15th June 2012 Archive

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  • British LulzSec suspect charged in US over hacking

    Busy, busy Essex boy Cleary faces 25 years inside

    Security 15 00:17

  • May 2012 was second warmest on record. The warmest? 2010

    Sgt. Joe Friday meets climatology: 'Just the facts, ma'am'

    Science 15 01:01

  • Asteroid zips past Earth

    500m space rock spotted on Monday gets within 5.3 million km

    Science 15 02:10

  • Court delays Apple Proview ruling

    'IPAD' trademark still up for grabs in China

    Business 15 03:35

  • BT to China: let me in!

    British telco has formed partnerships but wants full access

    Networks 15 04:22

  • Inside HP's latest global bit barn

    New Sydney data centre will serve global customers

    Cloud 15 04:32

  • Cabinet Office promises to challenge 'culture of secrecy' on IT projects

    New annual report will contain audits of major projects

    Government 15 06:30

  • Ten... Father's Day gifts

    Delights for daddy-o

    Hardware 15 07:00

  • Oz WiFi guys score top Euro inventor award

    In 1997, they couldn't find investors cos no-one wanted WiFi ...

    Networks 15 07:06

  • iPhone denies existence of Gibraltar, other bits of British empire

    Does cater for non-existent South Georgians, though

    Operating Systems 15 07:18

  • Tesco grabs Peter Gabriel's musical streamer

    Unexpected item in bagging area

    Cloud 15 07:39

  • Phishing, cybersquatting scum could ruin gTLD fun for biz

    Expert: Firms can't judge the risk until ICANN approves the domains

    Hosting 15 07:59

  • Vodafone's small, controversial tax bill validated by UK.gov

    See that cell tower? That's actually in Switzerland

    Financial News 15 08:14

  • Mighty Blighty's channel like a giant looming across the, er, Channel

    'We're a nation of shopkeepers box-shifters' - Context

    The Channel 15 08:28

  • 'Scientists' seek to set world social, economic, tech policy at Rio+20

    No babies, no technology, work 'til you die

    Government 15 08:44

  • Apple 13in MacBook Pro to fall into line this autumn

    Nurse, the screens

    Laptops 15 08:55

  • Is it time for enterprise PC outfits to carry Apple Macs?

    Mac-maker is hard to ignore, despite being a 'difficult' vendor

    Management 15 09:03

  • ICANN eggfaced after publishing dot-word biz overlords' personal info

    Bumbling wordseller opens CANN of whup-ass on self

    Hosting 15 09:14

  • 'Google released a dairy product'. What, it's cheesy?

    Plus: '...' - mute kids after Apple silenced them

    Bootnotes 15 09:30

  • Facebook set to file motion: Will blame NASDAQ for IPOcalpyse

    The fools gave people a chance to think!

    Financial News 15 09:44

  • Scottish council muzzles 9-year-old school dinner photo blogger

    Hastily organised salad bar fails to stem criticism

    Government 15 09:57

  • Office 365: This cloud isn't going to put any admins out of a job

    Who says Redmond doesn't love you?

    Servers 15 10:15

  • Unilever cutting tech bods, moving jobs to Bangalore: 800 face axe

    Welsh ITers can no longer live off Marmite and Pot Noodle

    Jobs 15 10:27

  • Microsoft plots entry into tablet trade

    Arm's its weapon

    Tablets 15 10:31

  • PFY vs Bearded 80s Netscape Bore: BOFH

    I've written a plugin BLAH BLAH BLAH

    BOFH 15 10:39

  • Must try harder: Cumbria tells BT and Fujitsu to resubmit fibre plans

    Sends them homeward to think again

    Broadband 15 11:05

  • Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'

    Canteen pic blackout will prevent 'misrepresentation'

    Government 15 11:26

  • Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    Simply, a stunner

    Laptops 15 11:44

  • Job-slashing HP 'to hire 15,000 staff in India' – report

    'We haven't announced any such thing'

    The Channel 15 12:02

  • German KIT v Fighting Seawolves in student cluster deathmatch

    Reg bookie reports from the digital ringside

    HPC 15 12:27

  • Tumbleweed-plagued Google+ is minus Bejeweled and Wooga

    EA'd rather have 70% of something than 95% of buggerall

    Cloud 15 12:48

  • Retina Display detachment

    It's not what Apple adds, it's what it cuts, stupid

    Laptops 15 13:00

  • Logitech's G600 mouse packs keypad too

    Rolls with button cluster

    Hardware 15 13:39

  • Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach desktop, pound it flat

    3D effects are bourgeois revisionism

    Operating Systems 15 13:58

  • Council chief overrules blackout on Scots 9-yr-old's school lunch blog!

    'No place for censorship here', thunders local pol

    Government 15 14:22

  • Ethiopia to send Skype users to the slammer

    Call the lawyer... on a landline

    Mobile 15 14:37

  • US culture to spread worldwide by means of Kindle, not iPad

    Walk softly and carry an e-reader with central connection

    Cloud 15 15:02

  • UK.gov Open Data site fills up with spam

    Opened-up government floodgates work both ways

    Government 15 15:18

  • Successful remnant of Motorola acquires successful remains of Psion

    Farewell at last to the ghost of British pocket-puters

    Phones 15 15:39

  • Apple-Moto patent punchup can come into court, says judge

    But you're not exactly blowing my judicial skirt up here

    Law 15 15:51

  • Apple, Samsung snatch smartphone biz booty

    Grab all the profit, flog the most units

    Phones 15 16:05

  • Apple must be tried for the bug in every fanboi's pocket

    Yes, she's talking about the iPhone

    Mobile 15 17:35

  • FCC: Let's kill analogue early, fob diehards off with converter boxes

    Only thing left on the channels is fat ladies singing

    Media 15 18:01

  • Mystery buyer scoops working Apple 1 at auction

    Bidding war ends in $374,500 sale

    Hardware 15 20:21