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Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm

Interview A few days after we linked to his long, exhaustive talk about the state of the music business, musician and songwriter David Lowery hit the headlines in the USA. In a blog post replying to NPR intern Emily White, Lowery summed up how the 'don't pay for music' argument sounded to him:
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jul 2012
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Global warming: It's GOOD for the environment

Climate change, this global warming thing, it's going to mean that the tropical forests frazzle up and then we all die, right? It will mena the death of the "lungs of the planet" – such as the miles upon miles of Amazon jungle – which turn CO2 into the O2 that we inhale. It's titsup for humanity, basically. Except, according to one new paper in Nature, that's not the way it will work. CO2 is indeed plant food and more plant food means more plants, more forests and thus we're all saved: or perhaps not quite as screwed as some seem to think at least.
Tim Worstall, 08 Jul 2012
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Oz gov cyber-safety unit loses punters' info IN THE POST

In an outstanding example of data-loss stupidity, a DVD containing email addresses and encrypted passwords for Australia’s Stay Smart Online Alert service has gone astray in the mail during a handover between contractors.
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Finding the Twitter psychopath ratio

The accidental psychological foibles of celebrities and colleagues are entertaining by-products of social media. Now a new study aims to nail a link between various psychopathic behaviours and tweeting.
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Japanese boffins demo EV on-the-move charging

Electric vehicles have two problems: to make them “zero emission”, they need to be recharged from “clean” sources; and range remains a challenge. A Japanese proposal would, if it worked, address the second – but probably exacerbate the first.