24th July 2012 Archive

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  • VMware: More revenue now from services than software

    Profits dip, but past license sales rake in cash for services

    Financial News 24 00:12

  • Vodafone drops 178k customers in 6 months

    Hard to shake the Vodafail saga

    Business 24 00:39

  • Sally Ride, trailblazing Shuttle astronaut, dies at 61

    First American woman in space

    Science 24 01:23

  • Anonymous hits Australia

    State government web sites defaced and taken down over data retention policy

    Security 24 05:33

  • Hong Kong IT pros gloomy about the future

    Asia still worth a punt for wannabe-expats

    Jobs 24 05:53

  • Vodafone Oz pulls claim of Android 4.1 emergency call problems

    Blog post down, eyebrows up

    Networks 24 06:25

  • GPS-equipped sheep prove herd mentality exists

    Woolly thinking helps tight-knit groups of animals to survive

    Science 24 06:48

  • Foxconn plans massive plant in Indonesia

    Apple ODM set to expand outside of China

    Business 24 06:52

  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review

    Google's mobile upgrade chewed over

    Tablets 24 07:00

  • France: Forcing Google to police YouTube is a non-non

    No need to hunt down re-posted copyrighted stuff

    Law 24 07:02

  • HTC disses Dr Dre by diluting Beats deal

    Reduces investment in hip hop headset house

    Mobile 24 07:03

  • O2 attempts to muscle in on voucher biz with SME freebie scheme

    You get ads, we get the simple joy of being your friends

    Small Biz 24 07:27

  • UK.gov warned: Halt exports of spyware to brutal regimes

    Or see Privacy International in court

    Government 24 08:02

  • Osborne accused of derailing UK.gov's green dream

    Energy law 'will only work if Treasury stumps up cash'

    Government 24 08:17

  • 4G? Pah! Boffins charge up the dial to 5G data EXTREME-band kit

    The wide open bands where a man can breathe free

    Broadband 24 08:44

  • From virtualisation to private cloud

    Small steps to big results

    Cloud 24 09:09

  • UK Border Agency to create 'national allegations database'

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    Security 24 09:24

  • Asda snaps up Polaroid telly tech

    Focused on home entertainment

    Hardware 24 09:36

  • Non-volatile memory: It's nothing to SNIA at - NetApp

    'Storage class memory' could soon outclass NAND Flash

    Storage 24 09:42

  • The Higgs boson search continues ... into ANOTHER dimension

    CERN physicist drills into mirror universe theory

    Science 24 10:02

  • X-IO builds million-dollar brick tower for Big Data players

    ISE Station X: 10-enclosure stack rack for cloudy punters, data centres

    Storage 24 10:31

  • Blizzard faces court battle for 'misleading Diablo III fans'

    Think outside the game's box, demands German watchdog

    Games 24 10:45

  • Ofcom saves piece of 4G spectrum pie for '4th operator'

    Three could disturb Big 3's threesome when auction starts at end of 2012

    Broadband 24 10:55

  • Brooks, Coulson to be CHARGED over phone-hacking

    Eight suspects face 'realistic prospect of conviction', says CPS

    Law 24 11:27

  • Virgin Media staves off cable punter seepage

    14,700 subscribers fled, sales still above £1bn in Q2

    Broadband 24 11:47

  • Toshiba slices chip production by a third

    Japanese NAND warrior shrinks with falling prices

    Financial News 24 12:02

  • Home Secretary to decide on McKinnon extradition by October

    Scots sysadmin waits to hear if he'll face NASA hacking charges in the US

    Government 24 12:28

  • LOHAN acquires mighty igniter arsenal

    REHAB fireworks imminent, small island nations at risk

    SPB 24 12:47

  • Dell uncloaks trio of muscular mobile workstations

    Two no-nonsense workhorses and one 'shiny object'

    Hardware 24 13:00

  • Three punters' data use doubles

    Most rock through a gig

    Mobile 24 13:15

  • Postgres-on-steroids wields bare metal in Oracle, IBM skirmish

    TransLattice's database doesn't need no stinkin' OS

    Applications 24 13:26

  • Sony delays micro-PS3 and colours current crop

    Hue what?

    Games 24 13:45

  • EC probes 13 resellers over global optical disc drive CARTEL

    Fingered for bid-rigging

    The Channel 24 13:56

  • Apple wins EU-wide Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ban

    Not ALL German courts are loving Cupertino though...

    Phones 24 14:16

  • Cisco's $5bn telly encryption biz gobble wins EU blessing

    NDS acquisition approved after competition probe

    Applications 24 14:44

  • Sharp mulls mass layoffs amid $1.28bn loss fears

    Price-fix settlement kicks LCD biz while it's down

    Hardware 24 15:03

  • Storage top dog EMC shows off swollen Q2 profits

    But full-year outlook remains the same

    Storage 24 15:22

  • Months later, Gamigo hacker takes dozy dump, exposes 8 million

    Slow post-breach leak for login credentials file

    Security 24 15:37

  • Russian cargoship fluffs Space Station docking test

    Performance anxiety for new automated system

    Science 24 16:04

  • Santander's banking website craps out

    Did it melt in Blighty's soaring temperatures?

    Management 24 16:26

  • US Justice Dept rejects criticisms of ebook settlements

    Apple and hundreds of other complainants are wrong

    Law 24 16:32

  • Cray bags $21m Cascade super deal down under

    Xeon, Xeon Phi hybrid to do radio astronomy

    HPC 24 17:37

  • Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout

    Could start tablet tax on anyone using rounded rectangles

    Mobile 24 18:19

  • Facebook's Zuckerberg awarded privacy patent

    No one can summarize your settings like he can

    Applications 24 19:18

  • Pano does browser-thin virty desktops

    Chrome is the only thing you need in a SaaS-y world

    Virtualization 24 19:56

  • Apple misses earnings targets, Street reacts

    iPad sales up, but iPhone sales slip big-time

    Financial News 24 21:12

  • Google asks YouTube commenters to stand up and be counted

    New option asks for user's ID

    Security 24 21:44

  • Juniper disappointed by skittish service providers

    Gets in bed with Riverbed for optimization

    Data Networking 24 22:14

  • iiNet buys up more bandwidth on Southern Cross

    Need for speed behind deal, not TPG/PPC1 hookup

    Networks 24 22:53

  • ABS pulls Census app, points it at the right data

    Party like it's 2006

    Policy 24 22:55

  • Greenland melt surprises NASA Earth-watchers

    Giant slushy attributed to ‘heat dome’

    Science 24 23:06

  • Murchison adds astronomical cluster

    Linux GPU lovin’ for WA’s widefield radiotelescope

    HPC 24 23:30

  • Unisys swings to profit on ClearPath mainframe spike

    Pays off debts ahead of schedule

    Servers 24 23:49

  • Tax office will let you deduct virtualisation software

    Want to use e-tax on a Mac? Australian Tax Office says you can deduct virty software

    Policy 24 23:50