2nd August 2012 Archive

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  • Twitter launches vox populi index for US presidential race

    Measuring the twittering classes

    Government 02 00:39

  • Apple demands Samsung flogged for 'unethical' court doc leak

    You'll pay for this, oh you'll pay...

    Law 02 00:41

  • PwC: 27 percent of Aussies will buy IPTV by 2016

    IPTV ≠ freetarding, may = Foxtel delivered in new ways

    Networks 02 01:10

  • EMC says virtual arrays a sales tool, not a threat

    Pretend arrays an on-ramp to tin purchases, not a revenue drain

    Storage 02 03:22

  • Fusion-io flies into flash SAN space

    It's flash SAN war

    Storage 02 03:31

  • Fraternising through flash to fight EMC

    An anti-EMC flash force

    Storage 02 03:31

  • Booth babes banned by Chinese gaming expo

    Even cosplay deemed too racy for impressionable teens

    Media 02 04:36

  • Huawei looking into critical router flaw claims

    Telecoms kit maker defends its incident response system

    Data Networking 02 04:41

  • Analyst says Surface could hurt Ultrabook, Windows 8 tablets

    MSFT subsidies could mean US$499 Surface price and death for Android tablets

    Tablets 02 05:55

  • Humax YouView DTR-T1000 IPTV Freeview PVR review

    In time for the Olympics, but is it a champ?

    Hardware 02 07:00

  • Fujitsu, NEC, Docomo team up on mobile chip dev

    No room for Samsung and Panasonic this time

    Business 02 07:27

  • 6 London boroughs haul all their kit to 1 Oracle biz product

    HR, finance and procurements finally joined up

    Applications 02 07:33

  • British Gas parent to grab £500m North Sea gas tax break

    New allowance for investors in UK Continental Shelf production

    Science 02 08:03

  • DDoS crooks: Do you want us to blitz those phone lines too?

    Miscreants offer to down mobe and fixed line services for $20 a day

    Security 02 08:18

  • Russian tech baron shocks physicists with £3m cash wad

    Social network kingpin starts new theoretical physics prize fund worth $27m

    Science 02 08:42

  • Thanks for all this data, UK.gov, but what on Earth does it mean?

    MPs want more than just large dumps of numbers

    Government 02 09:02

  • Samsung outs mobile Flash that cuts a dash

    Ultra-fast storage for phones, fondleslabs

    Phones 02 09:15

  • Race to super-slim Ultrabooks: More ultra-thin hybrid drives on way

    Chunky hybrid HDDs are so yesterday – WD and Seagate

    Storage 02 09:19

  • Raspberry Pi served with Ice Cream Sandwich

    Android update

    Hardware 02 09:27

  • MYSTERY as six people SURVIVE deadly VAMPIRE BAT BITES

    I think we all know what's happening here

    Science 02 09:45

  • Apple extends tablet market lead

    But rivals show greater growth

    Tablets 02 10:11

  • India: We DO have the BlackBerry encryption keys

    RIM: Er, I think you'll find you don't

    Mobile 02 10:23

  • Shock ZOMBIE attack could kill off Nokia's 3G phones

    US court brings InterDigital patent spat back from the dead

    Mobile 02 10:41

  • O2 joins pocket hotspot party

    Wi-Fi hub, or just happy to see me?

    Mobile 02 10:46

  • Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?

    Running off to reporters could hand Apple an easy win

    Mobile 02 11:04

  • Sharp: we'll be shipping new iPhone screens this month

    IGZO inbound?

    Phones 02 11:22

  • Google opens up pay-by-bonk Wallet to all credit cards

    If you're happy to pop your details into the ad giant's cloud

    Mobile 02 11:31

  • Hundreds of websites go titsup in Prime Hosting disk meltdown

    UK biz brought up servers using months-old backups

    Hosting 02 11:48

  • Facebook: 83 million IMPOSTERS stalk our network

    Three 'key' staffers slip out as shares continue to tumble

    Networks 02 12:04

  • RIM, Samsung thrash Apple in UK fondleslab sales growth

    iPad maker falls behind UK average

    The Channel 02 12:36

  • Using Facebook causes less eco damage than farting, figures show

    Hippies delighted, naturally

    Science 02 12:46

  • Insight's EMEA biz grips controls, keeps reseller on the tracks

    Currency headwind fails to ruin Q2 performance

    The Channel 02 12:53

  • Licensed to kill: Amazon revamps Cloud Player to take on iTunes

    The world is not enough for web bazaar and Big-4 labels

    Media 02 13:02

  • Blame crap mobe apps for swap-by-bonk hacks, say NFC bods

    Radio tech defended after hacker's revelations

    Security 02 13:31

  • Oi, missile boffins! Stop ogling web filth at work - Pentagon

    Top brass puts a rocket up defence agency's smut addicts

    Security 02 14:02

  • Russia slashes space station ship trip to just six hours

    Faster route for 2,600kg craft beats usual two-day jaunt

    Science 02 14:28

  • Nokia stuffs Groupon deals into Maps app

    US Lumia users no longer in dark on where to get fish pedicures

    Business 02 14:57

  • Amount of CO2 being sucked away by Earth 'has doubled in 50 years'

    'Surprising study' means models need changing. Again

    Science 02 15:28

  • RIM doses PlayBook with 4G super serum

    Stimulant for sales success?

    Tablets 02 15:33

  • New target for 419 fraudsters: Struggling 'weak' banks

    'I'm an American. Fannie Eubanks of Omaha'

    Business 02 16:01

  • Martian lakes seen where NASA Curiosity rover WON'T BE GOING

    Ancient wetlands 'were on the shortlist'

    Science 02 19:33

  • Republican filibuster blocks Senate Cybersecurity bill

    Online security includes abortion rights it seems

    Security 02 20:03

  • Telstra aces LTE market

    Morgan Stanley predicts Big T has 500k 4G customers already

    Networks 02 22:15

  • Ice Cream Sandwich still a no-show for most Android users

    Platform fragmentation coming along nicely

    Mobile 02 22:19

  • Software bug flattens NYSE trader

    Plunged into $US440 MILLION loss

    Business 02 22:35

  • Motorola’s next Razr ‘leaks’ online

    New legal strategy: ugly won’t get you sued?

    Networks 02 22:37

  • Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows

    It's because Direct3D is slow

    Software 02 23:26