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NASA picks the target for Curiosity's first road trip

PicsNASA has pronounced the Curiosity rover ready to get roving and has picked an interesting venue for its first roll across the Martian surface, but the probe has to shoot itself before it can go anywhere.
Iain Thomson, 18 Aug 2012

HP to take one more stab at consumer tablets

If you thought HP's decision to spin off its webOS division into a new subsidiary signaled the end of its adventures in the mobile market, think again. According to reports, the PC maker is reshuffling its Personal Systems Group to launch a new business unit aimed at getting HP back in the tablet race.
Neil McAllister, 18 Aug 2012
Cycell Easyphone

Ten phones for seniors

Product Round-upWhatever Philip Larkin may have said about your mum and dad, you probably want them to have a mobile phone they can use. If you think an iPhone is easy you need to reset your sights. There are plenty of people who find switching a phone on a challenge and entering phone numbers daunting.
Simon Rockman, 18 Aug 2012

Amazon UK to offer collection service at corner shops

Amazon is a to launch a service that lets UK customers pick up their purchases from one of 4,700 shops across Britain.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Aug 2012

Exposing China's vast underground economy

AnalysisA new academic study has set out to illuminate for the first time the size and structure of the Chinese online underground, and found it affected nearly a quarter of the country’s internet users last year and cost the economy over 5 billion yuan (£500m).
Phil Muncaster, 18 Aug 2012

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