14th June 2012 Archive

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  • Kogan 'taxes' IE7 users

    UK users exempt from prankster merchant's latest stunt

    Business 14 Jun 00:15

  • Super sushi-bot churns out 2,500 rolls an hour


    Bootnotes 14 Jun 01:06

  • Microsoft develops mood-matching ad engine

    Feeling blue? Prozac ads heading your way, thanks to Redmond

    Business 14 Jun 01:45

  • HTC wants a fresh start with new HQ

    It’s not you, it’s me…

    Business 14 Jun 02:30

  • CIOs must do more with mobile

    Too many thinking inside the box, says IDC

    CIO 14 Jun 03:13

  • Australia 'should not be scared' of NBN cost

    Broadband to account for AUD$1trillion of activity by 2050

    Networks 14 Jun 03:57

  • Vodafone unfurls booster brolly for mobes

    Music festival-goers gain antenna and solar charger in handy, eye-poking, form

    Networks 14 Jun 04:19

  • Salesforce.com signs up Twitter firehose

    You whinge, salesforce customers pounce

    Business 14 Jun 06:07

  • Samsung Galaxy S Advance mid-range Android

    HTC thrasher?

    Phones 14 Jun 07:00

  • Hurry up, EU: CERN boffins need clouds to hunt Higgs boson

    Some of the LHC data has already gone cloudy

    Cloud 14 Jun 07:18

  • Girl Geek Dinner lady: The IT Crowd is putting schoolgirls off tech

    Real girls don't think Googling Google breaks the internet

    CIO 14 Jun 07:38

  • EU's 2020 CO2 target 'will add a year to economic slump'

    Emission cuts are 'too much too soon'

    Science 14 Jun 07:58

  • G-Cloud boss hopes sexy cloud expos will warm up gov bods

    Denise McDonagh: Buy camps will 'propagate' G-Cloud

    Cloud 14 Jun 08:14

  • You can break EU cookie rules ... if your site breaks without cookies

    It's the way the cookie crumbles when you split hairs

    Cloud 14 Jun 08:27

  • New Opera 12 hooks web apps to 3D graphics acceleration

    Screaming themes may mean screaming users

    Cloud 14 Jun 08:42

  • Tim Cook reveals 'great' update for Mac Pro

    Apple bobbing ahead

    Hardware 14 Jun 08:53

  • Computacenter to hire 700 new bods to meet bulging service needs

    Painful Euro plunge could impact its bottom, however

    The Channel 14 Jun 08:54

  • McAfee enlists 2e2 for BYOD security blitz

    Cloud service for telcos

    The Channel 14 Jun 09:11

  • Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

    Google, Apple peer through periscope torpedo sights

    Financial News 14 Jun 09:15

  • Got no idea what Hadoop is, but think you need it? You're not alone

    It won't happen without Appening

    Cloud 14 Jun 09:27

  • Reborn UK internet super-snooper charter to be unveiled today

    New ministers: Same spooks, same cops, same plans

    Government 14 Jun 09:39

  • Orange: The way to a customer's heart is, well, slicing into the body

    Wirelessly slurping your ticker via home broadband

    Mobile 14 Jun 09:58

  • Stephen Fry's Pushnote goes titsup

    Shleb tech guru comes a cropper

    Cloud 14 Jun 10:20

  • Cisco + OpenFlow + OpenStack = ONE software-defined network

    We're open to the max

    Data Networking 14 Jun 10:27

  • Apple iMac refresh due Real Soon Now

    Benchmark listing suggests debut is near

    Hardware 14 Jun 10:36

  • Home Office spunks another £12.8m on face recog tech

    Before £8m spent on IRIS has a chance to hit bottom of bin

    Law 14 Jun 10:43

  • Over 40 Magnifier

    The eyes have it

    Phones 14 Jun 11:00

  • Cameron: A nod's not as good as a wink to a Murdoch blind bat

    Some of my best friends are journos, admits PM

    Government 14 Jun 11:12

  • Another investor pulls out of Habbo Hotel after grooming claims

    'Focused on safety of our users': Shurely not all of them

    Cloud 14 Jun 11:31

  • £CHING: ICANN bags $357m from 1,930 dot-word domains

    Selling dot-sizzle, not dot-sausage

    Cloud 14 Jun 11:39

  • Office 365 in moving pictures

    Man the whiteboards

    Small Biz 14 Jun 11:45

  • HP and SAP: What we need is a MASHED UP cloud

    'We've moved away from doing it cheaper' (Thank god)

    Cloud 14 Jun 11:48

  • Carphone Warehouse clings to buoyant fondleslab, avoids submerging

    Margins sure to be better in China than Europe, right?

    Financial News 14 Jun 11:59

  • Microsoft's $1bn Yammer gobble gabble blabbed by insiders

    Talks underway on biznet buy, 'tis whispered

    Financial News 14 Jun 12:29

  • Orbitsound fills rooms with T9 soundbar

    Docked margins

    Hardware 14 Jun 12:33

  • Wraps come off UK super-snooper draft plans

    Attempt to log everyone who cares foiled by duff website

    Networks 14 Jun 12:37

  • Start to finish: Building a cloudy service in two weeks

    Trevor dons overalls for Microsoft private cloud project

    Cloud 14 Jun 12:44

  • BPM: From back office to front office and beyond

    You have the question? We have some answers

    Site News 14 Jun 12:47

  • Slippery £4bn supplier deadline flies through UK.gov's fingers AGAIN

    Who'll pick up the soap in the public sector showers?

    The Channel 14 Jun 12:50

  • HBO 'sorry' for skewering Dubya

    From Game of Thrones to Blame of Thrones

    Hardware 14 Jun 12:53

  • WD beams in 802.11n Wi-Fi stations

    Time Capsule clone too

    Hardware 14 Jun 12:54

  • GiffGaff in data spaff, goodybag gaffe: ICO says its 'avin a laff

    Three embarrassments = a rather ramshackle impression

    Mobile 14 Jun 13:22

  • Clouds gathering on horizon for software devs, say wise men

    'There are things to be done. I don’t know what they are'

    Cloud 14 Jun 13:27

  • Supreme Court dismisses Assange bid to reopen extradition case

    WikiLeaker-in-chief to feel UK boot to arse in two weeks

    Government 14 Jun 13:56

  • Computacenter bigwig dethrones older brother to head up Camwood

    One Foxall is good, two is better, reckon board

    The Channel 14 Jun 14:45

  • Amazon offers cut-price support to make sure your Cloud stays up

    Various levels of certainty it won't rain on your parade

    Cloud 14 Jun 15:13

  • Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s

    The type of cleansing you do in a bath full of BLOOD

    Operating Systems 14 Jun 15:55

  • RIPE reverse DNS broken for much of day

    Dutch titsup kit off, wobbly, in and out

    Networks 14 Jun 16:08

  • Dell Cloud descends on Europe (by way of Slough)

    US and Canada first

    Cloud 14 Jun 16:17

  • Outrageously old galaxy spied birthing new stars at furious rate

    Every star is sacred, it's like the pop biz, etc

    Science 14 Jun 16:18

  • Tomb Raider dev denies Croft rape scene

    Implied threat only

    Games 14 Jun 16:55

  • Apple, Time Inc. ink iPad magazine subscription deal

    Year-long dalliance consummated at last

    Mobile 14 Jun 19:30

  • openSUSE 12.2 release delayed, team calls for a rethink

    Candidate's coding can't continue in current condition

    Developer 14 Jun 19:36

  • Dell to focus on enterprises and cut $2bn in costs

    Wall Street gets a divvy reward

    Servers 14 Jun 20:20

  • Apple adds gay and lesbian icons to iOS 6 messaging

    Let the "homosexual agenda" fear-mongering begin

    Mobile 14 Jun 21:44

  • PGP founder, Navy SEALs uncloak encrypted comms biz

    Claim total security for phone, text, email, and more

    Security 14 Jun 21:52

  • Amazon slides MapR into elastic Hadoop service

    Rolls up 2.0 releases for M3 and M5 distros

    Cloud 14 Jun 23:21

  • Solar power can head out of the clouds says CSIRO

    It's always sunny somewhere, so smarter grids could make large-scale renewables viable

    Science 14 Jun 23:28

  • Australian company claims world’s fastest switch

    Traders the target, but 130ns latency has storage industry sniffing around

    Data Networking 14 Jun 23:52