13th August 2012 Archive

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  • Moderate comments or face penalties: ACCC

    'You have 24 hours'

    Networks 13 00:12

  • Curiosity's new OS upgrade ready to go live

    Weekend pics reveal watery rocks

    Science 13 00:49

  • AGIMO picks two data centre providers

    Government agencies herded into approved bit barns

    Policy 13 01:16

  • Pixar open sources production animation code, patents

    That's not stealing, it's downloading with style

    Software 13 01:59

  • Kidney-for-iPad fanboi sues after illness strikes

    At least he's still got his fondleslab

    Bootnotes 13 03:48

  • Intel, Sina and others launch OpenStack-friendly alliance

    China Open Source Cloud League has lift off

    Cloud 13 05:59

  • Hong Kong has fastest broadband on the planet

    Slaps South Korea into second as UK finishes out of the medals in 21st

    Networks 13 06:56

  • New Intel Ultrabooks to spray HOT JUICE into mobes

    Svelte laptops to sling charge - fresh rumour

    Hardware 13 07:01

  • Don't get sued or cuffed on Twitter: Read these top 10 pitfalls

    See just how easy it is to end up looking like a twit

    Law 13 07:26

  • BMW slams ad machine into reverse, screeches out of pirate den

    Flash motors parked alongside dodgy MP3 downloads

    Media 13 08:02

  • Cars, lorries stalked via GPS to create live traffic super-map

    Highways Agency trial bungs real-time tracking on web

    Government 13 08:19

  • NetApp StorageGRID now on cloud nine: Would you put 100PBs in it?

    Show us the money an actual installation

    Storage 13 08:48

  • Intel: Xeon breaks Calxeda's ARM in Apache benchmark

    Power lines, damn power lines and statistics

    Servers 13 09:12

  • Alleged 'Xbox 720' dev box eBay'd for $20,100

    Intel-based tower could have been yours

    Hardware 13 09:16

  • Google to axe 4,000 Motorola Mobility staff

    A new kind of design team aka a much smaller one

    Data Centre 13 09:24

  • HP test pilots fly secret four-socket Xeon E5 blade in public

    Top of the SPECs – for now

    Servers 13 09:47

  • Watch the cloud get bigger and change its shape

    Gazing into the future

    Cloud 13 10:00

  • CSC UK waves ta-ta to axed staff, sharpens axe for next round

    Two thirds of techies opt to walk with bigger payout

    The Channel 13 10:33

  • Upstart DEY touts Facebook-style storage for all and sundry

    Step 1: Buy hard disks. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Become Google

    Storage 13 10:54

  • Acer Aspire Timeline M3 Ultra review

    The affordable Ultrabook

    Laptops 13 11:15

  • Apple 'offered Samsung $30-per-mobe' patent licence truce

    Sammy turned down offer it could definitely refuse

    Phones 13 11:30

  • Lone config file in Mac OS X SIGNALS DEATH OF THE DVD

    Apple may or may not ditch optical drives from expensive gear

    Storage 13 12:07

  • Blinkbox to sell Game of Thrones series 2 by stream

    House Tesco triumphant?

    Hardware 13 12:14

  • YouTube escapes Google's piracy site smackdown

    One law for us, and one for you

    Media 13 12:44

  • Google may face grilling by MPs over 'immoral' tax avoidance

    Politicos rattle sabre

    Business 13 13:18

  • El Reg probes pregnant Playmobil lass

    Playmonaut denies dalliance with Lindsay Lohan lookalike

    SPB 13 14:06

  • Colt Technology Services gobbles ThinkGrid

    Lured by base of 300 resellers and entry into SME

    The Channel 13 14:11

  • IBM tells electrons to strictly come dancing in spintronics first

    Waltzing in lock step into fast binary storage

    Storage 13 15:01

  • HP gears down NonStops for midrange, emerging markets

    Cheaper than a Linux cluster – and less hassle

    Servers 13 16:01

  • OpenStack dons a Red Hat

    Shadowman previews cloud control freak distro

    Cloud 13 16:27

  • Climate change blamed for rise of LIFE-DRAINING HORRORS*

    * Probably, anyway

    Science 13 17:53

  • AntiLeaks boss: We'll keep pummeling WikiLeaks and Assange

    Group claims Trapwire timing was just a coincidence

    Security 13 20:39

  • Kim Dotcom pressing on with Megabox music service plans

    Vows new ventures to launch this year

    Media 13 20:41

  • ARM tags GlobalFoundries for future chip tech

    Doing the 20 nanometer two-step

    Hardware 13 21:10

  • TransACT beefs up data centre for Dept of Finance

    AGIMO panel brings in the dollars

    Policy 13 22:49

  • Designer punked fanbois with asymmetric screw

    Hoax screwed up the news, not the iPhone 5

    Mobile 13 22:54

  • Network sniffing algorithm could have fingered 9/11 suspects

    Can spot who's talking about you on Facebook, too

    Science 13 23:06

  • Boffins create 100,000 DPI image

    Playboy centerfold at 50 microns

    Science 13 23:36