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microsoft surface

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface

In one of its most-hyped-up announcements of recent years, Microsoft has entered the tablet market with the Surface, a 10.6 inch table running Windows 8 on Intel and ARM platforms.
Iain Thomson, 19 Jun 2012

IBM storage kit keeping admins awake at night

Management software for IBM's DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000 series storage arrays is waking sysadmins at 2:00 AM, thanks to an obscure software setting.
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2012
Google hotspot logo

Google in dock again over defamatory auto-complete

A Japanese man is suing Google again after claiming that when his name is typed into the web giant’s search box, the auto-complete function brings up words and phrases related to criminal acts, which link through to articles defaming him.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Jun 2012

Fujitsu cracks 278-digit crypto

Japanese computing giant Fujitsu is claiming a world record after successfully breaking a 278-digit (978-bit) pairing-based cryptography system, providing useful data on how far this next-generation encryption system can be trusted.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Jun 2012
mozilla foundation

Mozilla teaches coding with new Thimble 'Webmaker'

Mozilla has released a web page creation editing tool that steps novice users through HTML and CSS.
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2012
AVM Fritz!Box WLAN 7390 dual-band wireless router

Ten... dual-band wireless routers

Product round-upA wireless routers is one of the most important items in any gadget lover’s home. Performance, range and reliability are essential criteria to consider when deciding when buying a router. Also, bear in mind the configuration software, as routers can do quite a few tricks these days and accessing features from the on-board browser interface needs to be as painless as possible.
Orestis Bastounis, 19 Jun 2012
Nokia 1100

Budget smartphones all the rage as punters look sub-£100

Nearly half of the world’s largest smartphone market will consist of handsets under $200 (£127) by 2015 as local device makers and web firms compete to drag the great unwashed into the 21st century, according to analyst Canalys.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Jun 2012

R18+ games still not over the line in Oz

Australia's national Parliament has passed laws creating a new R18+ rating for computer games, but just what will earn that rating is now up to the nation's nine States and Territories, all of which must pass their own legislation before gamers can enjoy currently-banned fare.
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2012

Gov mulls ban on wallet-draining charges for card payments

The government is to consult on plans to ban companies levying surcharges on consumers when they use payment cards later this summer, the Consumer Affairs minister has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 19 Jun 2012
SGI Hadoop cluster

UV 2: RETURN of the 'Big Brain'. This time, it's affordable

Silicon Graphics is betting big on Intel's latest Xeon E5-4600 processor and its own revved up NUMAlink 6 shared memory interconnect, creating a "big brain computer" that can gang up to 4,096 cores into a single system image to run massive Linux workloads and fairly large Windows jobs, too. The new UV 2 is exactly the kind of box, says SGI, that customers with big data warehouse, big database, big data, and traditional HPC workloads have always wanted – and in many cases could never have afforded.

Estonia pitches itself as the new Silicon place

Estonia is seeking to reinvent itself from a cheap place to source top-notch programming expertise into the Nordic* Silicon Valley and bio-tech centre.
John Leyden, 19 Jun 2012

Ofcom: High-speed hookups still a UK monopoly - except in London

In a cascade of acronyms Ofcom has proposed price caps on high-speed leased-line connections: but only outside London where competition is having a hard time getting a foothold.
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2012

Brussels could 'clash' with London over UK snooper's charter

ExclusiveA fine "balancing act" is needed to prevent a "clash" between British Home Secretary Theresa May's controversial plans to bring in a data communications-snooping law and the "rights" of the UK citizen, European Commission vice-president Viviane Reding warned when questioned by The Register.
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Jun 2012

New Samsung chief: I want SOFTWARE

Samsung is going to have to do better in software if it wants to stay up near the top of the tech industry, its new CEO said today.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Jun 2012

Cabinet Office: Lid comes off UK.gov £4bn IT pork barrel 'at month end'

The Cabinet Office has confirmed it expects the delayed £4bn IT Hardware & Services framework to finally go live at month end.
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2012

Samsung S3 finally catches up with the Palm Pre - if modified

Wireless charging was a key feature of Samsung's flagship Android blower when it was announced, but the replacement back plate it needs isn't on the shelves yet, so one brave soul has hacked a Palm Touchstone charger into the S3 case.
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2012

Whitehall goes to White House for advice on 'ID assurance' plans

The Cabinet Office is to join the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a US-based non-profit providing "certification trust frameworks for open identity technologies", to help with the development of its identity assurance programme.

Carphone Warehouse fires starting gun for Acer Olympics tablet

It's all a bit Alan Partridge, but Acer has an Olympic-themed tablet out, and Carphone Warehouse has the sales gig.
Hard Reg, 19 Jun 2012
server room

China aims to redraw the petaflop graph with 100 Pflops in 2015

HPC blogChina shocked the supercomputing world in late 2010 with a chart-topping 2.56 Petaflop/sec Tianhe-1A. It was a surprising system on several levels: 1) it topped the incumbent number one box (Oak Ridge’s Jaguar) by almost 50%; 2) it was the first (and, so far, only) hybrid commodity combo of Intel Xeon and NVIDIA Tesla processors to hit the top spot; and 3) it seemingly came out of nowhere, and it came out of nowhere very quickly.
Dan Olds, 19 Jun 2012
Sharp Acquos LED

Sharp outs 90in monster LED TV

If that 65in HD TV you just bought is starting to look at little… small, Sharp has the answer: what it claims is the world's largest LED-backlit LCD TV the 90in Aquos LC-90LE745U.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2012

Cable & Wireless Worldwide shareholders OK Vodafone takeover

More than 99 per cent of voting shareholders have approved the takeover of Cable & Wireless Worldwide by Vodafone, despite suggestions that one of the largest was holding out for more money.
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2012

Mobile device enslavement a plague on British workers' health

British workers are ruining their health by fondling slabs and touching screens after the work day is done, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Jun 2012
Larry Ellison, photo by Oracle Corporate Communications

Oracle pumps out Q4 financials in premature release: See? We're OK

Oracle rushed through the public filing of decent Q4 financials last night some three days earlier than planned to head off any industry talk that the pending exit of a sales bigwig was due to tumbling turnover.
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2012
SGI logo hardware close-up

ARM unleashes 8-core Mali 450 GPU, heads down both forks in road

ARM is doubling the punch of its Mali 400 graphics processors with extra cores for tablet, phone and TV makers that are not ready for combined graphics and compute chips.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Jun 2012
Songkick Concerts Android app icon

Songkick Concerts

Android App of the WeekI’ve been waiting for Songkick to land on the deck of the USS Android ever since it was released for iOS a year ago. Now it has and it’s every bit as good as I was hoping for.
Alun Taylor, 19 Jun 2012

So you wanna be a Wall Street techie? Or anyway, get paid a lot

For at least a couple of decades now, if you’ve been a technologist and wanted to get paid as highly as possible for your work, there’s been pretty much only one place to go: the financial industry.
Dave Mandl, 19 Jun 2012

Apple extends Liquidmetal sole rights until 2014

Apple has secured exclusive rights to Liquidmetal Technologies' IP, extending sole access to the company's unique metal until February 2014.
Caleb Cox, 19 Jun 2012

Trust fined £225k for leaving patient files in abandoned hospital

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has been fined £225,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office for leaving patient and staff files in an abandoned hospital.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Jun 2012

Ingram Micro in talks to acquire SDG, say sources

Ingram Micro is locked in talks with Sir Peter Rigby over the acquisition of his Midlands-based outfit Specialist Distribution Group (SDG), sources have told The Channel.
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2012
Nokia Lumia 900 Windows smartphone

Microsoft details latest Windows Phone update

Microsoft has shed light on its next Windows Phone 'Tango' update, which will see the smartphone OS gain the ability to import and export contacts to and from the Sim card, and attach multiple files to a single message.
Caleb Cox, 19 Jun 2012
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony slams Nintendo Wii U functionality

Sony has stuck the knife into the Nintendo Wii U, claiming that a PlayStation Vita combined with a PS3 is a superior setup able to do "special things" that the Nintendo kit will struggle to match.
Caleb Cox, 19 Jun 2012

Introduction to Virtualisation, Microsoft-style

ReviewMicrosoft has introduced a new series of tracks into the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA).
Trevor Pott, 19 Jun 2012

ICANN may have to operate without a chief during gTLD rollout

Domain name policy manager ICANN is set to be left with a vacant CEO's office for two or three months, according to sources close to the organisation.
Kevin Murphy, 19 Jun 2012

Fatties are 'destroying the world'

CommentA famous mad professor who has previously called for Britons to starve their children into dwarfism so as to ease strains on the planetary ecosystem has reiterated his arguments, this time insisting that the amount of surplus flab carried by the human race will soon be equivalent to having another half-a-billion people on Earth.
Lewis Page, 19 Jun 2012

British Waterways charity mapping data handed to Google for free

Google has gotten its hands on the GIS data for all of the UK's waterway paths for its Maps without handing over a penny.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Jun 2012

Internet Explorer bug patched only a week ago now being exploited

Hackers have latched onto a vulnerability in Internet Explorer patched by Microsoft last week as a useful way to spread malware.
John Leyden, 19 Jun 2012

Surface: Because Microsoft does so well making hardware?

AnalysisIf you want a job done right, do it yourself: that’s the consensus on the Windows 8 Surface tablets. Or, put another way: “OEMs, please pay attention. This is how you build a PC.”
Gavin Clarke, 19 Jun 2012

Google to ICO: We had no idea Street View data slurp was happening

Google has denied that it tried to cover up certain aspects of its Street View data slurp as the UK Information Commissioner's Office reopens its investigation into the incident.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Jun 2012

Departing Cisco overlord moulded partners from Channel clay

Industry veteran and Cisco channel chief Keith Goodwin is hanging up his boots, the networking kingpin confirmed in a blog post.
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2012

Mad Apple patent: Cloneware to convince trackers you don't like porn

Apple have patented the idea of using data clones to hide from surveillance: data clones that will browse the internet under your name but will look at basket-weaving sites instead of porn.
Anna Leach, 19 Jun 2012

Achtung Penguin! SUSE tunes up Linux for SAP

It seems natural enough that SUSE Linux and SAP would be technical allies; both hail from Germany and both try to peddle business-grade software to enterprises. SAP, which has a huge installed base of Windows customers and a considerable number of Unix customers, cannot be seen to be playing favorites with its OS suppliers just because of nationalism. But it cannot stop – and would not stop – SUSE Linux, the commercial Linux distributor now owned by Attachmate, from making optimizations to its OS stack that make SAP apps run better.

LG shelves future tablet efforts

LG has ceded the tablet arena to Apple. Effectively chucking in the towel, it has put the development of future tablets "on the back burner".
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2012

Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes'

One week after Apple announced it was booting Google Maps from iOS and photographing the world with its own aerial fleet, a top US Senator has written to both companies expressing concern over their "military-grade spy planes."
Rik Myslewski, 19 Jun 2012
Apollo moonshot

HP taps Intel Atom for next-gen Moonshot hyperscale servers

When HP unveiled its "Project Moonshot" effort last November to create hyperscale servers based on Calxeda's EnergyCore variant of the ARM RISC processor, cynics said it was no doubt interesting in terms of engineering, but that the "Redstone" servers were nonetheless a publicity stunt. Tuesday's preview of the next-generation "Gemini" servers, due later this year from HP sporting server-ready Intel Atom processors also due later this year, confirms that sentiment.

Google blocks MP3 rippers from YouTube

Websites that allow MP3 files to be recorded from YouTube are feeling the wrath of the Chocolate Factory, and popular ripping site YouTube-mp3 is calling foul.
Iain Thomson, 19 Jun 2012

Ludicrously lucky teen survives spear through brain

Sixteen-year-old Yasser Lopez will likely have a "miraculous recovery" despite a three-foot spear having been thrust through his head.
Rik Myslewski, 19 Jun 2012

Schneier spanks AV industry over Flame failures

Security guru Bruce Schneier has questioned some of the excuses coming from the antivirus industry as to why it is taking them so long to pick up advanced malware like Flame and Stuxnet.
Iain Thomson, 19 Jun 2012

Assange takes refuge in Ecuadorian embassy

Julian Assange has sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and is seeking asylum over the decision by the UK courts to extradite him to Sweden.
Iain Thomson, 19 Jun 2012

Unisys upgrades Libra mainframes with Xeon E5s

Intel has just upgraded its server processors with a slew of Xeon E5s this spring, and that means it is time for mainframe maker Unisys to start gussying up the Xeon-based variants in its ClearPath family.

Consumer Affairs Victoria says App Store contains malware

Consumer Affairs Victoria has claimed Apple's App Store houses "counterfeit or 'cloned' apps" that "look like real apps but don't have the same kind of security as those made by established software programmers" and "can expose personal data to malware or predatory, virus-like software which can be used to steal personal information."
Natalie Apostolou, 19 Jun 2012

Mellanox to provide InfiniBand for CSIRO super

Mellanox is to supply the InfiniBand infrastructure for Australia's national science agency CSIRO’s new supercomputer cluster being delivered by XENON Systems.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Jun 2012
iss_lifeboat_satellite_debris spcae sattion international

Russia looks to microsatellites for science and shipping

Russia is showing interest in the growing push to design and launch microsatellites, according to Voice of Russia.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Jun 2012

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