6th June 2012 Archive

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  • HP puffs up virtual private clouds

    Cloud bursts from CloudSystem private iron

    Cloud 06 00:47

  • Google to offer cyberwar defence advice to Gmail users

    'State-sponsored attackers are targeting your account'

    Security 06 01:10

  • Weather, bushfire help, budgets in GovHack prize list

    Big week for open data movement

    Policy 06 01:11

  • AWS introduces granular billing tool

    Drops bills in a bucket for drips of usage data

    Cloud 06 01:40

  • Microsoft crowd-sources next Win Phone apps using Android

    on{X} outsources dev to punters

    Software 06 01:45

  • Ericsson predicts over nine billion mobile subscriptions by 2017

    Over three billion smartphones in circulation

    Networks 06 05:06

  • Intel partners prep 20 Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets

    Mobile showdown with ARM looms...

    Hardware 06 05:11

  • AMD and Intel extreme desktop CPU workout

    Feel the burn

    Hardware 06 06:00

  • China and US argue over smog tweets

    Brownout in relations over @BeijingAir feed

    Policy 06 06:21

  • Lawyer up on your way into the cloud

    Asian IT directors advise getting legal brains to read the fine print before vaporising IT

    Cloud 06 06:39

  • OCZ: We will plug Lightning into your Thunderbolt

    Barefoot hustler in fab grab confab, whispers chip chap

    Storage 06 07:02

  • NHS fights record £325k ICO fine after clap records appear on eBay

    Gov fights itself over your money

    Government 06 08:01

  • MoneySavingExpert.com founder flogs website for £87m

    Evidently to someone who doesn't read the site

    Small Biz 06 08:19

  • Telefonica grabs Jasper cloud to hook up British vending machines

    Machine talking to machine on 2G cell networks

    Mobile 06 08:38

  • HULK DDoS-from-one-computer is easily thwarted, say security pros

    Only small, unhardened servers need fear

    Small Biz 06 08:57

  • Facebook's ONLY failure: Expectations management

    Bubble stock shock

    Management 06 09:21

  • Flying Dutchman creates dead cat quadcopter

    102 uses for a...

    Bootnotes 06 09:43

  • Microsoft confirms UK.gov to dodge licensing hike... almost

    Cabinet Office to pay 1% more, but biz to feel the squeeze

    The Channel 06 10:02

  • Google Plus plus Meebo equals Google minus $100m

    Gobbled up toolbar biz does the 'super jazzed' hands

    Cloud 06 10:14

  • Relax hackers! NATO has no cyber-attack plans - top brass

    Internet warfare? Just think of the paperwork

    Security 06 10:34

  • France's biggest Apple reseller sinks: 'Tech titan crushed us'

    eBizcuss goes under as staff picket fruity firm's stores

    The Channel 06 10:46

  • Marathon

    Halo's forerunner

    Games 06 11:00

  • Toshiba widens Ultrabook range

    Cinematic outing

    Laptops 06 11:15

  • LOHAN seeks failsafe for explosive climax

    Mulls back-up system for Vulture 2 motor ignition

    SPB 06 11:27

  • Nokia adds touch to budget blowers

    House of Asha

    Phones 06 11:37

  • Facebook tests parental-guidance tools in plan to pull in under-13s

    Pre-teens a lucrative ad target

    Security 06 11:45

  • Missed the Venus solar flyby? It's only 105 years to the next one

    Or you could just watch this hi-def NASA video

    Science 06 12:01

  • Reseller kingpin: My rise from school disco boss to FTSE 250 biz

    Computacenter boss Norris on Essex, dyslexia and the Ford Escort

    The Channel 06 12:22

  • Pet Shop Boy finally finds success with actual (virtual) shop

    Vodafone shops around, spunks cash on muso's Vouchercloud

    Mobile 06 12:37

  • Dell ups revenue threshold for top table resellers

    Could be a 'challenge', say smaller partners

    The Channel 06 12:43

  • Sony awards PlayStation cert to HTC handsets

    Game of phones

    Phones 06 12:49

  • PC-makers hope for Windows 8 hero to sweep up sales

    Gotta be sure, and it's gotta be soon, and it's gotta be larger than life...

    The Channel 06 13:02

  • New £4bn UK.gov IT shopping centre slips launch deadline

    We name who will (probably) be pumping tech into Blighty's public sector

    The Channel 06 13:17

  • Revolution Analytics paints R stats Azure blue

    Gooses performance, spans HPC clusters with 6.0 update

    Cloud 06 13:37

  • Sean Parker launches Chatroulette killer: For why?

    Innovation... We've heard of it

    Management 06 14:03

  • Acer touts Tegra 3 tablet

    Quad-core fondleslab for £130, anyone?

    Tablets 06 14:14

  • PEER 1 gobbles up UK managed-hosting biz for £25m

    NetBenefit's parent becomes its customer

    The Channel 06 14:21

  • UK websites: No one bothers with cookie law, why should we?

    Fewer than 1 in 5 sites have complied so far – KPMG

    Law 06 14:41

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 'a harmful drug', says Apple in ban bid fail

    Judge tells Microsoft mimic to get real

    Law 06 15:03

  • Tape lives: LTO-6 rolls out – with more than TWICE the capacity

    Scale-out, schmale-out

    Storage 06 15:27

  • Given a beardie nerd the kiss of life? There's a medal for that

    Cattle prod-wielding BOFHs need not apply to first-aid awards

    Science 06 15:57

  • Microsoft expands Xbox extras

    Tuned-up hub with WinPho control

    Games 06 16:08

  • Hackers expose 6.5 MILLION 'LinkedIn passwords'

    LinkedOut: Hashed details posted on Russian Dropbox-alike site

    Security 06 16:26

  • Legendary sci-fi fantasy author Ray Bradbury exits planet Earth

    Author of influential post-WWII novel Fahrenheit 451 dies at 91

    Media 06 16:43

  • Leaked Apple inventory list hints at new non-iOS hardware

    Stay of execution for Mac Pro towers rumoured

    Hardware 06 16:51

  • Oracle tweaks LDom hypervisor homegrown Sparcs

    Gets agnostic about Sparc T generations – and maybe M4s, too

    Virtualization 06 17:23

  • Apple seeks resurrection of HTC importation ban

    HTC: 'We fixed it.' Apple: 'No, you didn't'

    Operating Systems 06 17:46

  • Speaking in Tech: Don't be an IT costing fool

    The gang on chargebacks, Cisco, crappy Kindle sales and more...

    Management 06 18:14

  • Egenera stretches control freak from blades to clouds

    Getting physical as well as virtual

    Servers 06 20:00

  • Police called after Romney's email and Dropbox accounts cracked

    Didn't learn lessons from Sarah Palin

    Security 06 20:29

  • Google Maps adds aircraft, tricycles and skiers to cover all bases

    Touts a billion monthly users ahead of WWDC

    Applications 06 21:41

  • Microsoft backsteps Azure from platform to infrastructure cloud

    Embracing Linux VMs 'cause it can't deny them

    Cloud 06 23:10

  • Kiwi telcos hungry for consolidation

    Driven by fear of ultrafast broadband initiative

    Business 06 23:13

  • Plasma drive starts with pee

    ANU gets funding for space drive test facility

    Science 06 23:35

  • TiVo takes on Cisco in patent knock down

    DVR battles keep lawyers in business

    Business 06 23:53