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Android Trojan leaves 100,000 users out of pocket

Security researchers are warning of yet another Android malware outbreak which has spread to nine app stores and infected 100,000 with code designed to covertly purchase apps and content from China Mobile’s Mobile Market.
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Comcast makes up with Boxee after cable encryption spat

The proliferation of third-party aggregation devices to combine cable TV with internet content in the home is set to continue in the US following a landmark deal between Comcast and Boxee.
Faultline, 09 2012

SMART's new SSD wrings extra juice from MLC flash

SMART has introduced a solid state drive that can do 50 full drive writes a day for five years using consumer-grade MLC flash; that's 89,000 P/E cycles and a 50X jump up from the raw NAND rate.
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Analysts hail Burma's untapped IT goldmine

Forget China, Burma could be the next big growth market for IT investors as long as the country continues its political and social reforms, according to IDC.
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Chinese boffins build nuclear-powered deep-sea station

Not content with ambitious plans to dominate space exploration over the coming decades, China is also looking to master the ocean with the development of a deep-sea station which could be its first step towards large-scale underwater mining.

Olympus MEG4.0 smart glasses will photoshop the REAL WORLD

Japanese camera and optics company Olympus is developing a set of smart glasses along the lines of Google's Project Glass which, besides its other more useful functions, will allow users to view the real world with a brighter, friendlier glow.
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US ponders fibre link to Guantanamo

The US is pricing up a $40m fibre-optic cable connecting Guantanamo Bay to the US mainland, providing broadband connectivity to the place where 169 inmates still languish.
Bill Ray, 09 2012

Welcome, friend, to Metroland

Stob When I saw that my editor had written 'Metro isn't the problem: catapulting into Metro land (and back again) is', I said: 'There's an idea - I could do try out the Betj pastiche macro in my HTML editor'. And scurried out the door before anybody thought to stop me.

Cypress waggles ANOTHER unwanted take-over bid at Ramtron

Non-volatile RAM chipper Ramtron has received a second unwanted take-over bid from serial acquiring chip vendor Cyprus Semiconductor.
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'Biologically accurate' robot legs walk like an Egyptian

Vid US boffins have come up with a pair of robotic legs that they reckon are the first to walk in a biologically accurate (if somewhat jerky) manner.
Samsung Galaxy S III damaged

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S III singed by external source, probe reveals

Pictures showing a heat-damaged Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone were seemingly the result of a bonkers bid to dry out a wet handset by heating it in a microwave oven.
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NASA was WRONG on arsenic-gobbling aliens, claim boffins

Scientists in Switzerland have blown apart the theory that some bacteria can live off arsenic, disproving a controversial 2010 study by NASA.
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Emulex coughs up $58m in Broadcom fibre optic patents clash

Emulex is paying Broadcom $58m to partially settle patent infringement claims.

HP parts with sales director Richard Logan

HP sales director Richard Logan is exiting the organisation as the printer and PCs business units collide, say channel sources close to the vendor.
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LOHAN finally checks into REHAB

We're pleased to announce that today sees the first of our Rocketry Experimental High Altitude Barosimulator (REHAB) experiments, meaning we'll finally find out if solid rocket motors will fire under simulated high-altitude conditions.

Ex-Nokia staffers team up to revive MeeGo

A number of former Nokia employees have banded together to maintain the MeeGo smartphone OS and even release new hardware running the software.
Boston Viridis logo

Boston flexes its own ARM server muscle

Pics UK IT supplier Boston is not waiting for ARM-powered servers to take off before jumping into the racket - instead it's getting out there on the bleeding edge and will within weeks start shipping the first of its "Viridis" energy-efficient servers.
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Microsoft quietly bangs Bing's big bucks drum

Microsoft has created an angel investment fund for startups using its Bing.com search and ads platform.
Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society on Blu-ray

Review First released in its native Japan in 2006, GITS:SAC:Solid State Society (to contract its convoluted full title) was not created for cinemas but as a feature-length original video animation (OVA) destined for TV broadcast and DVD sales.
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Google plants rainbow flag in anti-gay countries

Longtime gay rights campaigner Google has kicked off a new effort to "legalise love" in countries that criminalise homosexuality.

CSC bundles NHS IT fiasco staff out the door

CSC has binned about 100 workers involved in the disastrous National Programme for IT in the first wave of planned redundancies – with another 200 heads leaving voluntarily, company insiders have claimed.
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Twitter tool's tweet tweaks leaked to twits

Apple's App Store has accidentally whipped the covers off the new Twitter app for iPhone and revealed its features.
HbbTV logo small

Sony, Samsung trade body to push HbbTV to Brits

UK trade association Intellect, which represents electronics companies and broadcast technology firms, has detailed how it believes the HbbTV standard should be implemented alongside Freeview - effectively sticking two fingers up at YouView, which launched last week.
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BlackBerry App World hits 3bn downloads, 27bn more to go

BlackBerry's app store – BlackBerry App World – has notched up 3 billion downloads, parent company RIM boasted in a upbeat developers' blog post.

Schools IT biz RM back in black after caning from UK gov

RM is back in the black following the recent cost-cutting activity that saw it offload multiple business units and axe 17 per cent of its workforce.
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Facebook! and! Yahoo! kiss! and! make! up! with! tasty! ad! juice!

Facebook and Yahoo! are friends again after their lawyers cobbled together a settlement in their shouting match over patents.
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British Gas bets you'll pay £150 for heating remote control

Following a trial run in the homes of 10,000 of its customers, British Gas has now launched its home-automation play: the Remote Heating Control, which will set you back £150. But for kit-provider AlertMe, the RHC could be more Trojan Horse than money-saving tech.
Bill Ray, 09 2012
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DARPA aiming for Mach-20 hypersonic rocketplane 'by 2016'

Pentagon wild-card warboffin agency DARPA has plunged back into the hypersonics fray with a vengeance, announcing plans to build a "recoverable" rocket plane capable of Mach 20 speeds within four years.
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Live long and prosper: Spaceflight 'slows ageing process'

Microscopic worms live longer in space, scientists have revealed in research that has implications for human ageing.

Microsoft sets October date for Windows 8 release

WPC 2012 Microsoft has set the date for the release of Windows 8: the operating system will be released to manufacturers in August ahead of a general release at the end of October.
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In the red corner: TV star and prof in Beijing blogger brawl

Two prominent Chinese micro-bloggers decided to settle their differences offline on Friday, after a Sina Weibo spat between a female regional TV presenter and a pro-government academic ended up in fisticuffs in a Beijing park.

OpenFlow takes networks in a different direction

As network topologies and data access patterns have evolved, load profiles can change so quickly that a completely new approach to networking is required. That approach is OpenFlow.

HP's faster-than-flash memristor at least TWO years away

Kavli Foundation Roundtable HP memristor-meister Stan Williams has revealed a product launch delay – saying commercial kit would be available by 2014 at the earliest – and said processor chips would eventually use nanoscale light networking.
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US networks: Political donations by text? Rlly nt a gud idea

American cellular networks are unhappy with a Federal Election Commission decision to permit political donations by text message, despite the fact that such a facility could change politics entirely.
Bill Ray, 09 2012
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ISPs step in to supply DNSChanger safety net

The DNSChanger Working Group's replacement DNS servers were taken offline as scheduled on Monday, 9 July.
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Lookout mulls flagging privacy-invading phone apps as adware

Lookout Mobile Security has taken steps towards classifying privacy-eroding phone apps as malign and ripe for removal from devices by its antivirus software.
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Apple cracks down on black market in iOS beta passes

Apple has forced several sites selling access to beta versions of its iOS operating system to shut down after filing DMCA requests with their hosters.

LSI lures IT vendors with Nytro blast for flash storage

LSI appears to be making a determined push into flash storage. But is this a smart business move by a company that flitted about somewhat when it came to flogging various storage technologies?
cray cascade mountain

Finland beefs up HPC oomph with Cray 'Cascade' super

Finland's main academic supercomputing center, the IT Center for Science (CSC), has been embiggening its number-crunching and data storage capacity throughout 2012, and is at it again this week with the acquisition of a future "Cascade" supercomputer from Cray.
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UN deploys ITU to seek FRAND patent peace treaty

The International Telecommunications Union – the communications arm of the United Nations – has convened a round-table meeting to talk about patents, why they aren't working and what might be done to solve this.
Bill Ray, 09 2012
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UK judge hands Samsung win for being 'not as cool' as iPad

A UK judge has handed Samsung a victory in its court battle with Apple over design similarities between its Galaxy Tab line and the Cupertinian iPad – but for a reason sure to rankle the Korean manufacturer's design department.
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Facebook shuts down face recognition APIs after all

Less than a month after it was acquired by Facebook, face-recognition startup Face.com is shutting down its developer APIs and killing off its iOS app, in a dramatic about-face from earlier statements by its founder.
server room

Perceptive Pixel buy to make Microsoft more touchy-feely

WPC 2012 At the end of the opening keynote at its Worldwide Partners Conference in Toronto Microsoft announced yet another purchase: touchable display creator Perceptive Pixel.
Caution tape

Global IT spending wrapped in caution tape

What's black and yellow and stings? Nope, not a bee: the global IT spending budget, tightly wrapped in crime-scene caution tape – that's the continuing prognosis from the economists and IT market watchers at Gartner.
AMD logo

AMD smacked by channel slump in Q2

The bean counters at AMD have done a first pass on the company's second quarter, and it is not looking so good.
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Cyberoam pushes fix for SSL vuln

Deep packet inspection company Cyberoam has issued a hotfix to its devices, after earlier asserting that its technology “followed industry best practices for SSL bridging”.
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Magnetic cells put biologists in a spin

Scientists have long believed that some kind of magnetic sense lies behind some animals’ navigation ability, which in the case of some fish and birds seems to operate without the need for obvious landmarks. Now, a German researcher believes he has tagged individual cells that respond to magnetic fields.
Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft lures resellers with Office 365 perks and payments

WPC 2012 Microsoft is rejiggering its commercial platform to woo resellers with bigger discounts and finder's fees, as well as adding a simplified billing system for Office 365 that some resellers have been awaiting for years
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Is the Higgs boson an imposter?

A group of Argonne National Laboratory researchers has suggested that last week’s CERN data, fanfared to the world as the discovery of the elusive Higgs-Boson, might actually point to even more exotic creatures.
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US law enforcement phone snooping on the rise

An inquiry by Congressional Representative Edward Markey (D-Mass) has revealed that the number of requests wireless carriers receive from US law enforcement for information about their customers has increased steadily, but just how often the police use mobile phones to track individuals' whereabouts remains unclear.