12th June 2012 Archive

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  • The changing skills sets for the private cloud

    Cloud challenge forces IT to learn new tricks

    Cloud 12 00:01

  • Fusion-io gives Cisco blade servers some flash

    Anything HP, IBM, and Dell have...

    Storage 12 00:03

  • Apple juggernaut cranks out big, big numbers

    Trillions, billions, millions, and so on

    Business 12 00:33

  • Dell blades up EqualLogic storage arrays

    Part of the Converged Blade Data Center

    Servers 12 00:44

  • Western consumption helping to kill off species

    Sydney Uni maps global extinction link to trade

    Science 12 00:53

  • Mobile chip firms ditch feature phone biz for smartphones

    R&D efforts focused on web-enabled devices

    Mobile 12 00:59

  • Two new Jovian moons confirmed

    'S/2010 J 2' is smallest moon ever spotted from Earth

    Science 12 02:59

  • ZTE and Huawei execs get ten years for bribery

    Sentenced in their absence by Algerian court

    Policy 12 04:26

  • China makes human rights play ... but forgets the internet

    Increasing broadband speeds but content still censored

    Policy 12 06:52

  • Hardy handymen handed handy hardened handheld hardware

    Job sheets beamed directly into Scottish sparky palms

    Government 12 07:03

  • Google Apps cloud fine print may not protect EU biz

    Storing private data outside the Eurozone? Welcome to a world of pain

    Management 12 07:32

  • ICO could smack Google Street View with fine after all

    How a Swiss court’s conclusions could translate into UK law

    Law 12 08:01

  • The incredible shrinking NAND: I'm MEELLLLTING

    Flash array bubbles burst

    Storage 12 08:31

  • UEFA Euro 2012

    Three Lions?

    Phones 12 09:00

  • Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... Memory Cards

    File stores for the disconnected

    Hardware 12 09:14

  • For FORK'S sake: GitHub checks out Windows client

    The rise and rise of Torvalds' tool

    Developer 12 09:19

  • Fate of dot-word bids decided by ICANN archery shoot-out

    That $185,000 gTLD application rests on MILLISECOND timing

    Hosting 12 09:41

  • Supercomputers need standard shot glass to measure out juice

    Can’t fix it unless you can quantify it

    HPC 12 10:03

  • Adobe rips up rebate rules after resellers riot

    Creative Suite biz goes back to the drawing board

    The Channel 12 10:05

  • Ssssh. Apple quietly mashes monster MacBook Pro

    17-incher excised

    Laptops 12 10:10

  • Apple pulls in TomTom, kicks Google off iPhones

    iOS 6 Maps app uses TomTom's cartographical database

    Applications 12 10:19

  • Chapco Group goes titsup

    But IT Services arm rises from ashes in pre-pack

    The Channel 12 10:33

  • Buffalo drops 802.11ac '5G Wi-Fi' router into Blighty

    1.3Gb/s wireless, anyone?

    Hardware 12 10:40

  • Sainsbury's pays £1 entrance, heads into ebook club

    Slurps HMV's 64% stake in Anobii for peanuts

    Financial News 12 10:43

  • NASA's Curiosity rover will try risky landing near Mount Sharp

    Space agency confident it can dodge mountainous Mars obstacle

    Science 12 10:48

  • Gamers, test your 1990s knowledge

    Chiptune challenge

    Games 12 10:54

  • Volkswagen Up!

    Honey, I shrunk the Golf

    Science 12 11:00

  • New UK curriculum ramps up lessons in SPAAAACE

    More facts crammed into brains in draft schools shakeup

    Science 12 11:13

  • HTC handsets hit by grip of death

    Antenna-gate re-opened

    Phones 12 11:17

  • Sole British 'naut Major Tim embarks on NASA deep space mission

    'Splashdown' for Tim Peake, as team heads beyond point of no return

    Science 12 11:25

  • Source code smoking gun links Stuxnet AND Flame

    Kaspersky: Devious cyber-weapons share software DNA

    Security 12 11:43

  • Apple Passbook card-'n'-ticket app paves way for iOS e-wallet

    The barcode just won't die

    Applications 12 12:01

  • Assange demands that Supreme Court reopen extradition case

    WikiLeaks supremo wants to avoid Swedish summer heat

    Law 12 13:08

  • Thief open-sources Richard Stallman's laptop, passport, visa

    Free Software firebrand's hardware liberated in Argy-bargy

    Developer 12 13:29

  • Tide turns for channel: Now vendors are fighting for YOUR loyalty

    How to use channel consolidation to your advantage

    The Channel 12 13:50

  • Raspberry Pi IN THE SKY: Wallet-sized PC is disaster drone brain

    ARM-powered flying mercy bot to the rescue!

    Hardware 12 14:01

  • Probrand sales collapse as it staggers from low-margin biz

    Spending freezes haven't helped

    The Channel 12 14:14

  • UK regulator re-opens probe into Google Street View slurp outrage

    ICO hauls Chocolate Factory back onto the data carpet

    Cloud 12 14:26

  • World smart TV sales surge

    More folk buying - but are they watching?

    Hardware 12 14:35

  • Ex-disco kid Computacenter boss: 'Cloud? It makes me angry'

    Norris on enriching sales, pushing tin and running a public company

    The Channel 12 14:58

  • Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

    Sticks out thumb, catches lead

    Bootnotes 12 15:27

  • Bye, bye Apple. Now Facebook's the global app kingmaker

    Zuck's lot will sift the gold from the mud... bitch

    Applications 12 16:01

  • McAfee embraces managed services providers

    Tune in to channel prog in Q3

    The Channel 12 17:09

  • Yahoo! spinout rolls up first Hadoop stack

    Hortonworks hears a $

    Cloud 12 17:12

  • Menaced cartoonist raises $60,000 for copywrong

    Ignorant or cynical?

    Media 12 20:57

  • Cisco puts a virty router in the clouds

    And a virty server in a router, among other unnatural acts

    Cloud 12 21:30

  • ISPs say AWS listed by Australian peering services

    Source says co-located data centre testing under way

    Cloud 12 22:16

  • TSMC joins giant fab race

    450 mm wafers in five years, maybe

    Hardware 12 22:50

  • McAfee upgrades cloud security and Intel identity kit

    Free to customers and channel

    Cloud 12 22:53

  • New ID leak from Global Payments

    More fallout from hack attack

    Security 12 23:25

  • Chambers: Cisco has bounced back

    Ready to thump challengers – or itself

    Data Networking 12 23:34