20th July 2012 Archive

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  • Microsoft posts first-ever quarterly loss

    It was the Online Services Division's fault, honest

    Financial News 20 00:38

  • New! Yahoo! CEO! Mayer! awarded! mucho! mazuma!

    Near-$60m compensation package for ex-Googler and current mommy-to-be

    Business 20 00:41

  • AWS says disk is to cloud as tape is to disk

    Spruiks flash-powered cloud services with backhander for spinning rust

    Cloud 20 00:52

  • Ocean-seeding experiment re-ignites geo-engineering debate

    Destroy the planet to save it…

    Science 20 01:00

  • Optus HFC network gobbled by NBN Co for AU$800m

    "Black day indeed for the ACCC and competition in Australia" says Turnbull

    Policy 20 01:59

  • Atlassian heading for the exit?

    New Board members have extensive experience selling software companies to the big boys

    Business 20 02:47

  • BIG BOOBS banished from Linux kernel

    Microsoft apologises as storm in D-cup resurfaces

    Bootnotes 20 03:20

  • Indonesia in pre-Ramadan web porn blitz

    Another government comes down hard on smut

    Policy 20 03:59

  • Lenovo CEO Yang doles out US$3m bonus to staff

    Production line workers, receptionists, call centre workers and others score CEO cash

    Business 20 04:27

  • Even China can't halt PC sales decline

    IDC blames economic woes in the West after APAC PC numbers fall

    Business 20 06:24

  • Pentax K-01 16Mp APS-C hybrid camera review

    Mirrorless maverick for grown-up lenses

    Hardware 20 07:00

  • UK.gov IT supremos chat up software suppliers for next summer

    We got a good thing going on, right?

    The Channel 20 07:09

  • BT bags MASSIVE £425m broadband rollout deal in Wales

    Company gobbles all the fibre, nobody else gets a look-in

    Broadband 20 07:15

  • BP hires Deutsche Telekom to send email up in smoke

    Staff messages to float up into private cloud

    Cloud 20 07:37

  • Lazy password reuse opens Brits to crooks' penetration

    With 26 to remember, some punters think up just 5

    Security 20 08:04

  • Watching Olympics at work? How to avoid a £1k telly-tax fine

    Hint: You'll need a laptop

    Media 20 08:19

  • Microsoft: Azure now holds FOUR TREELLION objects

    Whup-ass can opened, drained, crumpled to size of pea

    Cloud 20 08:39

  • Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms

    Platforms, platforms everywhere. And nothing to watch

    Media 20 09:03

  • Austrians drool over 15th-century jub buckets

    Earliest known bra unearthed in East Tyrol

    Bootnotes 20 09:13

  • View 21 readies content-flinging Freeview DVR

    Tablet vision

    Hardware 20 09:32

  • Russians in audacious stratobeer mission

    Czech ale in 70,000ft shock claim

    SPB 20 09:32

  • Readers fret over LOHAN's chilly bits

    Will igniter batteries clap out at -60°C?

    SPB 20 09:47

  • Where there's brass, silver and gold ... there's also muck

    The great Olympics clean-up challenge

    Jobs 20 10:03

  • Google impervious to world's cash drain, Moto's lameness

    Page feeling lucky with 2.8 BEEELLION dollar Q2 profit

    Financial News 20 10:17

  • Watch out Fibre Channel: 12 gig SAS has arrived

    LSI and Xyratex team up to penetrate cloudy customers

    Storage 20 10:33

  • CEO of fallen flash sweetheart STEC charged with insider trading

    SEC alleges boss made $134m in 'fraudulent' deal

    Storage 20 10:46

  • LG readies bonkers big telly for sale

    84in ultra-high def monster, anyone?

    Hardware 20 10:47

  • Darth Vader is a pansy

    Wearing black doesn't make you cool

    Hardware 20 11:00

  • Apple boots privacy name-and-shame app Clueful from store

    iPhone fans denied right to know what's fondling their data

    Security 20 11:16

  • CentOS penguins maul Oracle's Linux migration pitch

    Don't trust Ellison, won't pay support

    Operating Systems 20 11:34

  • 'Google can do whatever it wants with the data once it gets it'

    Plus: 'We forgot to give browser choice to 28 million PCs – sorry!'

    Bootnotes 20 11:47

  • Dutch payment-by-bonkers bonk payments on the head

    Phone networks flee incoming Google, Apple NFC onslaught

    Broadband 20 12:02

  • Survey: Deal registration will never stop channel bloodshed

    But it's the best protection you can get

    The Channel 20 12:04

  • Let's talk about the RBS IT cock-up

    Reg readers join an after-hours chat

    Security 20 12:17

  • Google urged to rethink mobile in crunch EU antitrust talks

    Just one more thing...

    Law 20 12:38

  • Climategate cops: We'll NEVER solve email leak hack riddle

    Probe axed after inside job ruled out

    Security 20 13:03

  • Has Nokia bottomed out? El Reg drills into the detail

    Is that light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train?

    Mobile 20 13:28

  • Iran: If the Madi cyber-strike was us it would've been another Stuxnet

    'Cos we're as good as US/Israel! Analysts divided

    Security 20 13:50

  • Up the ZIL LANE to the Beach Volleyball changing rooms with BONG!

    Our social-webpreneur columnist gets his OLYMPIC on

    Bootnotes 20 13:57

  • Samsung SMACKDOWN: US appeals court keeps ban on Galaxy Tab

    Not listening to that Limey judge, nossiree

    Law 20 14:26

  • BT Engage IT overlord Thornhill slips off

    After 24 years... leaving to 'pursue other opportunities'

    The Channel 20 14:58

  • IBM plans to axe staff in UK, Ireland despite hefty profits

    Big Blue bottom line means 'workforce remix'

    Business 20 15:06

  • Top plods reconsidering mega deals with Olympo-blunder firm G4S

    Support staff may be spared move to vast rentacop outfit

    Law 20 15:23

  • Google shakes up Android Jelly Bean to fend off malware meanies

    ASLR shuffles 4.1's pack... and properly this time

    Security 20 15:50

  • SanDisk: Yargh, nobody does SD-cards bundled with phones anymore

    Damn you, with your capacious embedded blower storage

    Storage 20 15:54

  • 'Sacrifice another goat!: iCloud is Apple's biggest failure before Google

    'Cloud in, not device out' the best policy

    Mobile 20 16:32

  • AMD pins its server hopes on SeaMicro technology - maybe in APUs

    Trying to dance between Chipzilla's pounding reptile feet

    Servers 20 16:58

  • Judge frees nude TSA protester, citing free speech rights

    Oregonian 'genitalia' law trumped by First Amendment

    Law 20 17:44

  • Microsoft promises Metro developers 'fame and fortune'

    What, this stuff doesn't sell itself?

    Windows 8 20 18:50

  • Bio-boffins create world's first digital STD

    Without the unpleasant burning sensation

    Science 20 21:58

  • Intel, AMD financials: Bad news for Obama campaign

    'Presumptive nominee' Romney giggles quietly to self

    Business 20 22:25