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Google offers panoramic views of Kennedy Space Center

Reg readers not fortunate enough to have been able to travel to Kennedy Space Center in Florida can now get a closer look at some of the most historic locations in the history of the US space program, thanks to a new collaboration between NASA and Google Street View.
Neil McAllister, 04 Aug 2012

Judge rejects Apple's calls for Samsung censure

Apple's demand that Samsung be censured for releasing evidence that had been struck out of the two companies' patent battle has been rejected by the presiding judge.
Iain Thomson, 04 Aug 2012
SketchBook Express

Ten freeware gems for new Macs

Product Round -upIt seems that Mac OS is forever moving further towards a closed computing model, especially with the introduction of Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion. Don’t despair just yet though, Mac users can still take advantage of an abundance of free and open-source applications available in the traditional way.
Shaun Dormon, 04 Aug 2012

AuthenTec sells out to Apple to the sound of 1,000 lawsuits

The $356m purchase of AuthenTec by Apple has not been universally welcomed. Not only are analysts and potential rivals trying to piece together the logic of the deal, but investors and, more importantly, class actions lawyers, are trying to work out if the 60 per cent trading premium that the deal is set at, was sufficiently high.
Faultline, 04 Aug 2012

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