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Court gavel

‘Cash for comment’ journos, bloggers under spotlight in Oracle-v-Google

An unknown number of bloggers and hacks are feeling a little sweaty around the collar today, with a US judge ordering the disclosure of financial relationships that might have affected published articles and comment in the Oracle-versus-Google lawsuit.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Aug 2012

Android app DRM quietly disabled due to bug

Google has temporarily deactivated a security feature designed to make it harder to make illicit copies of apps for the latest version of its Android mobile OS, owing to a bug that rendered the secured versions of some apps inoperable.
Neil McAllister, 08 Aug 2012

Mobile phone health rules need update, warns US watchdog

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) is urging legislators to update the health protection requirements required of mobile phone manufacturers, but indicated some emissions limits might be increased rather than reduced.
Iain Thomson, 08 Aug 2012
second irish mooner on street view

Google ordered to destroy Oz Street View data

The Australian Privacy Commission has followed the lead of its global counterparts demanding that Google Australia immediately destroys payload data which was siphoned by the SteetView wi-fi data sucking car squads.
Natalie Apostolou, 08 Aug 2012

Indian 2G auction turmoil as telcos revolt

Allegations of discrimination against foreign mobile operators, unfairly high start prices for spectrum bidders and yet more government delays have thrown India’s 2G auctions into chaos once again over the past few days.
Phil Muncaster, 08 Aug 2012
Elecom's NFC keyboard

Foldable NFC keyboard could tempt Android users

Japanese electronics firm Elecom is claiming a world first with the launch of an NFC-enabled portable keyboard designed to work with Android smartphones – a gadget which could appeal to time-starved, fat fingered mobile workers.
Phil Muncaster, 08 Aug 2012
NBN Co Logo

NBN price tag rises in new NBNCo new corporate plan

NBNCo has released its Corporate Plan (PDF)for 2012-2015, updating the projected costs and build speed for the project.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Aug 2012
NBN Co Logo

PSMA defends data quality after NBNCo criticism

PSMA Australia Limited, a company that produces spatial information using government sources, has defended the quality of its products in the face of criticism from NBNCo CEO Mike Quigley.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Aug 2012
siri_japanese_fail apple siri

Chinese tech players take aim at Apple's talking tech

Siri beware - a handful of major Chinese telecoms operators, handset manufacturers and other tech firms have joined up to form the Speech Industry Alliance of China (SIAC), a new group which will look at exploiting the growing domestic appetite for speech-based applications.
Phil Muncaster, 08 Aug 2012
Intel SSD 330

Intel 330 120GB SSD review

When Intel launched the SSD 520 series of drives it caused quite a kerfuffle. The company had abandoned using one of its own controllers or even a Marvell controller, as found in the 510 series. Instead, the ubiquitous LSI Sandforce SF-2281 controller was utilised but with Intel’s own hand firmly in charge of the firmware.
Simon Crisp, 08 Aug 2012

French minister: 3 strikes anti-piracy rule a 'waste of money'

The future of France's controversial "three strikes" copyright anti-infringement rule appears to have been called into question after the country's new culture minister branded the regime "expensive" and said that it had "not fulfilled its mission".
OUT-LAW.COM, 08 Aug 2012

Virgin Media punters stung in mobile data bill cock-up

A number of Virgin Media customers were wrongly billed for mobile data usage last month due to a system error, The Register has learned.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Aug 2012

London NHS trusts: Let's BORG up our patient data

Three NHS foundation trusts have published proposals (PDF) to merge into a single organisation, with intentions including making better use of IT and creating shared platforms, such as a shared electronic patient record.
Government Computing, 08 Aug 2012
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Rivals routed by Apple, Google smartphone onslaught

It's a two-horse race, no question. Apple and Google's grip on the world smartphone market tightened even further during Q2, with everyone else's combined share falling to 15 per cent from 34.3 per cent in the year-ago quarter.
Tony Smith, 08 Aug 2012

Speaking in Tech: Virtualisation, storage and flying balls

Team Register, 08 Aug 2012

NASA's $2.5bn Curiosity rover: An Apple PowerBook on wheels

PicIt's a bit sturdier than the average Apple product, but the Curiosity rover that touched down on Mars on Monday is powered by the same processor family used in Apple's 1997 PowerBook G3 laptop.
Anna Leach, 08 Aug 2012

Software disaster zone Knight Capital bags $400m lifeline

I recently wrote about how a bad round of software testing lost Wall Street trading firm Knight Capital an estimated $440m – enough to almost put the company out of business.
Dan Olds, 08 Aug 2012
Xbox Live

Microsoft retracts staffer's 'new Xbox' comment

Microsoft has dismissed comment made by one of its executives this week, insisting references to a "new Xbox" were taken out of context.
Caleb Cox, 08 Aug 2012

Beer mats to tout tat to mobiles over wireless NFC

A phone on a pub table may be threatened by more than puddles of ale as RapidNFC has signed a deal with Rutland Print to craft beer mats that beam web addresses to mobes over the air.
Bill Ray, 08 Aug 2012

Apple pounces on Samsung doc as proof of 'slavish copy' claims

Apple presented a massive 132-page internal Samsung document that showed the South Korean firm comparing every inch of the iPhone with its early Galaxy S phone in its patent ruckus yesterday.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 08 Aug 2012
Fly's Eyes Wagner. Source: 2000AD

Thrillpower! Tharg releases 2000AD iDevice app

There's a new 2000AD iPad app out right in time for the latest Programme's Wednesday publication date.
Tony Smith, 08 Aug 2012

Jimbo Wales: Wikipedia servers in UK? No way, not with YOUR libel law

Jimmy Wales has claimed that he couldn't have founded Wikipedia in the UK because the nation's libel law adds unpredictability and "friction" to hosting the world's largest unreliable collection of factoids.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Aug 2012
STEC Kronos PCIe flash drive

Fallen flash drive star STEC's revenues circle drain

One-time solid-state drive star STEC saw losses greater than its revenues in its second 2012 quarter. It's in a meat-grinder, facing class action lawsuits, an SEC insider trading case, and no uptick in demand as new products crawl oh-so-slowly through OEM qualification processes. Take a wrong turn or two in the flash business and you get screwed.
Chris Mellor, 08 Aug 2012

HP must throw its PC biz overboard to survive, says analyst

A UBS analyst has said Hewlett Packard should shed its PC and printer biz in a report that reopens old and sticky wounds.
Anna Leach, 08 Aug 2012

Apple patents shopping lists

Apple has been granted a patent on organising shopping lists, but not on shopping itself despite appearances.
Bill Ray, 08 Aug 2012

Now Curiosity rover beams back 3D snaps of Mars

PicsThe Mars-trekking Curiosity rover has beamed back the first 3D image of the dusty terrain it's trundling across.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 08 Aug 2012

Sharp cuts exFAT deal with Microsoft for Android mobes

Sharp has succumbed to the charms of a Microsoft licensing deal for the filing system exFAT.
Gavin Clarke, 08 Aug 2012
Twitter flock

Court orders Twitter to unmask Dark Knight copycat killer wannabe

Twitter has given cops details of a tweeter who threatened to go on a shooting rampage at a performance of ex-boxer Mike Tyson's one-man show.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Aug 2012

Computacenter networking boss Gooding walks... to TalkTalk

Computacenter (CC) director of networking Duncan Gooding has left the reseller giant to join TalkTalk as sales director, The Channel can reveal.
Paul Kunert, 08 Aug 2012

Hacker-smasher: White hats join forces to build bot-beating weapon

Open ... and ShutIn Hollywood, the good guys nearly always win. In information security, the bad guys ("black hats") often win, in large part because the bad guys know how to collaborate much better than the good guys ("white hats").
Matt Asay, 08 Aug 2012

US Army's cloud-friendly iPad-ready intel kit DOESN'T even work

The US Army has deemed its key $2.3bn intelligence gathering system "not suitable, and not survivable".
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Aug 2012

LinkedIn tweaks API terms of use for itchy developers

Social-networking-for-suits outfit LinkedIn has revamped its application programming interface (API) terms of use to allow developers to better exploit the website.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Aug 2012

Brocade claims $112m win over rival A10 in tech blueprints spat

Storage networking biz Brocade claims to have won $112m in damages after taking rival A10 Networks to court alleging patent and copyright infringement. A10 has said it will appeal against the jury's verdict that it infringed some of Brocade's intellectual property.
Chris Mellor, 08 Aug 2012
Avnet TS

Avnet Q4 sales, profit hit as resellers keep wallets shut

Avnet sales and profit in Q4 slumped across both its components and tech solutions businesses on the back of a summer slowdown in reseller spending and a blistering currency headwind.
Paul Kunert, 08 Aug 2012
Mobile Broadband - T-Mobile

T-Mobile puts 'Full Monty' tariff on diet

T-Mobile's Full Monty package has come under scrutiny again this week, after the Everything Everywhere subsidiary silently dropped tethering from the tariff's list of 'unlimited' features.
Caleb Cox, 08 Aug 2012

Facebook pokes devs' wallets: Mobile app ad beta launches

Desperate to squeeze money from its mobile users, Facebook is trialling mobile-app advertising, auctioning news-feed slots to the mobile developer who bids highest.
Bill Ray, 08 Aug 2012

HP writes down a whopping $8bn from EDS gobble

Hewlett-Packard has taken a fine-toothed comb to its Enterprise Services business and said it needs to write down $8bn in goodwill assets - presumably most of which come from its $13.9bn acquisition of services giant Electronic Data Systems back in May 2008.

Video shows armed assault on Kim Dotcom family home

A New Zealand court has been shown footage of the 20 January dawn assault by police and the FBI on the home of Kim Dotcom, owner of the Megaupload file storage site.
Iain Thomson, 08 Aug 2012

Hiccups in Apple's iCloud after yesterday's hack of hapless hack

Users of Apple's iTunes and other cloud services reported a number of hiccups in normal service this morning, a day after an iCloud account hack on hapless WiReD journo Matt Honan made headlines.
Anna Leach, 08 Aug 2012
Super Micro's 4-node FatTwin server

Super Micro to Sandy Bridge buyers: Go forth and multiply our profit

After nearly a year of foot-tapping by whitebox system and component maker Super Micro, it looks like its "Sandy Bridge" Xeon E5 server rollout is finally under way. All of the Xeon E5 processors have been launched by Intel, and therefore customers have begun buying either components or whole systems.

Internet Archive serves up 1.4 million BitTorrent downloads

The Internet Archive, a non-profit online library dedicated to the permanent preservation of information in digital form, has made nearly a petabyte of materials available via the controversial BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol.
Neil McAllister, 08 Aug 2012

eBay fires up OpenStack cloud with Nicira network virt

If VMware needed another reason to justify its $1.26bn acquisition of network virtualization upstart Nicira, it need look no further than online auctioneer eBay.

Opscode adds services for Chef control freak

Opscode, the commercial entity behind the open source Chef configuration management tool for servers and their software, is getting into the services racket. Not just because it wants another revenue stream, but because customers need help getting up to speed on using Chef quickly.

Google widens search net and takes on Siri with iOS app

Google is moving closer to a planned search singularity with the extension of the Knowledge Graph system, a trial to allow personal Gmail search results to be included in generic web searches, and an iOS app that takes voice requests and tries to answer.
Iain Thomson, 08 Aug 2012

Valve opens Steam store to non-gaming software

Games maker Valve has announced that it will begin offering non-game software through its popular Steam online content delivery platform, expanding the role of the service from a gaming destination to a general-purpose app store for desktop computers.
Neil McAllister, 08 Aug 2012

Kaspersky spots Zeus for BlackBerry

While most of the world is treating the once-mighty BlackBerry as an also-ran in the smartphone market, malware authors still think it’s worth a crack – and have crafted a package designed to drop a Zeus malware variant on the device.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Aug 2012

Murdoch pitches battery for renewables

Many proposals for storing energy from renewable installations like wind farms or large-scale solar energy involve high-temperature technologies like molten salt. Now, researchers from Murdoch University are talking up a more mundane wet-cell battery based on sodium ions.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Aug 2012
School of Rock

High Schools putting kids off IT careers, deepening skills shortage

High School teaching of IT as a career actually puts kids off pursuing careers in the field, according to John Ridge, Executive Director of the Australian Computer Society Foundation Trust Fund (ACSF).
Simon Sharwood, 08 Aug 2012

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