6th August 2012 Archive

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  • Oz regulator tells telly-makers to mind their language

    Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp won't say “WiFi Ready” any more

    Hardware 06 00:00

  • The Curiosity Show - Mars rover touches down at 5:31 GMT

    Watch Mars rover Curiosity touching down from the comfort of a Reg story

    Science 06 02:20

  • Climate change behind extreme weather, says NASA

    'Virtually no other explanation' for heatwaves and temperature rises

    Science 06 03:33

  • Qantas' website goes all-but-titsup for an hour

    What's the reason website's not flying?

    Business 06 04:07

  • Curiosity landing live from NASA's JPL: How the drama unfolded

    Constantly updated as it happened

    Science 06 04:18

  • Baidu bods arrested after deleting posts for dosh

    Four sacked for doing a bit of freelance censorship

    Security 06 04:24

  • Xiaomi to go quad core with iPhone challenger

    Chinese handset firm reportedly working with Qualcomm's APQ8064 chip

    Business 06 06:14

  • Success! Curiosity Mars lander arrives precisely on schedule

    Perfection still possible – thanks, Yanks

    Science 06 06:19

  • What's the point of a cloud storage gateway?

    More and more vendors pushing them out, but not every cloud needs one

    Storage 06 07:02

  • Watchdog sets rules on ad-slinging in vid-streaming services

    What do you mean you have a pop-up blocker?

    Media 06 07:27

  • If Ultrabooks lasted longer, would YOU open your wallet?

    LSI is betting its flashy controllers you would

    Hardware 06 08:02

  • Boffins: We are VAPORISING the Earth... for science

    Supervillainesque move helps them learn about super-earths

    Science 06 08:24

  • NHS trust: Not buying through NHS IT saved us £7m

    Patient record database bargain

    Government 06 08:44

  • God-botherers burst onto IPTV Freeview: The End is Nigh

    Teapot Makeover, another sign of the coming crapocalypse

    Media 06 08:58

  • Samsung lengthens Note phone-cum-tablet to 10 inches

    Pen is mightier than the finger

    Tablets 06 09:02

  • Amazon: e-book purchases push past paper

    Folk favour electronic convenience in the convenience

    Tablets 06 09:25

  • Curiosity success 'paves way for Man on Mars by 2030s'

    We've sent a laser-armed nuke tank, next we'll send the boffins

    Science 06 09:27

  • Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei outs his supreme-self as arty hipster

    Instagram photo-bloggers get an unlikely new friend

    Bootnotes 06 09:57

  • Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test

    From 2014, car must brake if driver doesn't

    Science 06 10:10

  • Rampant fake Facebook ad clicks riddle hits dead end

    Are you bot or not?

    Small Biz 06 10:18

  • Microsoft UK bigwig leaps into bed with Bucks biz

    Services boss is making his mind up: he's off to Softcat

    The Channel 06 10:42

  • For flock's sake: Scared sheep send SMSes to Swiss shepherds

    Da big bad wolf S cmng ovr hill

    Mobile 06 11:04

  • Acer Iconia Tab A510 10in Android review

    Quad-core cost-cutter

    Tablets 06 11:13

  • Google silences podcast app Listen, disbands Team tool

    Web giant chucks more of its stuff overboard

    Business 06 11:25

  • Foxconn big daddy's latest fear: An expensive Sharp stake

    Hon Hai bares fangs at monitor biz as pulse fades

    Financial News 06 11:40

  • Scrunched Street View spymobile spied in India

    Have you tried turning it off and.. oh, forget it

    Bootnotes 06 12:02

  • Console content can cause crime, claims cop

    Blame game played down under

    Games 06 12:08

  • IT job creation bucks up US economy

    Other sectors slacking

    Jobs 06 12:23

  • EMC: We're turning VMAX into mainframe tape KILLER

    Who needs physical when you can have virtual?

    Storage 06 12:39

  • Vodafone loses access to punters' records in IT cock-up

    Billing system refused to get out of bed this morning

    Mobile 06 12:56

  • Scribe's mobe, MacBook pwned after hacker 'fast-talked Apple support'

    iCloud burst in social engineering attack claim

    Management 06 13:29

  • Radio hams unite to fight off new powerline comms standard

    If you tolerate this, your ADSL will be next

    Broadband 06 14:03

  • Wikipedia collapses threatening the very fabric of civilisation

    Quick, to the LIBRAR- oh wait, I think it's back up

    Hosting 06 14:23

  • France's biggest Apple reseller shuts up shop

    Pending court cases are all that's left of 30-year-old business

    The Channel 06 14:39

  • Nimble Storage clusters up for scale-to-fit flash-in-a-can

    Big as you like... with boosted controller

    Storage 06 15:03

  • MDNX swallows Griffin: I ain't afraid of no channel conflict

    Pure channel firm's new daddy has 'different' approach

    The Channel 06 15:11

  • EMC hooks up with Lenovo, tries to penetrate China

    Server-storage bundles alliance

    Storage 06 15:29

  • TSMC doles out $1.4bn to buy Moore's Law breathing space

    Intel already in bed with chip etchers ASML, Samsung next?

    Business 06 16:04

  • MetroPCS waves wand, turns Samsung Galaxy mobe into a TV

    Turn on, tune in, pray for no signal drop outs

    Mobile 06 17:14

  • Bargain-hunting Chinese make life tough for iOS devs

    App Store generates just THREE PER CENT of global revenue

    Business 06 18:30

  • Woz: Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'

    Beardy Apple wildman voices fears while treading the boards

    Storage 06 19:02

  • Curiosity snapped mid-flight by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

    Rover reports as ready for duty

    Science 06 19:33

  • Alteryx does Big Data integration for dummies

    Everyone wants to be a 'data artisan'

    Storage 06 19:36

  • AMD borrows $300m to fill war chest

    Time to buy Calxeda or Applied Micro

    Hardware 06 20:12

  • Qualcomm taps former Intel mobile maven as CMO

    If you can't beat ARM, join ARM

    Hardware 06 20:59

  • Vodafone Oz serving ice cream sandwiches by the Galaxy

    Still no Jelly Beans on the menu as Samsung "preparing update"

    Networks 06 21:00

  • Khronos Group updates OpenGL and OpenCL graphics standards

    20 years of the graphics standard

    Applications 06 21:28

  • Microsoft opens app store for Office 2013

    Web-based add-ons

    Applications 06 22:27

  • France backs away from Hadopi

    Anti-piracy group is ‘unwieldy, uneconomic and ultimately ineffective’

    Policy 06 22:59

  • Iran’s ‘domestic Internet’ schedule slips

    Government ministries to unplug ‘next month’

    Policy 06 23:05