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XBMC media player now running on Android, Nexus Q

The developers of the popular XBMC open source entertainment hub have released a preliminary version for Android, which means the software could soon be running on a wide range of smartphones and tablets – even Google's Nexus Q media device.
Neil McAllister, 18 Jul 2012

Intel CEO Otellini promises $699 ultrabooks by fall

Despite relatively slow initial sales of the thin and light laptops that his company is making such a huge bet on, Intel headman Paul Otellini remains bullish on ultrabooks, and is confident that $699 versions of the svelte "reinvented PCs" will hit store shelves this fall.
Rik Myslewski, 18 Jul 2012
VMware logo black

Gelsinger to take over as VMware CEO

The rumor mill was churning out chatter about succession changes at EMC and its virtualization minion, VMware, and this forced EMC's and VMware's hand and made them make their executive change announcements a week ahead of schedule.

Alister Dias to take reins as EMC ANZ MD

EMC's global reorg, which The Reg has reported here, will see Alister Dias take over as the storage-led company's new head for its Australian and New Zealand operations.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jul 2012
ZTE Logo

ZTE claims it's hiring, not firing

Chinese telecoms outfit ZTE has hit back at rumours suggesting it will respond to sliding market share and a scary balance sheet by shedding 12,000 staff. Instead, the company says, we can expect a graduate hiring spree.
Phil Muncaster, 18 Jul 2012

China risks mountain of unsold PCs

China’s domestic PC market is set to go from strength to strength in 2012 with shipments forecast to rise at three times the rate of the global market, although analysts warn there could be trouble ahead.
Phil Muncaster, 18 Jul 2012

Drones, sub-hunting planes to attack cyber-Chinese army

Taiwan has launched a five day computer-aided war simulation exercise designed to test the country’s army, navy and air force against an attack from near neighbour China.
Phil Muncaster, 18 Jul 2012
Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior

Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior

Antique Code ShowYoga-fire! Had-uken! A-shab-dap-whoo-jit! In the early 1990s, such was common playground talk up and down the country, as children re-enacted their Streetfighter 2 fantasies, and dinner-ladies looked on in bewilderment.
Giles Hill, 18 Jul 2012

Wikipedia failing to recruit any new admins

The number of people approved as full Wikipedia admins is falling faster than expected, according to a report from the Wikimedia conference by The Atlantic yesterday.
Anna Leach, 18 Jul 2012
Broken CD with wrench

Backups? Use disk. Archives? Disk. Particle accelerators? Fine, tape

What's EMC's attitude to tape? Who better to ask than William "BJ" Jenkins, the bigwig running the storage leviathan's backup and recovery systems business. So we did.
Chris Mellor, 18 Jul 2012

UK's tax-funded boffinry to be published FREE for all

AnalysisUniversities will be provided with funding to ensure that their academics' research papers are made more widely available, the government has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Jul 2012

Olympic Security cock-up was down to that DARN software

The CEO of beleaguered security company G4S blamed his "scheduling system" as he explained his company's failure to adequately secure the Olympics. Facing MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee yesterday, Nick Buckles said that the company took 100 per cent of the responsibility for the cock-up that has led to 3400 squaddies and an as yet unspecified number of police being pulled in to provide basic security cover for the Olympic Games.
Anna Leach, 18 Jul 2012

Surprise! BT pockets £70m North Yorkshire broadband rollout

UpdatedBT has been awarded a £70m contract from North Yorkshire county council to improve broadband service in the area, and will win a similar contract for Cumbria by default.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jul 2012

New police-run IT biz to take top cops out of the server room

The Home Office has finally fleshed out the details of its Police ICT company, which aims to help forces improve their IT and get better value for money from contracts.
Government Computing, 18 Jul 2012

McDonalds staff 'rough up' prof with home-made techno-spectacles

UpdatedA man wearing computer-assisted spectacles was assaulted by staff in a Parisian McDonalds, who tried to pull the glasses off his head then threw him out of the restaurant, according to a blog post written by the victim.
Anna Leach, 18 Jul 2012

Behind-the-scenes payment operation gets e-money capability

Payment processor Ogone has bought up e-money operation Tunz, allowing it to expand into virtual currencies and make the world marketplace a little more real.
Bill Ray, 18 Jul 2012

PayPal is bleeding market share and it's all eBay's fault

Open ... and ShutSix years ago, PayPal could claim a 91 per cent market share in the US. Today it's struggling to claim long-term relevance in the surging online payments market, the market it helped to create.
Matt Asay, 18 Jul 2012

Pyrotechnic boffin poised to light LOHAN's fire

Cometh the hour, cometh the man, as the old saying goes, and we're delighted to report that a Reg reader has stepped forward to resolve the thorny problem of just how to get our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mighty thruster to fire at altitude.
Lester Haines, 18 Jul 2012

Yahoo! profits! derailed! by! restructuring! costs!

A hefty restructuring bill has pushed troubled web firm Yahoo!'s second quarter profit down 4 per cent.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jul 2012

Facebook cybersquatter stitched up by own Facebook account

The man who registered the domain name facebook.info has lost a cybersquatting case, after Facebook used his own eight-year-old Facebook account as evidence against him.
Kevin Murphy, 18 Jul 2012
Broken CD with wrench

Tape juggler gets BILLION FILE capacity

Quantum has raised its StorNext storage virtualisation software's game, adding support for up a billion files, automatic archiving onto tape and tiered tape storage. Meanwhile its share price has abruptly fallen to levels seen two years ago, as if all the recovery work since then has been worthless.
Chris Mellor, 18 Jul 2012
New PS3

Sony preps PS3 with old-school design

Sony is set to release a third design of its PlayStation 3 console, with a higher storage capacity and a top-loading disc tray.
Caleb Cox, 18 Jul 2012
Facebook logo

Nearly 2 MILLION US Facebook users quit social network

Shares in Facebook continued to slide on Tuesday, after an analyst claimed the dominant social network had seen a modest drop in its userbase.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jul 2012
Diablo III Blizzard Entertainment

Gamer fails STAM roll, dies after 40-hour Diablo III stretch

A sleep-deprived gamer has died after playing Diablo III for 40 hours without a break, prompting advice from developer Blizzard about moderating one's gaming habits.
Caleb Cox, 18 Jul 2012
Devolo dLan 500 AVmini

Devolo dLAN 500Mb/s powerline network adaptor review

Devolo's dLan 500 AVmini adaptors score highly for me for two reasons: they operate at powerline's highest speed grade, 500Mb/s, and they're compact.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2012
Raspberry Pi ARM PC

Raspberry Pi rolls out speed surge Raspbian OS

The Raspberry Pi team has posted its new, recommended Linux distro for its tiny, ARM-based computer.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2012

Britain: A nation of txt addicts who prefer Twitter to phoning mum

Brits are chatting online and spewing messages from phones more than ever as gossiping in voice calls declines for the first time.
Bill Ray, 18 Jul 2012
kitchener we want you

Cumbria County Council: We'll sort our own ICT support, thanks

Cumbria County Council has opted to run its ICT services in-house after failing to agree terms with a third-party provider.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jul 2012

Dropbox brings in crack team to probe spam leakage

Dropbox has begun investigating complaints that users are receiving spam to email addresses only associated with their accounts at the file-sharing service.
John Leyden, 18 Jul 2012

Bunging apps, files into virtual desktops ain't worth it - Gartner

The financial arguments for turning PCs into glorified remote terminals just don't stack up, says a Gartner bod.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jul 2012

Sage site outage knackers Blighty's payroll depts

Brit biz Sage left UK customers without critical software - including its Payroll suite - after toppling offline.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jul 2012

Firefox 14 encrypts Google search, but admen can still strip-search you

UpdatedMozilla has rolled out Firefox 14, which automatically encrypts web searches through Google, but the new release leaves an important back door open to advertisers.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Jul 2012

BSkyB punches Virgin Media in ads watchdog fist fight

Virgin Media has lost its battle with BSkyB over a TV, newspaper and website ad that flogged "totally unlimited broadband", after VM claimed the commercials were misleading.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jul 2012
European Union Flag

Rest of world catching Eurozone plague, warns Datatec

Economic malaise in the Eurozone is spreading to the global stage, channel behemoth Datatec has warned.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jul 2012

AT&T may charge fanbois for FaceTime vid chat, hints iOS 6

Early adopters playing with iOS 6 fear users will have to beg AT&T to let them make FaceTime video calls over the cellular network.
Bill Ray, 18 Jul 2012
Intel logo

Servers save Intel's Q2, and probably the year

Intel was expected to start rolling out its "Sandy Bridge" Xeon E5 processors last fall, perhaps around September and then by the end of the year. And it is a good thing for Intel that this didn't happen.
Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset

WinPho to eke out 4% of US smartphone biz

Nokia, the Windows Phone 8 upgrade and all the promotional hoopla surrounding Windows 8 will have a very small effect on the take-up of Microsoft's mobile OS this year, market watcher Strategy Analytics has forecast.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2012

Skyhook offers 'Always-On' background STALKING feature

Location data provider Skyhook has debuted a new "Always-On" feature in version 4.6 of its mobile software development kit for coders.
Team Register, 18 Jul 2012

Outage outrage: O2 dishes out 3 free days, £10 voucher

Following last week's O2 mobile network outage, the telco is giving contract customers three days of free connectivity in compensation. Pre-paid users will get an additional topup, and everyone gets £10 to spend in the O2 store.
Bill Ray, 18 Jul 2012

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

Sony has launched an Android-based Walkman, the F800, with which it hopes to topple the supremacy Apple's iPod Touch holds in the PMP market. Good luck.
Caleb Cox, 18 Jul 2012

Psst, UK software devs: Up for a Cyber Security Challenge?

A new Cyber Security Challenge UK competition aimed at finding people to protect the country against future Stuxnet-style attacks was launched on Wednesday.
John Leyden, 18 Jul 2012

Gov: We want cheap police tablets and by God we'll get them

The Minister for Policing and Justice is leaning on reseller-cum-integrator SCC to slash the cost of fondleslabs for cops by reducing the number of sub-contractors it works with under the pan-government Sprint ii framework.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jul 2012

New lightest-ever material: Ideal power for electric car

A light-absorbing midnight-black substance dubbed Aerographite has stolen the crown for the lightest material in the world, weighing just 0.2mg per cubic centimetre. And because of its special properties, it's a serious contender to build lithium-ion batteries small and light enough to power the electronic bikes and cars of the future.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jul 2012

Speaking in Tech: Did Yahoo! suddenly get ... interesting?

Team Register, 18 Jul 2012
Intel logo

Intel accidentally outs 'Poulson' Itanium specs

The webmeisters of the world have given once again, with Intel accidentally outing some of the feeds and speeds of the impending "Poulson" Itanium processors for midrange and high-end servers. Some of the data has already been taken down, and all of it will probably follow shortly.
Calxeda logo

TryStack pits ARM against Xeon in the cloud

If you are dying to see how software running on a bona fide ARM server stacks up against a Xeon server, then TryStack.org has some time slices running the OpenStack cloudy fabric that have your name written all over them.

Washington State to allow voter registration via Facebook

Social networks are rife with online polls, but beginning as early as next week, residents of Washington State will have a new way to sign up for the real things, when Washington becomes the first US state to allow citizens to register to vote via Facebook.
Neil McAllister, 18 Jul 2012
Nokia Asha 305

Five mobile devices per person for 2040?

Australia needs an extra 100 million phone numbers for mobile devices, says the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which has taken the first step towards that goal by setting out plans for new numbers that start with “05”. All Australian mobile numbers have, until now, started with “04”.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jul 2012

Kiwi judge steps aside from Dotcom extradition hearings

The New Zealand judge hearing America’s Great Collapsing Extradition Case against Kim Dotcom has removed himself from the case, after telling a New Zealand forum “we have met the enemy, and he is the US”.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Jul 2012
Palmisano Rometty IBM

IBM juices profits in Q2 despite sales drop

Big Blue has once again demonstrated that it knows how to wring profits out of itself even as revenues across its many product lines have stalled in the wake, of or in anticipation of, product transitions.

Vendors responsible for ‘Aussie Tax’: Choice

Australian consumer group Choice has pointed the bone at vendors for the infamous “Aussie tax”, in a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into IT Pricing.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Jul 2012

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