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Barnes & Noble cut Nook pricing in face of competition

With Google throwing its 7in Nexus fondleslab into the market at $199 and Amazon widely expected to launch a an update to its Kindle line soon, Barnes & Noble has cut the price on its Nook Color and Tablet lines.
Iain Thomson, 14 Aug 2012

Study shows half of all websites use jQuery

The jQuery open source JavaScript development library is now running on 50 per cent of all websites, according to the latest data from web technology surveyor W3Techs.
Neil McAllister, 14 Aug 2012

Tax proposal could change Aus hardware lifecycles

A new review Discussion Paper released yesterday by the Australian Taxation Office's Business Tax Working Group (BTWG) has the potential to change the way Australian IT departments manage their affairs.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Aug 2012
Windows 8 new start screen

Microsoft reveals Windows RT OEMs

Microsoft reveals Windows RT PC partners Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and ASUS ARMed for “RT PCs” Microsoft has revealed the full roster of Windows RT PC OEMs, and detailed more about the future products' users interfaces.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Aug 2012
Supplied screen shot

Google gets the Baidu blues again after mapping losses

Google looks like being beaten again in China, as Baidu leaps ahead in the mobile mapping space.
Phil Muncaster, 14 Aug 2012
man_inks_deal_channel signs contract services

Oz regulator says crowdfunding must obey financial rules

Kickstarter kicked Australia's financial services regulator, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), has run its eye over crowdfunding services and decided some effectively issue securities under Australian law.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Aug 2012
Mafia II

Hong Kong tycoon sues Google search for defamation

A Hong Kong tycoon is suing Google in the region’s High Court after search results associated with his name apparently linked to defamatory content on the web.
Phil Muncaster, 14 Aug 2012
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android Tablet

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android tablet review

When it comes to tablets, it seems Asus is on a bit of a roll. In my estimation, its Transformer Pad is the best value 10-incher on the market and, lest we forget the company makes the altogether excellent Nexus 7 for Google. There is no sign of Asus resting on its laurels either, if its latest Transformer device is anything to go by.
Alun Taylor, 14 Aug 2012

First, Google goggles - now the world gets self-censoring specs

The Committee for Purity in the Camp is reportedly selling spectacles that deliberately blur vision, leading wearers not into temptation.
Bill Ray, 14 Aug 2012

Wee biz sector risks wrath of UK data leak watchdog

Businesses that fail to keep private data secure could be in trouble as the Information Commissioner's Office extends its beady eye beyond breaches in the public sector.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Aug 2012

BBC gives itself a gold in 700Gbit-a-second Olympic vid sprint

Almost three million people watched the Olympics on a mobile phone while half a million ogled and fondled their slabs on Sunday, 5 August - the day Andrew Murray won gold, Usain Bolt ran 100m in 9.63 seconds and the BBC recorded peak video streaming to handheld gadgets.
Bill Ray, 14 Aug 2012

The 'experts' who never see BBM will never understand RIM

AnalysisWritten off by pundits and the markets, barely a day goes by without a fresh requiem for RIM. A recent example comes from Jean-Louis Gassee in Saving Private RIM.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Aug 2012

Symantec, Violin in no-strings fling for flash array software

Violin Memory has added data management software to its flash memory arrays by partnering with Symantec. It hopes this will pit the memory biz against rival deduping all-flash array startups.
Chris Mellor, 14 Aug 2012
BeBook Pure e-book reader

BeBook outs Kindle-beating e-book reader

Does half a millimetre matter? E-book reader maker BeBook believes it does. It's relying on that tiny, effectively unnoticeable difference to claim its new 8mm-thick Pure reader is the thinnest of its kind. Its nearest rival is the 8.5mm-thick Amazon Kindle 3, now called the Kindle Keyboard.
Tony Smith, 14 Aug 2012

Windows 8: Download it, then speak YOUR brains

Live ChatGot any plans next weekend? Cancel them. Tell your partner to finally catch up with those old university friends, get a cat sitter in, and order a pizza.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Aug 2012

Unite workers at Capita ITS vote for strike action

UpdatedUnionised workers at Capita IT Services have threatened to down tools over plans to offshore service-desk jobs to India and force through compulsory redundancies.
Paul Kunert, 14 Aug 2012

RIM: We can't flog phones, would you like our nuke plant OS instead?

Troubled phone biz Research in Motion wants to license its new BlackBerry 10 operating system to anyone who can afford it in the hope of climbing out of its rut.

Hold onto your hats, world: Groupon actually made a PROFIT

Voucher bazaar Groupon managed to bag a profit for the first time ever in the second quarter of this year - but it wasn't enough to convince investors it's a good place to leave their money.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Aug 2012
Apple iPad Mini

Apple granted patent for in-cell touchscreen display tech

Apple has been granted a US patent detailing in-cell LCD touchscreen tech of the kind already said to be implemented in the iPhone 5 to make it slimmer.
Tony Smith, 14 Aug 2012

Saudi royals seek ban on .virgin, .sex, .catholic, .wtf and 159 MORE

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has objected to the proposed new top-level internet domains .virgin and .baby – applied for by Virgin Group and Johnson & Johnson respectively – on the grounds that they will encourage pornography.
Kevin Murphy, 14 Aug 2012

Brits obey mobile ads, says mobile ad biz

Nearly half of punters polled in a survey reckon mobile ads are influencing their purchasing decisions, and 63 per cent have bought stuff on their phones - says the company supplying the ads.
Bill Ray, 14 Aug 2012

Android spanks Apple iOS in sales as fanbois hold out for iPhone 5

Samsung is riding the rising tide of Android-powered mobile phones as the world reels from recession and Apple fanbois hold out for the iPhone 5.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Aug 2012

Shift F7 devours Datashare Solutions

Reseller minnow Shift F7 has consumed bite-sized managed services player Datashare Solutions Ltd (DSL) for an undisclosed amount.
Paul Kunert, 14 Aug 2012

Apple, Microsoft reveal their Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Testimony this week in the Apple-Samsung patent trial has thrown new light on the tech world's equivalent of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact - the 1939 peace deal between Germany and the Soviets.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Aug 2012

Sugar daddies dangle fat wad to woo chip biz Elpida from Micron

A group of bondholders are offering ailing chip maker Elpida a loan of ¥30bn ($383m) to restructure instead of letting Micron take over.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Aug 2012
Grundig Fernseh-Stereo-Konzertschrank Zauberspiegel 61 M 1 from 1959

Wannabe media barons outed in UK local telly bid list

Ofcom has published the list of organisations bidding to run Local TV stations in the UK. The list of those who want to operate the actual broadcast equipment is much shorter.
Bill Ray, 14 Aug 2012

Can YOU crack the Gauss uber-virus encryption?

Antivirus experts have called on cryptographers and other clever bods for help after admitting they are no closer to figuring out the main purpose of the newly discovered Gauss supervirus.
John Leyden, 14 Aug 2012

SurfTheChannel Brit movie pirate gets 4 YEARS' PORRIDGE

The mastermind behind popular pirate site SurfTheChannel.com has been jailed for four years. A jury found Anton Vickerman guilty in June, but sentencing only took place today at Newcastle Crown Court.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Aug 2012

Hard-up Kodak stalls crown jewels sell-off to milk bidders

Kodak, the poor-as-a-church-mouse photo biz, has decided to keep its patent auction fundraiser going for a while as it chats up bidders.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Aug 2012

Dell sales heavyweight Bell defects to Code 42

Code 42 is a Windows error code saying a device driver couldn't load. It's also a cloud backup firm founded in 2001, which landed $52.5 million funding in January and has just poached ex-Compellent sales boss Brian Bell from Dell.
Chris Mellor, 14 Aug 2012

Burglar steals $60,000 of computers from Steve Jobs' home

Police have arrested a man accused of breaking into the former home of Apple icon Steve Jobs and stealing over $60,000 worth of "computer equipment and personal items."
Iain Thomson, 14 Aug 2012

Vodafone UK web titsup blamed on 'holiday maintenance'

The entire Vodafone.co.uk website was down for 60 minutes this afternoon and online account access was out of action for 24 hours - but the blackouts were due to planned maintenance, Voda said.
Anna Leach, 14 Aug 2012
HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8

HP slips out ProLiant DL560 Gen8 four-socketeer

While Hewlett-Packard has not yet formally announced any ProLiant servers based on Intel's Xeon E5-4600 processors for four-socket boxes, we knew from SPEC CPU benchmark tests that a blade called the BL660c Gen8 is on the way. And now we know a DL560 Gen8 rack-mounted box is in the works, too, with the machine on sale in the US and UK even though HP has not cracked the champagne bottle on its chassis yet.
HP 3800 Switch

HP hardens switches to juggle myriad virty networks

Hewlett-Packard has tweaked the Comware operating system at the heart of its switches to make them more amenable to the clouds and to implement what is being called software-defined networking (SDN).

Flash Player to vanish from Android store on Wednesday

If you really, really want to use the Flash Player plugin for Android and you haven't downloaded it already, you'd better move quickly. Tomorrow, August 15, is the day Adobe will pull it from the Google Play store.
Neil McAllister, 14 Aug 2012

Fisker Automotive probes second flaming eco car

The luxury sports sedan of the ecologically-minded, the Fisker Karma, is being investigated after another one went up in flames.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Aug 2012

Australian government gouged on PC software prices

Consumers aren’t the only buyers that suffer the infamous “Aussie tax” on IT: AGIMO has revealed that its desktop OS software purchases cost about double similar purchases by the US and Singaporean governments, although its hardware arrangements yield competitive prices.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Aug 2012

'$199' Surface tablets: So crazy it might work, or just crazy?

If the latest Redmond rumors are to be believed, Microsoft's ARM-based Surface tablet models could arrive priced as low as $199, positioning them as heavyweights in the burgeoning low-cost tablet category.
Neil McAllister, 14 Aug 2012

Storming quarter sees Apple reassert tablet dominance

Apple's market share boomed in the second quarter of the year, with Cupertino accounting for 69.6 per cent of all tablets shipped globally
Iain Thomson, 14 Aug 2012

Don’t waste time hiding NBN POI locations

Since it was only a Tweet, I don’t know whether it’s true that the ACCC’s consultation on relocating some NBN points of interconnect was, or was not, based on national security concerns expressed by the Attorney-General’s department.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Aug 2012

Australian Police want in-house social network

The Police Force in the Australian state of New South Wales wants to build its very own social network.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Aug 2012

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