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Owning a cloud means learning to love the business

One of the problems with trying to improve things is that not everyone appreciates it.
Nathan Coates, 24 Jun 2012
Judge Richard Posner at Harvard University in 2009

Posner to Apple, Motorola: 'And don’t come back'

Judge Richard Posner of Chicago has ended the Apple-versus-Motorola legal battle, at least in America: not only has he dismissed the case, he has done so “with prejudice”, meaning the two companies can’t defibrillate the lawsuit with a new filing.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Jun 2012

Renewables good for 80 per cent of US demand by 2050

One of the greatest objections made against the use of renewable energy for electricity supply, that only coal, gas or nuclear power can sustain a modern economy’s baseload power generation demand, has come under scrutiny in a new report by America’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Jun 2012

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