30th July 2012 Archive

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  • U.S forces maintain fire against Megaupload

    MPAA labels Dotcom as career crim (for piracy, not rapping)

    Policy 30 01:02

  • CloudFlare condenses in Australia

    Claims bandwidth prices are causing data drain

    Cloud 30 01:27

  • Namibia unveils whopper Cherenkov telescope

    Capturing tiny atmospheric flashes to reveal distant galaxies

    Science 30 01:50

  • Apple blacklisted by Chinese consumer watchdog

    Support policies earn scorn as punters air grievances

    Business 30 04:41

  • Job ad seeks 'mediocre' developers

    Melbourne biz admits not every coder is a star, bans 'brogrammers'

    Jobs 30 05:35

  • SAP, Huawei, sign mutual assistance pact

    WORLD DOMINATION the plan for giant pair

    Business 30 05:46

  • OLPC confirms tablet on the way

    Swedish touch tech makes XO Touch a “next-level innovation machine”

    Hardware 30 06:18

  • Japanese giant sorry for Kobo launch balls-up

    Rakuten bins negative reviews after technical glitch

    Business 30 07:00

  • ICO power to stop FOI dodgers 'some way off'

    More time to investigate destruction of FOI data requires change in law

    Law 30 07:29

  • UK's thirst for energy falls, yet prices rise: Now why is that?

    We're using less and generating less too

    Science 30 08:02

  • What links Apple, Sun's ZFS and a tiny startup? Al Gore

    Greenbytes touts ZEVO freebie... But what does this mean for fanbois?

    Storage 30 08:17

  • Cloudy punters can't rely on 'certified' CSPs for data protection

    ICO: Certification of service providers is great, but it won't help you in court

    Cloud 30 08:37

  • Orange adjust data roaming prices

    Day rate's better value than the bundles

    Mobile 30 08:40

  • Military-grade IBM kit senses love, hate in Wimbo fans' tweets

    'Sentiment analysis' served at high speed

    Servers 30 09:13

  • Apple mulls over investment in Twitter

    #SentFromMyiPhone @TimCook

    Financial News 30 09:18

  • Boffins puzzled over impossibly fast ice avalanches on Saturn's moon

    Is all that rubbing making ice rubble hot?

    Science 30 09:33

  • Skype hits back at angry wiretap reports: Rat finks? Not us

    'Supernodes' are not for spooks, they're to make service better for YOU

    Security 30 10:02

  • Million-plus IOPS: Kaminario smashes IBM in DRAM decimation

    But apples-and-oranges storage test not the fairest of them all

    Storage 30 10:16

  • Apple, Samsung begin battle for billions in US patent smackdown

    Tech behemoths enter the ring for four-week bout

    Law 30 10:34

  • Beeb stuffs $21tn into Olympic-sized swimming pools

    Goes for gold with 'overwrought quantification metaphor'

    Financial News 30 10:47

  • Sony Xperia Go waterproof Android phone review

    Another blower for beer baptism benchmarking

    Phones 30 11:02

  • Japanese fanboi builds FrankenPhone from 'bits of iPhone 5'

    You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!

    Mobile 30 11:04

  • Apple refutes 'Sony Jony' iPhone prototypes

    What about these blueprints, Sammy?

    Phones 30 11:13

  • Google snaps bird's eye view of Olympic Village

    Forget relying on realtime GPS data. Look at this pretty picture instead

    Cloud 30 11:19

  • Samsung lets slip info on WinPho 8 Odyssey

    Taps into multi-core

    Phones 30 11:26

  • Product-led campaigns just don't work for vendors or resellers

    What would you like in your marketing menu?

    The Channel 30 11:32

  • Scotland Yard's hacking probe: Cops arrest journalist

    'Gathering of data from stolen mobile phones' investigated

    Media 30 11:42

  • O2 dropped the ball in Olympic cycle race Twitter fiasco

    Twits blamed for network's inadequacies

    Cloud 30 11:57

  • Big biz 'struggling' to dump Windows XP

    Microsoft's bagged only easy Win 7 wins, says Browsium

    Management 30 12:26

  • BT Engage IT big boss goes on whistlestop tour of offices

    Staff worried job cutting to continue under new regime

    Financial News 30 13:01

  • @UnSteveDorkland Twitter satirist faces 4 charges in US court

    Daily Mail group heads to Cali to pin down exec parody

    Law 30 14:02

  • Apple serves 3m Mountain Lions in four days

    Install frenzy

    Software 30 14:38

  • 3PAR goes all-flash, shaves hefty wodge off price tag

    All solid state, all the time....

    Storage 30 15:04

  • Apple reverses resistible rise of Android

    Regains ground from Google on home turf

    Phones 30 15:14

  • EMC warns sales bods: Steal deals and it's no shoes for your kids

    It's party time for resellers, so no pilfering of customers

    The Channel 30 15:34

  • Bradley Manning's lawyers seek to show 'cruel treatment'

    If they can prove illegal pretrial punishment, charges could be dropped

    Law 30 15:59

  • Forget 'climate convert' Muller: Here's the real warming blockbuster

    Apply official WMO methods, warming shrinks massively

    Science 30 16:34

  • US flags from the 1970s SEEN ON MOON

    Lunar probe confirms one blown down by Apollo liftoff

    Science 30 16:46

  • Netflix punters told of privacy change, get 3 months to object

    Accept, and you opt in to class-action settlement

    Cloud 30 16:59

  • Flame worm's makers fail to collect Epic 0wnage award

    State cyberespionage tool-makers shun Pwnie Award glory

    Security 30 18:03

  • WikiLeaks punks The New York Times with op-ed hoax

    Two columnists unwittingly spread fake editorial

    Media 30 18:49

  • More reports that Apple plans iPhone 5 September surprise

    Steve Jobs could reach 45rpm over iPad Mini

    Mobile 30 18:54

  • Oracle chugs down I/O virtualising Xsigo

    Any server, any network, to any storage

    Cloud 30 19:01

  • Sophos dangles free Android antivirus to tempt BYOD-friendly biz

    Fandroids, don't let your phone be pwned

    Security 30 20:04

  • Ubisoft assassinates Uplay flaw, denies DRM rootkit

    Browser plugin allowed any file to execute

    Security 30 21:04

  • Hobbyist builds working assault rifle using 3D printer

    It hasn't blown to pieces yet

    Hardware 30 21:07

  • AGIMO hangs up on mobile phone panel

    No value for money on handsets, accessories

    Policy 30 22:22

  • Hot nine-incher pulled by Dick

    Overheating batteries in portable DVD player could mean fiery lap dances

    Business 30 22:47

  • LinkedIn shuts down online tricks

    Bans anti-sex trafficking site

    Networks 30 22:53

  • Jackson’s Hobbit becomes a trilogy

    All those dwarves don't come cheap

    Media 30 23:22

  • Microsoft unveils fondle-ready keyboards, mice

    Aping Apple with custom kit for Surface slabs

    Hardware 30 23:42

  • AIIA takes the ‘Australian’ out of price-gouge concerns

    Sock-puppetting the case for higher prices

    Business 30 23:45

  • Jury selection delays start of Apple/Samsung patent showdown

    'When did you last see your iPhone?'

    Law 30 23:57