18th June 2012 Archive

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  • Can your cloud balance supply and demand?

    The perfect match

    Cloud 18 Jun 00:00

  • ITU to G20 leaders: Follow Australia's broadband policy

    It might just heal crocked economies

    Broadband 18 Jun 00:16

  • Voyager ticks one box for interstellar arrival

    “Very rapid escalation” in galactic rays hints at new region of SPAAAAAACE

    Science 18 Jun 01:25

  • 'Jogobot' lures lonely lardies

    RMIT geeks create jogging drone stalker

    Science 18 Jun 03:18

  • Japan and Vietnam push on with rare earth mining plans

    Asian nations chip away at Chinese monopoly

    Business 18 Jun 03:47

  • Six in Tokyo slammer after Android smut scam

    Malware was distributed through adult site

    Security 18 Jun 04:57

  • Mozilla plans multi-engine search results, native iOS browser

    Proclaims intention to disrupt again, dares rivals to follow, may kill Trillian

    Software 18 Jun 05:21

  • Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

    NSFW Linux hero flips out, flips bird, over lack of support

    Operating Systems 18 Jun 06:15

  • Baidu eyes up UCWeb deal to spur mobile growth

    Search giant could swoop for stake in browser firm

    Business 18 Jun 06:25

  • China goes Alt with root proposal

    Because the DNS doesn’t scale … no, really

    Networks 18 Jun 06:45

  • Korean telly factory power cut costs Samsung $30,000+ per second

    Substation bloke whoopsie adds to troubled LCD div's woes

    Financial News 18 Jun 07:01

  • IBM: Our kit needs to be sold with '-as-a-Service' on the end now 

    Woke up this mornin', 60k servers went up in a Cloud a smoke

    The Channel 18 Jun 07:21

  • Habbo Hotel to 'unmute' chat so users can show they love it

    'Many of the inappropriate adults are journos', says CEO

    Networks 18 Jun 07:39

  • Want to meddle with IP rights? Use the law, not amended regulations

    You want loopholes, don't use loopholes to introduce 'em

    Law 18 Jun 07:58

  • Health dept puts off NHS 111 helpline roll-out for 6 months

    Avenue for non-urgent problems not urgently needed

    The Channel 18 Jun 08:19

  • iOS was SO much more valuable to Google than Android - until Maps

    Apple cash hose dislodged from Choc Factory maw

    Mobile 18 Jun 08:40

  • Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... HDDs

    Bulk storage for your computer

    Hardware 18 Jun 09:00

  • IBM US nuke-lab beast 'Sequoia' is top of the flops (petaflops, that is)

    Roaring monster chews up absurd amounts of Linpack

    HPC 18 Jun 09:14

  • America's X-37B top-secret spaceplane returns to Earth

    Hardly anybody knows what it did last summer

    Science 18 Jun 09:27

  • Lightsquared cremation postponed

    Corpse can keep walking about for another year

    Broadband 18 Jun 09:48

  • IK Multimedia iRig Mix


    Hardware 18 Jun 10:00

  • Can't watch Flash vids in Firefox? It's not just you

    Mozilla, Adobe working on fix for Vista/Win7 problem

    Applications 18 Jun 10:13

  • Microsoft next-gen Xbox details leak

    Redmond rapidly requests removal

    Games 18 Jun 10:24

  • BYOD: The great small biz security headache

    The great reseller opportunity

    The Channel 18 Jun 10:30

  • Steely Neelie: EU is crippled by its clueless tech-ignorant workforce

    Who will free us from this rabble of dunderheads?

    Jobs 18 Jun 10:45

  • T-Mobile outs low-cost mobile data roaming bundles

    Gets in before new EU price limits bite

    Mobile 18 Jun 10:47

  • Apple MacBook Air 11in 2012

    For the love of Ivy Bridge

    Laptops and Tablets 18 Jun 11:00

  • Olympic Phone touch-payment details revealed

    Games to be a hotbed of bonking for money

    Broadband 18 Jun 11:12

  • Python wraps its coils around the enterprise

    Look out C++, the Years of the Snake are upon you

    Cloud 18 Jun 11:30

  • Facebook shells out $10m for using users faces in adverts

    It's a Book of Faces, get used to it ... bitch

    Cloud 18 Jun 11:43

  • Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair

    What, we fire thousands and the shares go down?

    Financial News 18 Jun 12:00

  • Chinese 'nauts reach Heaven after 8-minute coupling

    Three taikonauts safely aboard Tiangong-1 after spaceship docking

    Science 18 Jun 12:14

  • Watch Smarter: video guide to... HDDs

    All the info you need

    Hardware 18 Jun 12:47

  • Dell spills its hot cache Fluid, hopes to beat off rivals

    Can its new weapon produce reliable shots of money?

    Storage 18 Jun 13:02

  • Calling all resellers:Cloud, security, SMEs and you

    Lightning survey time

    The Channel 18 Jun 13:26

  • 'Kindness of America' snapper shot himself in 'act of self-promotion'

    Hoped shot in the arm would give his book a ...

    Bootnotes 18 Jun 13:32

  • Google coughs up what it coughs up to govs - and what it suppresses

    'Governments are scary! Not us! Look!'

    Cloud 18 Jun 13:58

  • Juniper Networks eyes up EMEA distributors, axe in hand

    If you ain't laying eggs, you could be going in the pie

    The Channel 18 Jun 14:21

  • Crytek says future is free-to-play

    Waves goodbye to retail

    Games 18 Jun 14:31

  • Tech boffins: Spend gov money on catching cyber crooks, not on AV

    Cure is the best form of prevention, say Cambridge brains

    Security 18 Jun 15:02

  • CAPTCHA-busting villains branch out from spam into ID theft

    'CAPTCHA in the Rye' report delivers captcha and verse

    Security 18 Jun 15:56

  • Intel slaps Xeon Phi brand on MIC coprocessors

    Cray to plug them into future 'Cascade' supers

    HPC 18 Jun 16:24

  • Intel, Google ink patent deals with InterDigital, Magnolia Broadband

    Massive haul and boutique buy

    Mobile 18 Jun 18:17

  • FunnyJunk lawyer doubles down on Oatmeal Operation Bear Love

    Sues creator, charities, and hosting company

    Law 18 Jun 18:20

  • TSA screeners spooked by Apple's 'futuristic artifact'

    Design Award winning developer snagged by suspicious scanners

    Bootnotes 18 Jun 20:14

  • Facebook fesses up to Face.com face finder financing

    'All your face are belong to us'

    Business 18 Jun 20:20

  • Nvidia shows off Tesla K10 performance

    No single-precision flops anxiety here

    HPC 18 Jun 21:14

  • Telstra's scoops in-house YouTube contender

    Injects US$35m into Ooyala

    Business 18 Jun 22:00

  • Big layoff (singular) at Oracle on Thursday

    Possibly a 'massive' reorganization, or not

    Business 18 Jun 22:07

  • VLSCI's supercomputer passes acceptance test, lands in top 50

    BlueGene/Q nearly ready to unleash 65 TB of RAM, 65,536-cores

    HPC 18 Jun 23:00

  • Earthquakes will release captured carbon: Stanford study

    Shake, rattle, roll, leak

    Science 18 Jun 23:30