31st July 2012 Archive

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  • The asymmetry implicit in Internet data retention

    By the way: Anonymous go home

    Security 31 00:30

  • Marlinspike demos MS-CHAPv2 crack

    ‘The strength of a single DES encryption’ not enough

    Security 31 00:57

  • Siri sued again as Taiwan uni cries foul over patents

    'Is our patent portfolio going to get us into trouble, Siri?'

    Business 31 04:12

  • Chinese student's smut obsession lands 2,000 in JAIL

    Living in China is such a drag ... a mum took away your best porno site

    Policy 31 04:59

  • HTC leaves South Korea to Samsung, LG et al

    Exits quietly, but not very brilliantly ...

    Business 31 06:12

  • Nintendo 3DS XL review

    Thumbs down?

    Games 31 07:00

  • Solar, wind, landfill to make cheapest power by 2030

    Australian study says coal’s crown is slipping, thanks in part to carbon pricing

    Science 31 07:16

  • Sellers flogging vid games to underage kids face jail, unlimited fine

    New age-rating rules come into force

    Law 31 07:31

  • IBM crashes, Cisco soars, at Brisbane airport

    VCE deemed too expensive en route to destination VDI

    Cloud 31 07:49

  • Lords blast UK.gov's fixation on broadband speed over reach

    Hook up every community, light the dark fibres

    Cloud 31 07:56

  • London CGI firm scores DON'T-HIT-the-PEDESTRIAN test contract

    DSA inks deal with animators for hazard-perception exams

    Small Biz 31 08:23

  • Go Daddy big daddy gone

    Adelman legs it, new owners grab the wheel

    Business 31 08:42

  • Samsung's projector phone lights up UK

    Sweet beams

    Phones 31 08:43

  • Ever considered putting a rocket up someone's backside?

    Aussie's experiment in management jargon, er, backfires

    Bootnotes 31 09:01

  • Ex! interim! CEO! leaves! Yahoo! after! second! snub!

    Levinsohn departs jingling with cash

    Business 31 09:17

  • Ingram Micro and Westcoast ink Microsoft SPLA deal

    Software giant shakes-up hosting and ISV licensing

    The Channel 31 09:19

  • Toshiba: Strong yen CHEWED our tripled profit, spat out loss

    And no one wants our LCD tellies

    Financial News 31 09:44

  • Freeview EPG revamp set for September

    Channel funnel

    Hardware 31 09:46

  • Tesco in unencrypted password email reminder rumble

    Price check on salt

    Business 31 10:02

  • 'Ex climate sceptic' Muller's latest BEST stuff is the worst so far

    'Non-partisan' group abandons pretence of neutrality

    Science 31 10:14

  • Virgin Media nukes downloads after SuperHub 'upgrade'

    But it's OK, only a few punters are spitting blood

    Business 31 10:27

  • OFT probes Expedia and pals over hotel room price-fixing

    May have broken EU competition law

    Business 31 10:44

  • Samsung docs tease 11.8in, 2560 x 1600 tablet

    My slab is bigger than your slab

    Tablets 31 10:48

  • Fusion-io straps on NetApp feedbag for cache feeding frenzy

    Virtual flash storage insanity

    Storage 31 11:01

  • Boy cuffed after Twitter troll's drown threat to Olympic diver Tom Daley

    Arrested on suspicion of malicious communication

    Networks 31 11:22

  • Arrow aims at IT, finance bods to shoot down $20m in spending

    When a Q2 profit of $114.4m just isn't enough

    The Channel 31 11:40

  • Disk demand after Thai floods drains away - unlike Seagate's coffers

    Not buying OCZ despite money mountain

    Financial News 31 11:43

  • Pair collared after 'mobe giant hacked, info on 8.7 million sold'

    Another 7 probed for buying private data in South Korea

    Business 31 12:04

  • Google+ mission creep continues with Hangouts slotted into Gmail

    You can still use it with pals on Google+! If any

    Cloud 31 12:23

  • Isaacson fights outing of heart-to-heart chats with Steve Jobs

    Biographer battles subpoena in Apple ebook court showdown

    Business 31 12:47

  • Cloudy emails up in smoke for FIVE days after fire knackers Giacom

    Data centre offline, MessageStream dried up on Friday

    Cloud 31 13:02

  • 'My work here is done, tata!' - Calyx Managed Services chief

    Firm falls into arms of ex-Azzurri ops director

    The Channel 31 13:28

  • Olympic athletes compete in RAYGUN SHOOTING for the first time

    Pentathletes swap bullets for laser pistols

    Science 31 13:29

  • Hooper's copyright hubs - could be a big British win with BBC backing

    The report the bureaucrats DON'T want you to read

    Business 31 13:52

  • Sony slides expose saucy Xperia slate

    Tablet S refresh?

    Tablets 31 14:24

  • Brit cops manacle another journalist in computer hacking probe

    'Not trying to burn sources, it's about blagged mobes'

    Law 31 14:52

  • Giant idol 'STRUCK DOWN by the Wrath of God' unearthed in Turkey

    'His purpose is to destroy, to put an end to nations'

    Science 31 15:04

  • Neurotrash creativity 'expert' created Dylan quotes from thin air

    Journo and author resigns, book pulped. Imagine that

    Media 31 15:56

  • Microsoft: Gmail rival Outlook.com will 'look good on your iPad' 

    Cloudy Hotmail successor features Metro-like UI

    Applications 31 16:33

  • Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo

    Really bad business plans 101

    Business 31 19:12

  • NASA's nuclear Mars tank prepares for high pucker-factor landing

    Red Planet astro-truck to go down like none before it

    Science 31 19:24

  • Romney promises to announce VP choice via mobile app

    'We'll just need a little bit of information first'

    Applications 31 21:47

  • Zynga managers fingered in insider trading lawsuit

    Pincus accused of shafting investors

    Law 31 22:02

  • Tracking Android phones is easy, says researcher

    Assisted-GPS a boon for surveillance

    Security 31 23:08

  • Qubits turn into time travellers

    Think of it as a quantum Tardis

    Science 31 23:30