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Boffins: VAMPIRE stars are PREYING on their companions

Astroboffins peering through the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope have figured out that most of the brightest stars in the universe are constantly having the life sucked out of them by vampire stars.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Jul 2012

Netflix scores $1bn own goal after company shoots off mouth

A throwaway comment in the Netflix results (PDF) – suggesting that the Olympics will impact everyone's TV watching, including Netflix customers – has the company in PR trouble once again, with deeply suspicious investors, ready to jump at anything. After an innocuous set of results which looked like it had almost done enough to keep Netflix out of trouble, this comment has now shaved $1.1bn off the share price, taking its value to $3.3bn in a single day.
Faultline, 29 Jul 2012

Boffins nail oceanic carbon capture process

The world’s oceans are known to be carbon sinks, but the process that draws CO2 from the air down into the deep ocean hasn’t been documented.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jul 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab bicycle

IOC asks Olympic spectators to cut back TXTs and tweets

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has blamed spectators’ twitchy thumbs for the infamously spotty television coverage of the Men’s Olympic Cycling Road Race.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 2012

South Korean crackers arrested

South Korean police say they have arrested two malicious hackers that obtained personal details of 8.7 million KT mobile customers and on-selling the data to telemarketing firms.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jul 2012

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