11th June 2012 Archive

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  • CERN confirms neutrinos don't break light speed

    Faulty fibres flamed for fatuous FTL finding

    Science 11 03:26

  • Japan still in love with the fax

    Hi-tech nation of contradictions

    Business 11 03:39

  • India to greenlight state-sponsored cyber attacks

    Gov agencies will get the nod

    Policy 11 05:56

  • Telefonica steps back from China as debts mount

    Reduces stake in China Unicom by half

    Business 11 06:48

  • All-flash IBM V7000 smashes Oracle/Sun ZFS box

    SPC-1 benchmark

    Storage 11 07:02

  • Europe crams ultra-fast 4G into tight spectrum crack

    Outta the way 3G, the new kid is here

    Mobile 11 08:02

  • Students face off in Hamburg home-cooked cluster clash

    Hell on the Elbe: You pick the winners at ISC’12

    HPC 11 08:28

  • Habeas data: How to build an internet that forgets

    Hoarders and hypesters don't want expiry dates on YOUR data

    Media 11 09:02

  • 'That's a FUBAR train wreck waiting to happen'

    Plus: 'It is fairly simple to stop HULK attacks'

    Bootnotes 11 09:13

  • Why MongoDB? It's the developers, stupid

    Second-hottest skill after HTML5

    Developer 11 09:18

  • Microsoft 'mulled Nokia buyout, ran away screaming'

    Why Windows 8 giant will wait for Finns to bleed some more

    Business 11 09:42

  • Silicon Valley Bank lures Brit startups with sacks of cash

    Sci-tech fund pump opens Blighty branch

    Cloud 11 10:02

  • LG's quad-core Optimus tabphone powers into Europe

    Pace and display

    Phones 11 10:03

  • Intel rivals crash Hot Chips party with full-fat server silicon

    Hey baby, wanna come upstairs and see my pipeline?

    Hardware 11 10:18

  • Smart meters are 'massive surveillance' tech - privacy supremo

    Euro watchdog demands data law to protect punters

    Science 11 10:41

  • LG 47LM670T 47in passive 3D smart TV

    Fashionably thin

    Hardware 11 11:00

  • Asus-made Google pad set for June debut

    All eyes on Google I/O

    Tablets 11 11:14

  • Brit judge orders Facebook to rip masks from anonymous cowards

    Hey, real names are part of our culture ... bitch

    Law 11 11:17

  • Male, female Chinese 'nauts prep for trip to Heaven and back

    'Genuine manned tool' readied for orbital coupling

    Science 11 11:26

  • Now TalkTalk cuts Brits' access to The Pirate Bay

    Downloaders WalkWalk the plank

    Broadband 11 11:41

  • Facebook changes data-use policy despite 87% poll opposition

    Our secret vote only drew 'unrepresentative' users

    Networks 11 12:03

  • Passwords pillaged from League of Legends wand-strokers

    Euro gamers' very private jewels sniffed by hackers

    Security 11 12:18

  • Serco gulps more gov contracts with VDS gobble

    Job Centre, child maintenance deals in £55.5m buyout

    The Channel 11 12:39

  • Insider cuts into Apple, peels off Intel Mac OS X port secrets

    Project Marklar was a one-man skunkworks

    Software 11 13:04

  • Belfast promises free city-wide Wi-Fi in cash grab hope

    Given its website glitches, that public money couldn't come soon enough

    Broadband 11 13:29

  • Android activations near a million a day

    Rubin rouses ahead of WWDC

    Phones 11 13:42

  • Lamborghini drives Androids towards wealthy pockets

    Richer gear

    Phones 11 13:54

  • Google to axe Meebo apps on 11 July

    Bites, chews, spits toolbar biz out

    Small Biz 11 14:01

  • Microsoft assembles a private cloud so you don't have to

    Trevor's infrastructure drill-down

    Cloud 11 14:20

  • 'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks

    Well, how else will you tackle a shuffling corpse horde?

    Bootnotes 11 14:43

  • Google co-founders face FTC antitrust grilling

    Page and Brin have lawyered-up, claim sources

    Business 11 15:02

  • An early iPad adopter? You smut-ogling filth-gobbling perv!

    Well, you like to fondle, don't you?

    Tablets 11 15:34

  • French writers say OUI! to Google's book-slurp deal

    Beret-wearers will sell wafflings via web giant

    Media 11 16:01

  • Apple's online store goes offline

    Major hardware announcements slated for Monday's WWDC keynote

    Laptops 11 16:17

  • AMD tiptoes past sparring rivals in embedded CPU foray

    There's more to life than PCs and servers

    Hardware 11 17:05

  • Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display

    What other company could sell a base model $2,199 laptop?

    Laptops 11 18:06

  • Windows is the OS of the cloud, says Microsoft

    Aims performance broadside at VMware

    Cloud 11 18:29

  • Linux Mint joins mini-PC hardware business

    Smooth and ribbed minty boxes for your pleasure

    Hardware 11 19:54

  • Dell cranks vStart virty server stacks to 1000

    Converged blade data center for raw iron

    Cloud 11 20:31

  • Password flaw leaves MySQL, MariaDB open to brute force attack

    Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE versions vulnerable

    Security 11 23:03

  • Study fingers humans for ocean heat rise

    ‘No matter how you look at it, we did it’

    Science 11 23:16

  • iPhones, iPads to be FULL OF FACEBOOK and NOT GOOGLE

    Mountain View 'dairy product' feels Cupertino lash

    Mobile 11 23:18

  • Money men want bombproof data centre on satellite site

    Apollo radio site Jameson Earth Station slated for redevelopment by Oz company

    Business 11 23:53