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Glaswegian scientists snap entangled particles

A group of physicists at the University of Glasgow is claiming a first: taking photos of entangled photons.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Aug 2012
NASA's Morpheus Lander


VidNASA’s prototype landing craft of the future, Morpheus, has crashed and burned in its latest launch test.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Aug 2012
Minority Report. Source: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Fujitsu trials anti-phone fraudster tech

Fujitsu and Nagoya University have kicked off a month-long trial of new technology designed to raise the alarm when it thinks the recipient of a phone call is being scammed by a fraudster.
Phil Muncaster, 10 Aug 2012
Sina Weibo logo

Chinese Twitter shuttered during murder trial

One of China’s largest Twitter-like platforms, Sina Weibo, suffered widespread problems on Thursday afternoon leaving users unable to post or comment on the site just as the high profile murder trial of Gu Kailai, wife of ousted Politburo member Bo Xilai, kicked off.
Phil Muncaster, 10 Aug 2012

Australia on path to social media regulation

Australian MPs have started to call for legislative powers to compel social networks to swiftly remove offensive content, after Facebook failed to act decisively to remove a page containing numerous racist stereotypes of Australian aboriginals.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Aug 2012
An eco-town resident fails to reach the perimeter

Chinese man's six-ton balls save lives

Wacky Chinese inventor Yang Zongfu has unveiled his answer to Noah’s Ark – a radiation-proof, six ton steel-encased ball designed to protect a family of three from disaster.
Phil Muncaster, 10 Aug 2012

Plextor joins titans of MLC flash at the 90,000 plus club

Plextor has joined OCZ and SMART in the 90,000+ club, the providers of elite MLC SSDs that exceed 90,000 random read IOPs per second.
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2012
Huawei Ascend P1 Android smartphone

Huawei Ascend P1 Android review

Huawei’s entry level Ascend G300 smartphone has already been favourably reviewed in these pages and the eagerly awaited Ascend D quad is only a few months away. Between those two devices sits the new Ascend P1 – a handset aimed not at the impecunious or the power-mad but at Joe Average. Evidently, it’s a phone designed to steal market share from HTC.
Alun Taylor, 10 Aug 2012

London Fire Brigade: This time we'll send the NEAREST fire truck

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has signed a £19.6m control room contract intended to deliver improvements including better call identification and data sharing with other emergency services.
Government Computing, 10 Aug 2012

Wannabe reckons it can broadcast local telly for free

One of the contenders for the licence to run the transmission network for the UK's Local TV stations has publicly boasted it can do it for nothing.
Bill Ray, 10 Aug 2012

Tosh unzips 3.5incher for video, cloud, anyone with a wallet

Toshiba is rolling a line of 1TB-per-platter drives off the 3.5-inch assembly line Western Digital had to offload to get approval for its Hitachi GST acquisition.
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2012

Biz bosses 'to save £400m' as UK.gov axes green red-tape

More than 100 energy and climate change regulations are to be scrapped or improved in a bid to cut "red tape" for businesses, the government has announced.
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Aug 2012

BOFH: Our Excel-lent new boss and the diagram plan

Episode 8
Simon Travaglia, 10 Aug 2012

'It is not something you are good at, so please think twice'

QuotwThis was the week when Apple was not having fun in the cloud, with its own co-founder dissing the whole concept and its iCloud easy ID recovery contributing to a very public hack.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Aug 2012

BrightPoint bosses steer biz to Q2 losses

BrightPoint recorded significant losses for calendar Q2 just as Ingram Micro was preparing to table an offer of $850m for the wireless device and services distie.
Paul Kunert, 10 Aug 2012

NHS IT blunder biz CSC wilts as profit bleeds, costs staunched

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), which bungled building a central patient database for the NHS, suffered a 78 per cent drop in profits year-on-year in its last quarter.
Anna Leach, 10 Aug 2012
Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mountain Lion file points to Mac Pro update

Mac model information recorded in Apple's Boot Camp Assistant install-Windows-on-a-Mac app reveals what appears to be upcoming Mac Pro and iMac updates.
Tony Smith, 10 Aug 2012

Face the the future with a private cloud

You run an enterprise data centre, you are facing hardware refreshes and thinking maybe private cloud is the way to go. But is it? And if it is, how do you get there?
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2012

IBM sniffs RIM, winks at BlackBerry big biz unit

IBM is reportedly interested in snapping up the enterprise services division of troubled BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Aug 2012

Ex-Goldman Sachs coder cuffed on fresh 'source theft' charges

A Goldman Sachs programmer cleared six months ago of stealing the source code to the bank’s high-frequency trading system has been re-arrested and charged.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Aug 2012
Inside Sony HQ Japan

Sony Xperia tablet snaps spied on web

Fresh pics have surfaced showing Sony's upcoming Xperia-branded Android tablet refresh following the machine's unofficial outing last month.
Tony Smith, 10 Aug 2012

Blizzard pwned: Gamers' email, encrypted passwords slurped

Blizzard Entertainment, which makes World of Warcraft, Diablo III and other games, has coughed to a security breach of its internal network. Email addresses, answers to security questions and encrypted passwords linked to player accounts are believed to have been lifted by hackers.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Aug 2012
Xbox Live

Microsoft job ad advises 'Xbox 720' out by Feb 2014

Waiting for the next generation of Microsoft's Xbox games console? You won't be kept more than 18 months, it seems.
Tony Smith, 10 Aug 2012

Apple, Samsung whip out mobe sales in patent trial showdown

Apple and Samsung's courtroom patent melee had outed sales figures for the two companies' mobile devices.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Aug 2012

Not a Cloud in my holiday sky

Something for the Weekend, Sir?As I type this, the cloudless sky is a deep azure, while the bright green, sprinkler-assisted lawn offsets the ochre of the sunburnt wild grass beyond the untidy hedge of rhododendrons.
Alistair Dabbs, 10 Aug 2012

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy

The most promising renewable energy of all is making pro-renewable Greens frightened and angry. It’s geothermal energy, which taps into the natural warmth below Earth's surface, providing an abundant heat source.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Aug 2012

Dixons bigwig dispatched to salvage gadget souk PIXmania

UpdatedDixons Retail is understood to have placed Equanet boss Phil Birbeck in charge of its loss-making online operation PIXmania after coughing €10m (£7.86m) to buy the founders' remaining shareholding.
Paul Kunert, 10 Aug 2012

Hello nasty, don't use my music: Deceased Beastie Boy to admen

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, who died aged 47 in May after a three-year battle with salivary gland cancer, left a will that barred the use of his music and artwork by advertising outfits.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Aug 2012
Victorinox Swisstool Spirit plus

Sick of juggling apps on biz PCs? This install tool will save your sanity

Sysadmin blogI've spent most of the past week in the San Francisco bay area. I've visited Nerd Mecca (Xerox PARC), various universities and Big Tech campuses. I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge, cursed San Francisco drivers, and discovered why Americans loathe AT&T. I've had a fantastic time down here, but the highlight of the trip has been meeting Sascha Kuzins: co-founder and lead developer of software installation utility Ninite.
Trevor Pott, 10 Aug 2012

Foxconn daddy's cheap Sharp stake slurp still news to Sharp

Foxconn parent Hon Hai is drawing up a joint statement on its deal to buy a cheaper stake in Sharp this month, although Sharp is still insisting there's no need for any renegotiation.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Aug 2012

OK, hands up: Who hasn't sold an iPad to a big biz?

The UK channel is tapping into enterprise demand for fondleslabs - well, iPads - with business-to-business sales going through the roof, figures from market watcher Context show.
Paul Kunert, 10 Aug 2012

Reg readers scrap over ultimate bacon sarnie

Our post-pub nosh deathmatches are proving highly popular with Reg reader gourmets, but we should have known better than to stray into that most hazardous of culinary minefields: just how to make the ultimate bacon sarnie.
Lester Haines, 10 Aug 2012

Vodafone and pals can't kick the habit of cheap mobe prices

Three Spanish operators have been trying to get rid of handset subsidies, which reduce the upfront prices of mobiles provided punters take out not-inexpensive contracts. But according to Strategy Analytics, the telcos' resolve is weakening in the face of falling subscriptions.
Bill Ray, 10 Aug 2012
Shows code generated from JBOSS

Unstoppable JBoss 'mafia' has big biz tech in its crosshairs

Open ... and ShutPayPal was the first Silicon Valley titan to get its own self-styled "mafia": a cadre of successful executives who left to create a range of great businesses like LinkedIn, Tesla and YouTube.
Matt Asay, 10 Aug 2012
Nvidia's Quadro K5000 workstation graphics card

Nvidia rides the Kepler wave, proves bean counters wrong

The "Kepler" family of graphics processors are finally lifting Nvidia, which turned in better-than-expected financial results for its second quarter of fiscal 2013 ended in July. And the first Quadro workstation graphics card using the Kepler GPU was launched, setting up a revenue bump in the third quarter.

Google, PayPal, banks, mobile networks in pay-by-bonk peace summit

The Electronic Transactions Association, a US body that promotes online business, has managed to get everyone involved in mobile payments round the same table, if only to serve their common interests.
Bill Ray, 10 Aug 2012

Emulex hopes 16Gbps Fibre Channel will give it the kiss of life

Emulex is pinning hopes on 16Gbps Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) growth after Q4 sales flatlined and it recorded a $28.8m (£18.37m) loss.
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2012

Fusion-io eyes software, vows it's not a flash in the pan

Fusion-io's server flash products are selling like hotcakes and quarterly revenues are rising like a high-speed elevator - 49 per cent growth over the year while annual revenues rose 82 per cent.
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2012

Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'

After another long night at the whiteboard, the deep thinkers at Microsoft's marketing department have come up with a new replacement for the verboten word "Metro."
Neil McAllister, 10 Aug 2012

Middle Eastern Gauss malware could be state sponsored

Security firms are investigating what looks to be another piece of state-sponsored malware, which has been targeting banks in the Middle East and distributing an unknown payload.
Iain Thomson, 10 Aug 2012

SHOCK: Poll shows Americans think TSA is highly effective

Forget what you've heard in the news. According to a new Gallup poll, the majority of Americans think the Transportation Security Administration, which handles security screening at US airports, is doing just fine, "despite recent negative press."
Neil McAllister, 10 Aug 2012

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