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The changing skills sets for the private cloud

According to Lucas Searle, head of private cloud at Microsoft UK, as the cloud brings increased automation and more efficient delivery, it also shifts the IT focus away from just keeping the infrastructure going.
Eira Hayward, 12 Jun 2012

Fusion-io gives Cisco blade servers some flash

Upstart server maker Cisco Systems has tapped server flash-drive maker Fusion-io to be its OEM supplier for flash storage in its "California" Unified Computing System blade severs.

Apple juggernaut cranks out big, big numbers

In addition to updating its laptop line; providing more details about its July release of the next OS X, Mountain Lion ($19.99); and unveiling the Google-goading iOS 6, set for a fall debut, Apple also tossed around some interesting – and some very, very big – numbers on Monday morning during the keynote to its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco:
Rik Myslewski, 12 Jun 2012
Dell EquaLogic blade array internals

Dell blades up EqualLogic storage arrays

Dell is previewing a new blade server implantation of its EqualLogic storage arrays that will slide into its M1000e blade enclosures and offer customers and all-blade server, storage, and switch option, while at the same time not many compromises on performance or density.
Container Vessel at Sea

Western consumption helping to kill off species

Grab a coffee, add two sugars, and check the news on your tablet: you’ve just helped kill off a species in a country you might never have heard of.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Jun 2012
MediaTek Logo

Mobile chip firms ditch feature phone biz for smartphones

One of the world’s largest mobile chip companies, MediaTek, is focusing its R&D efforts on smartphones at the expense of its feature phone business in another clear sign that the market for budget 3G handsets in countries like China and India is about to explode.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Jun 2012

Two new Jovian moons confirmed

Jupiter's tally of moons has gone up by two, after researchers published their observations of two previously unknown Jovian satellites.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Jun 2012

ZTE and Huawei execs get ten years for bribery

Huawei and ZTE suffered a PR blow this week after it emerged that executives from the company had been convicted of bribery offences in Algeria and sentenced in their absence to ten years each in jail.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Jun 2012
Peekabooty - censorship bears

China makes human rights play ... but forgets the internet

China has issued its latest action plan on human rights, glossing over minor issues such as online censorship and press freedom but re-affirming commitments to increase broadband penetration in the country.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Jun 2012

Hardy handymen handed handy hardened handheld hardware

Fife council has pushed ahead with its mobile working plans by issuing building services staff with Motorola-built handheld devices to receive job instructions.

Google Apps cloud fine print may not protect EU biz

EU businesses that provide applications to consumers through the Google Apps platform may require additional mechanisms to the new contract terms offered by Google - in order to legitimately transfer personal data collected from app users overseas, an expert has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Jun 2012

ICO could smack Google Street View with fine after all

In one of my blogs on Google Street View, I wrote that the Information Commissioner (ICO) could not serve a Monetary Penalty Notice (MPN) on Google when its software captured some personal data from household Wi-Fi systems. This assessment was based on the fact that Google published statements to the effect that only an insignificant cache of random personal data was captured and that any capture of personal data was wholly unintentional.
Amberhawk Training, 12 Jun 2012

The incredible shrinking NAND: I'm MEELLLLTING

Blocks and FilesNAND is heading to the graveyard, getting closer and closer with every geometry shrink and every added cell bit. Any replacement NV-RAM technology will require controller software rip-and-replace, which could kill one trick pony flash array startups.
Chris Mellor, 12 Jun 2012
Eufa Euro 2012 app icon

UEFA Euro 2012

Android App of the WeekAssuming you haven’t been on another planet for the last few months you'll be aware that soccer's 2012 European Championships kicked off in Warsaw on Friday. Sixteen teams, 31 matches and, I predict, the usual post-mortem in regards to England’s woeful performance.
Alun Taylor, 12 Jun 2012
Smarter Memory

Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... Memory Cards

Buyer's GuideUntil the day when broadband is much faster, all devices have wireless internet access and sync'n'store services such as Dropbox or Google Drive are ubiquitous, memory cards will remain the most convenient general-purpose, pocketable storage.
Simon Williams, 12 Jun 2012

For FORK'S sake: GitHub checks out Windows client

Open ... and ShutJust two years ago, Git barely eked out a mention in Forrester's analysis of the software configuration management (or source code management) market, despite a clear trend toward open-source SCM tools. Now Git owns 27.6 per cent of the SCM market, according to a recent Eclipse Foundation survey, with Subversion apparently in terminal decline. Git's success, long driven by its embrace of the open-source ethos of forking, is now set to hit overdrive as it has broadened its appeal beyond command-line-loving elites to Windows developers.
Matt Asay, 12 Jun 2012

Fate of dot-word bids decided by ICANN archery shoot-out

Who should own .web? Will the internet get a .porn address? What does Google plan to do with 50 new top-level domains? Why is ICANN putting companies through an online "archery game" that requires millisecond timing?
Kevin Murphy, 12 Jun 2012

Supercomputers need standard shot glass to measure out juice

WebcastThe biggest challenge in getting to the next level of supercomputer performance – Exascale – is the massive amounts of electricity these systems will consume. On a smaller scale, energy consumption also inhibits HPC installations. The problem isn’t just getting enough plugs from your walls to the grid; it’s also the cost of electricity when you’re guzzling it in such massive quantities.
Dan Olds, 12 Jun 2012
Tojiro Senkou 15cm kitchen knife

Adobe rips up rebate rules after resellers riot

Adobe has tweaked its rebate programme in response to complaints from partners that it was too complex to manage and the sales targets were unachievable in the current biz climate.
Paul Kunert, 12 Jun 2012
Apple MacBook Pro 17in

Ssssh. Apple quietly mashes monster MacBook Pro

So farewell, then, the 17in MacBook Pro. Your demise was forecast back in April by market watcher Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, a stockbroker, and sure enough you're no longer listed among Apple's selection of laptops.
Tony Smith, 12 Jun 2012

Apple pulls in TomTom, kicks Google off iPhones

Buried among the data in Apple's new iOS is a win for TomTom, which will be providing the maps for iPhone-navigators.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Jun 2012
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Chapco Group goes titsup

Directors at Chapco IT Services concluded a pre-pack administration on the same day the Leicestershire-based minnow was placed in the hands of receivers Mazars LLP, The Channel can reveal.
Paul Kunert, 12 Jun 2012
Buffalo AirStation 1750 WZR-D1800H-EU

Buffalo drops 802.11ac '5G Wi-Fi' router into Blighty

Buffalo's next-gen Wi-Fi router is now available to buy in the UK, though only from two retailers.
Tony Smith, 12 Jun 2012

Sainsbury's pays £1 entrance, heads into ebook club

British grocery chain Sainsbury's has entered the ebook market by snapping up HMV's stake in Anobii for a nominal £1.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Jun 2012

NASA's Curiosity rover will try risky landing near Mount Sharp

NASA has decided to up the ante for the Mars rover Curiosity's arrival next month by pushing the landing site nearer to the foot of an inconvenient mountain.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Jun 2012

Gamers, test your 1990s knowledge

Are you a fan of 90s-era gaming, and are you already bored of the 9-5 churn and in need of desperate distraction? Well here's something to keep you busy in your tea break.
Caleb Cox, 12 Jun 2012
Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen Up!

ReviewThey say good things come in small packages, and at only 3.5m long Volkswagen’s new city car is certainly small. To put that into context it is 28.5cm shorter than the unloved Fox it replaces and only 53.5cm longer than the original Mini.
Alun Taylor, 12 Jun 2012

New UK curriculum ramps up lessons in SPAAAACE

British children will be taught more about the solar system and evolution in an overhaul of the primary school curriculum proposed yesterday by Education Secretary Michael Gove.
Anna Leach, 12 Jun 2012

HTC handsets hit by grip of death

Reports of problems with HTC handsets continue to flood the web, with its flagship One X dogged by various Wi-Fi woes and the One S becoming disorientated when struggling for a data connection.
Caleb Cox, 12 Jun 2012

Sole British 'naut Major Tim embarks on NASA deep space mission

Blighty's one and only astronaut, Tim Peake of the European Space Agency, has just embarked on a bold mission into an environment where few human beings have ever ventured: that of the saturation diver, semi-permanently adapted to life under high pressure and able to survive only deep underwater or inside pressurised containers.
Lewis Page, 12 Jun 2012

Source code smoking gun links Stuxnet AND Flame

A direct link exists between the infamous uranium enrichment sabotage worm Stuxnet and the newly uncovered Flame mega-malware, researchers have claimed.
Team Register, 12 Jun 2012

Apple Passbook card-'n'-ticket app paves way for iOS e-wallet

WWDCApple's Passbook, announced at yesterday's developer conference as part of iOS 6, is clearly a step towards NFC payments, but even in its present form it has people pretty excited, so it's a shame that it won't work with the UK's biggest e-ticket deployment.
Bill Ray, 12 Jun 2012

Assange demands that Supreme Court reopen extradition case

WikiLeaker-in-chief Julian Assange is pushing to have his extradition hearing reopened after his lawyer won a two-week delay to consider the verdict that went against him late last month.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Jun 2012

Thief open-sources Richard Stallman's laptop, passport, visa

Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, was distressed to find his personal belongings had been liberally distributed sans GPL - his prized laptop, wallet and passport were nicked at a conference in Argentina.
Anna Leach, 12 Jun 2012

Tide turns for channel: Now vendors are fighting for YOUR loyalty

Over a year ago, Forrester predicted that the number of channel companies was set to decline dramatically by up to 15 per cent for various reasons.
Peter O'Neill, 12 Jun 2012
Cat 5 cable

Raspberry Pi IN THE SKY: Wallet-sized PC is disaster drone brain

A British-led Japan-based group is building a free-software-powered flying robot for use by disaster relief organisations – and at its heart is tech darling the Raspberry Pi.
Liam Proven, 12 Jun 2012

Probrand sales collapse as it staggers from low-margin biz

Birmingham-based reseller Probrand haemorrhaged revenues in calendar 2011 as it tried to firm up margins by exiting high-volume shipments of cheap computing gear.
Paul Kunert, 12 Jun 2012

UK regulator re-opens probe into Google Street View slurp outrage

The Information Commissioner's Office has reopened its investigation of Google's controversial Street View technology, after its data-collecting cars collected payload data including emails and passwords from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Jun 2012
Smart TVs

World smart TV sales surge

Smart TVs - tellies with internet connectivity - accounted for almost 20 per cent of the televisions that manufacturers shipped in Q1.
Tony Smith, 12 Jun 2012
Mike Norris

Ex-disco kid Computacenter boss: 'Cloud? It makes me angry'

Part 2Computacenter was a £463m sales organisation when Mike Norris took the helm in 1994, with an operating profit of £8.5m. In 2011, turnover was £2.85bn and operating profit was £74m.
Paul Kunert, 12 Jun 2012

Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

A hitchhiker researching a book on "The Kindness of America" is currently recovering in hospital after a gun-toting truck driver gave him a small donation of some searing hot lead.
Joe Fay, 12 Jun 2012

Bye, bye Apple. Now Facebook's the global app kingmaker

AnalysisFacebook is helping Apple to solve the biggest problem facing mobile app stores: sorting through the quagmire of mediocrity endemic in the industry. But more importantly Facebook has found a way to turn mobile punters into profit.
Bill Ray, 12 Jun 2012
Intel Cloud pickets

McAfee embraces managed services providers

McAfee is to unwrap a hosted channel programme in Q3, 2012, the IT security vendor told a press briefing in Marbella today.
Drew Cullen, 12 Jun 2012
HortonWorks Data Platform logo

Yahoo! spinout rolls up first Hadoop stack

Hadoop Summit 2012Hortonworks, the company created a year ago from the spinout of the Yahoo! engineering team behind the open source MapReduce method of data munching known as Hadoop, is leading its first release to market by the nose.

Menaced cartoonist raises $60,000 for copywrong

CommentA popular internet cartoonist has been served a demand for $20,000 after he failed to use the DMCA to defend his rights.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Jun 2012

Cisco puts a virty router in the clouds

Cisco Live 2012Nothing is what it appears to be in the data center any more. Servers have integrated storage and switching, routers and switches are getting servers. And virtual switches and now virtual routers are running inside of servers and blade enclosures.

ISPs say AWS listed by Australian peering services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is close to turning on an Australian facility, The Register has been told by a provider of IP networking services.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Jun 2012
Chip wafer

TSMC joins giant fab race

Taiwanese contract fab TSMC has become the latest chip-maker to join the 450mm (18 inch) wafer push, announcing a five-year project to put between $US8 billion and $US10 billion into a new chip plant.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Jun 2012

McAfee upgrades cloud security and Intel identity kit

McAfee has upgraded its enterprise Cloud Security Platform and activated the first in a series of integrations with parent company Intel's identity management systems.
Iain Thomson, 12 Jun 2012

New ID leak from Global Payments

Credit and debit card processor Global Payments has warned that additional confidential information on its servers may have been compromised in the hacking attack earlier this year that saw around 1.5 million credit card details snatched.
Iain Thomson, 12 Jun 2012
Cisco CEO John Chambers

Chambers: Cisco has bounced back

Cisco Live 2012Cisco Systems is fired up, and if you are in one of its markets and one of its new adjacencies, the company is coming for your market share and more than its fair share of the profits.

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