10th July 2012 Archive

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  • Facebook App Center goes global

    Translating the apps will be the hard part

    Developer 10 Jul 00:28

  • Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements

    Learn if your Mac can tame Cupertino's next big cat

    Operating Systems 10 Jul 00:50

  • Pandora plays beta beats downunder

    The box re-opens for mobile music wars

    Media 10 Jul 02:30

  • ACTA can't get its act together

    Colder feet for Aussies and Kiwis

    Government 10 Jul 02:45

  • Anonymous hack hands WikiLeaks TWO MILLION Syrian emails

    Hacktivists and whistle-blowers turn ire on Assad regime

    Government 10 Jul 05:56

  • Chinese smartphone shipments outstripping feature phones

    All aboard the mobile internet

    Business 10 Jul 06:15

  • Apple boss Cook may have stumped up $60m IPAD pay-out

    Proview claims Cook wanted to take responsibility

    Business 10 Jul 06:30

  • Museum of Computing recognised as PROPER MUSEUM

    So IT really is old fashioned and boring now

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 07:29

  • Being a skinny is much more unhealthy than being fat – new study

    Maybe you can't be too rich – but you can be too thin

    Science 10 Jul 08:00

  • KIT drives off with memory win: 1-bit-per-MOLECULE storage

    Does with 51 atoms what a hard disc does with 3 million

    Storage 10 Jul 08:17

  • Cerner questions Epic win for Cambridge patient records

    Short-listed supplier queries NHS trust over procurement process

    Government 10 Jul 08:42

  • Gov: How can renewable power peddlers take on UK's Big 6?

    Seeks views on access to electricity market for little green energy firms

    Science 10 Jul 09:04

  • Atos IT workers threaten strike during Olympics over 'living wage'

    Union: Games sponsor 'makes millions on the backs of its low-paid staff'

    CIO 10 Jul 09:19

  • EMC unveils new Networker tool, thrusts it into clouds

    Faster and more scalable

    Storage 10 Jul 09:36

  • How to screw LIBOR and alienate people

    Dominic Connor presents another tutorial in Rogue Trading

    Jobs 10 Jul 10:02

  • 50 years in SPAAAAACE: Telstar celebrates half-century since launch

    World's first active comms satellite stopped bouncing signals in'63

    Science 10 Jul 10:18

  • Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

    Stonkingly good seven incher

    Laptops and Tablets 10 Jul 10:21

  • Google expected to cough measly $22.5m for Safari privacy gaffe

    Report: Choc Factory close to settling with FTC over fanboi-tracking blunder

    Security 10 Jul 10:39

  • Level 3's UPS burnout sends websites down in flames

    London data centre hit by 3.35am scorcher

    Networks 10 Jul 10:58

  • Quantum just can't seal the deals, slides deeper into red

    Hard drive biz hits another bad block

    Financial News 10 Jul 11:17

  • Salesforce goes titsup, causes CRM outages worldwide

    Seven instances go down, knocking customers offline

    Applications 10 Jul 11:28

  • Climate was HOTTER in Roman, medieval times than now: Study

    IPCC has got it all wrong, say boffins

    Science 10 Jul 11:44

  • Google fattens up Android devs with Jelly Bean sauce

    Mmm.. buttery

    Operating Systems 10 Jul 12:03

  • Ballmer plays down sales impact of Surface

    'Just a design point ... may sell a few million'

    The Channel 10 Jul 12:29

  • Beyond MapReduce: Hadoop hangs on

    Tooling up

    Developer 10 Jul 13:03

  • RIM: Maybe we can't flog BlackBerrys, but would you like a jet?

    Embattled execs may have to share just one plane

    Business 10 Jul 13:18

  • WD: HDD prices won't fall to pre-flood levels until 2013

    Biz, consumers still footing bill after Thai production went underwater

    Storage 10 Jul 14:02

  • LCD to have killed all* other TV technologies by 2016

    *OLED excepted (if it's accepted)

    Hardware 10 Jul 14:12

  • Phishers jailed for lifting over £300k from student loan applicants

    Met: Fraudsters' email scam pulled in bank details

    Security 10 Jul 14:25

  • Bondholders: US firm's 'rescue' offer for Elpida is CHEAP

    Micron's not paying enough ... see you in court

    CIO 10 Jul 14:32

  • Sharp bungs Dell and pals $198m to silence TFT price-fix spat

    That'll be one amazing expenses claim

    Financial News 10 Jul 15:01

  • Cut'n'paste UK launch for cut-price Motorola Android

    Company 'droids speak identical lines

    Phones 10 Jul 15:17

  • Finnish boffins don tinfoil hats, admit Northern Lights are noisy

    Aurora borealis makes a 'clapping sound', claim researchers

    Science 10 Jul 15:33

  • Microsoft to lob out Windows Server 2012 by September

    VMware v Redmond: Now it's personal

    Applications 10 Jul 15:58

  • Cabinet Office names bean counter as chief buyer

    Former Accenture man Crothers as chief procurement officer

    Government 10 Jul 16:08

  • Anonymous vows to wipe web clean of child abuse scum

    'For the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment'

    Security 10 Jul 16:10

  • VMware weaves Oracle databases into vFabric Data Director

    Leisure Suite Larry

    Virtualization 10 Jul 16:34

  • Aluratek, Coby license Microsoft patents for Android

    Device makers join majority of Android vendors in paying tribute to Redmond

    Mobile 10 Jul 19:02

  • Intel pops $4.1bn to save Moore's Law from repeal

    'Shoots first' in deal with wafer-baker equipment-maker ASML

    Business 10 Jul 19:13

  • DarkComet creator kills Trojan tool after Syrian police abuse

    RAT's all folks

    Security 10 Jul 19:21

  • Racketeering suit filed over smut-piracy charges

    Woman fights back against grumble-flicker's 'extortion'

    Law 10 Jul 20:21

  • Megaupload's founder downloads on Hollywood

    Extradition hearing delayed till March

    Media 10 Jul 21:42

  • Nutter bans Apple purchases over environmental fudging

    San Francisco government says Apple not green enough

    Hardware 10 Jul 22:01

  • Websense boosts defenses against spear-phishing, data theft

    Also improves email security

    Security 10 Jul 22:54

  • Quanta taps Mellanox for snappy interconnects

    Storming America with whitebox servers

    Servers 10 Jul 23:13

  • Oz asteroid-hunt at risk as NASA cuts funding

    ANU offers only interim fix: report

    Science 10 Jul 23:18

  • Geek darling GitHub nabs $100m investment

    Wants to become the Facebook for software developers

    Developer 10 Jul 23:21

  • Smartphone-wielding Obamaniacs trounce Romney in poll

    If only iPhone and Android users could vote, November 6 would be a rout

    Mobile 10 Jul 23:22

  • Stealthy Big Switch plugs into OpenStack clouds

    Floodlight OpenFlow control-freaks virty networks

    Cloud 10 Jul 23:50