23rd July 2012 Archive

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  • Japanese publisher, staff arrested over backup software offer

    Copyright protection gets insane

    Policy 23 00:40

  • HTML 5 gets forked up

    Judean People's Front and People's Front of Judea go their own way

    Software 23 00:58

  • Windows 8 'bad' for desktop users - Gartner's one-word review

    Enterprise users laugh at nice-to-touch, frustrating-to-click-on OS

    Windows 8 23 01:51

  • USB charges up to 100 watts

    One cable to rule them all while avoiding e-waste

    Hardware 23 03:33

  • Coles signs up for Office 365

    Down, down, staff administration costs are down, for 100,000 staff

    Cloud 23 04:29

  • Now IPAD victor Proview is sued by its OWN law firm

    Monitor biz still hasn't paid its lawyers their fees

    Business 23 04:56

  • China's broadband population is SHRINKING

    More get their mobiles out to get online

    Networks 23 05:56

  • Cisco blends server with a twist of flash, tastes benchmark glory

    2-socket win with Violin memory for the extra kick

    Storage 23 07:03

  • Huawei and ZTE scrap for mid-range UK market share

    Chinese Ice Cream fight

    Phones 23 07:11

  • Fear not, Linux admins: There are TOOLS to help you

    No, we don't mean the PFY down the hall

    Servers 23 07:33

  • Capita inks another local council deal, pockets £154m

    West Sussex County hands firm telecommunications, pensions admin contract

    Government 23 08:01

  • Gov must act on 'innocent' web-browsing copyright timebomb

    Media monitoring biz: The time to legislate is now

    Law 23 08:32

  • Is running IT for the Olympics the worst job in the world?

    The results will be in in August

    Management 23 09:03

  • Techie accused of snooping wife's email cleared of wrongdoing

    His ex had been checking his texts, court hears

    Security 23 09:36

  • Scottish cloud abacus gobbled by control freak RightScale

    Need a job in Scotland?

    Cloud 23 10:02

  • Rupert Murdoch legs it from British newspaper boards

    Reaches for remote control

    Media 23 10:25

  • JELLYFISH bio-bot built with rat cells to mend broken hearts

    We can rebuild him... we have the technology

    Science 23 10:42

  • Nike+ Fuelband activity monitor review

    Wrist action for your inner Olympian

    Hardware 23 11:00

  • Why DOES Google lobby so much?

    No, no, Brits, this is how a web-friendly country should be run

    Government 23 11:03

  • Facebook, Last.fm and pals to reach deep into Ubuntu

    Zillions of browser tabs banished by 'web apps'

    Operating Systems 23 11:24

  • Brit holidaymakers forced to surf in the sea, not online

    Three international roaming goes titsup

    Mobile 23 11:39

  • Canon debuts EOS M compact system camera

    Better late than never

    Hardware 23 11:59

  • Marvell marvels at WiGig, licenses Wilocity silicon

    Love at 60GHz

    Hardware 23 12:03

  • Google plucks Gmail app maker Sparrow from the sky

    You are the wind beneath my wi... Arrgh!

    Applications 23 12:19

  • Samsung flogs 10 million Galaxy S IIIs in 7 weeks

    Not quite keeping up with the iPhone 4S

    Mobile 23 12:28

  • Nokia woos networks with 'exclusive Windows 8 mobe deals'

    Microsoft's Finnish friend chases iPhone effect - report

    Windows 8 23 12:46

  • Amazon erects 'digital hub' near Silicon Roundabout

    Mega media centre draws staffers from Pushbutton, LoveFilm

    Cloud 23 13:02

  • EMC's creepy challenge: Give Big Data a 'human face'

    A bog reader coffee table book to explain what on Earth is it

    Storage 23 13:29

  • ITC was wrong: Apple, RIM owe us $1bn for that patent – Kodak

    Bankrupt biz insists mobe makers used its designs

    Business 23 14:01

  • Self-pwned: Black Hat says soz for phishing attack scare

    Looked like phish, smelled like phish, but was just a cock-up

    Security 23 14:31

  • Greenbytes crunches up ex-Apple man's Zevo ZFS

    Flash array vendor gets Tens Complement

    Storage 23 15:02

  • Google suspends 16GB Nexus 7 orders

    Punters swallow too many tablets

    Tablets 23 15:18

  • Amazon to bash down Google, Apple with SIX new tablets - report

    All sorts of sizes to fight off Galaxy, iPad and new kid Windows 8 RT

    Hardware 23 15:42

  • Amazon.com hacking suspect 'cuffed in Cyprus

    DoJ seeks extradition

    Security 23 16:03

  • ARM grabs TSMC's 3D FinFETs for future 64-bit PC brains

    Will it be a RISCy move for the v8 family?

    Hardware 23 16:32

  • Iranian nuke plants rocked in midnight 'heavy metal blast'

    Boffins suffer AC-DC problems as virus defences ramped up

    Security 23 17:02

  • Next-gen Enyo 2.0 framework rises from ruins of Web OS

    Stable cross-platform release for open-source toolkit

    Applications 23 18:02

  • Oracle lowers the flag on Fortress language project

    The latest ex-Sun effort to be felled by Larry's axe

    Developer 23 19:43

  • Buzz: iPhone 5 arrives September 21, demand 'unprecedented'

    New connector? Check. Larger display? Well, sort of...

    Mobile 23 19:44

  • Oracle readies Exalogic 2.0 'engineered systems'

    Renames x86 boxes, but still has some gaps to fill

    Servers 23 20:53

  • Cisco to axe 1,300 (more) employees worldwide

    Why? 'To drive simplicity, speed of decisions and agility'

    Business 23 21:53

  • Skype: Nearly half of adults don't install software updates

    They're too worried about security to upgrade security

    Software 23 22:02

  • VMware shells out $1.26bn for virtual networker Nicira

    Dead serious about software-defined data centers

    Virtualization 23 23:01

  • Time for Victoria to adapt, says Climate Commission

    Urges state to bite the bullet on solar

    Science 23 23:05

  • Australians receive SMS death threats

    Police point out hitmen are not actually chasing you, ergo cannot be bought off

    Security 23 23:43

  • ‘Printed boat’ places second in novelty race

    Getting serious with 3D printing

    Bootnotes 23 23:59