Society is 'living in a dream world'

    UK hams face down EU over powerline networking kit standard

    Broadband 20 Aug 08:41

  • Dell pries open shrunken PowerVault, crams whole lotta disk inside

    DR4000 gets Symantec OpenStorage API

    Storage 20 Aug 09:03

  • IBM fuels up zNext mainframe for launch

    A little early – and just in time to boost Q4

    Hardware 20 Aug 09:16

  • Let them eat cache: EMC unleashes ass-kicking flash box

    Taking on Pure Storage, WhipTail and other all-flash array vendors

    Storage 20 Aug 09:34

  • Apple accuses Samsung of abusing its 3G power

    Firm says Sammy wanted way too much cash for its patents

    Law 20 Aug 10:01

  • Reselling in the recession: Make the CIO your best buddy

    Forget IT managers – they can't even sign off a PO for toner ink these days

    The Channel 20 Aug 10:02

  • All the sauce on Big Blue's hot chip: More on Power7+

    Clock crank, cache bump ... and maybe on-chip memory compression too

    Hardware 20 Aug 10:16

  • SMSZombie wraps self in nudie pics, slips into 500,000 Android devices

    Trojan money-slurper aimed at China Mobile payment platform

    Security 20 Aug 10:29

  • Zabulon Skipper: Butterfly harbinger of climate biodiversity DOOM?

    Haven't you guys heard of evolution, asks boffin

    Science 20 Aug 10:36

  • Boffins pump hot, vivid fluid into squidgy robostarfish

    Thermo multicoloured spurts like camo gear for limbo champ octobot

    Science 20 Aug 10:51

  • Ivy Bridge for Ultrabooks

    Inside Intel's premium portables

    Laptops and Tablets 20 Aug 11:00

  • Python slithers up Amazon's Beanstalk

    Deeper into you

    Developer 20 Aug 11:14

  • EA kills Medal of Honour arms deal

    Charitable promo shot down

    Games 20 Aug 11:25

  • Revenues dropping or flatlining at hefty distributor giants

    Maybe it's not just the recession, cloud and direct sales...

    The Channel 20 Aug 11:38

  • Vulture Central logo pops up in prehistoric France

    El Reg's vulturine origins traced back 10,000 years

    Bootnotes 20 Aug 11:46

  • Facebook facepalm: US judge tosses out 'sponsored stories' deal

    Suggests $20m settlement offer for faces-in-ads feature was 'plucked from thin air'

    Media 20 Aug 11:59

  • HTC takes another punch to the wallet, loses $40m OnLive investment

    Cloudy gaming biz restructures, junks investments

    Financial News 20 Aug 12:18

  • Google loads Moto Mobility cannon, fires patent shells at Apple

    Siri, is this Mountain View's back-up plan?

    Law 20 Aug 12:42

  • White hat warns against iPhone SMS spoofing bug

    Apple: It's not US, it's the technology...

    Mobile 20 Aug 13:03

  • Nimbus jiggles Gemini flash box, hits 1 million IOPS sweet spot

    Ten-year warranty

    Storage 20 Aug 13:32

  • Phone-flingers flock to Finland for World Championships

    Not Nokia staffers... we hope

    Mobile 20 Aug 14:02

  • Cosmonauts step out for six-hour space walk around ISS

    Russian 'nauts will prep for Pirs module removal

    Science 20 Aug 14:33

  • Red-faced chip-fryer AMD pulls blog offline after hackers munch 32KB

    Lashings of r00tbeer

    Security 20 Aug 15:02

  • Sacrebleu! Googleplex insists Bush is still le président américain

    Google in, garbage out

    Applications 20 Aug 15:33

  • Don't download that app: US presidential candidates will STALK you with it

    Romney mobe application even requests permission to record audio ...

    Applications 20 Aug 16:01

  • Barnes & Noble Nooks bound for Blighty

    UK bookstore too

    Laptops and Tablets 20 Aug 16:12

  • Judge gives Google until Friday to dish on paid media

    Tattletale Oracle gets pat on the head

    Law 20 Aug 19:09

  • Processor pioneer Victor Poor dies of cancer at 79

    Modest designer of Intel's first integrated processors

    Hardware 20 Aug 19:19

  • Internode's Hackett to fly new jet around the world

    Agile by name, agile by nature

    Business 20 Aug 20:00

  • Anonymous takes down UK government websites in Assange attack

    He's not the messiah; he's a very naughty boy

    Security 20 Aug 20:15

  • Silicon Valley comes to China to spur tech innovation

    Yeah, that's probably going to take a while...

    Business 20 Aug 22:00

  • Networking industry to collaborate on TERABIT Ethernet

    Network traffic projected to increase tenfold by 2015

    HPC 20 Aug 22:06

  • SHOCK: Brainwave readers work as advertised

    Put away the tinfoil hat, there's no 'brain hack' here

    Hardware 20 Aug 22:16

  • Melb IT tells ICANN to clear up its clearinghouse act

    Brands in GTLD cybersquat peril

    Security 20 Aug 23:08

  • NASA gets funding for Mars InSight mission in 2016

    Funding to delve into the depths of the Red Planet

    Science 20 Aug 23:48

  • Apple now most valuable company OF ALL TIME

    Tops Redmond's bubble-era record

    Business 20 Aug 23:49