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Shot of the new radiation sign

Earth bathed in high-energy radiation from colossal mystery blast

Sometime between 1,237 and 1,238 years ago, the earth was inundated by a massive blast of high-energy radiation greater than any known to have occurred either before or since – but no one knows its source.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Jun 2012

Oracle verdict double plus good for Linux movement

The recent verdict against Oracle in its patent case against Google over Java use in Android is good news for the Linux community – and in more ways than one, according to Keith Bergelt, CEO of the Open Invention Network (OIN).
Iain Thomson, 05 Jun 2012
The new medium sized logo for google developer groups

Google renames developer groups to scare away punters

Google has renamed its developers groups and says, through SpokesGooglers on both sides of the Pacific, that it has no particular reason for the change.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Jun 2012

HP rolls out Hadoop AppSystem stack

Everybody wants to get a piece of the Hadoop elephant in the room, and luckily for Hewlett-Packard the mad scramble to make sense of big data is just at the beginning of its hype cycle and there's time enough to get some choice cuts.

SwaggSec claims China Telecom data breach

Hacktivist group SwaggSec is claiming the scalps of China Telecom and Warner Brothers after apparently taking advantage of poor security to infiltrate their networks and steal a sizeable booty of sensitive data.
Phil Muncaster, 05 Jun 2012
ipv6 launch day banner

Techies beg world to join the 1% on IPv6 launch day

Today, Wednesday 6 June, may seem like any other day to you, but a group of network operators, kit-makers and websites have called it “World IPv6 launch day”.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Jun 2012

Dual-screen, detachable and Windows 8 star at Computex

Taiwanese computing giants Acer and Asus faced off ahead of the start of Asia’s biggest IT expo, Computex, today with a slew of new Windows 8 products including dual-screen laptops, notebook-tablet hybrids and even an all-in-one PC which can be used as a giant tablet.
Phil Muncaster, 05 Jun 2012
OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 240GB PCI-E SSD

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 240GB PCI-E SSD

Simon Crisp, 05 Jun 2012

Lard-busting specs trick snack-happy Japanese

Japanese boffins are using augmented reality and other hi-tech trickery in a series of experiments designed to induce people to find ways to eat less.
Phil Muncaster, 05 Jun 2012

Council builds £2.8m shared database of vulnerable kids

Derbyshire county council has announced plans to improve outcomes and reduce costs by installing a new £2.8m single database.
Intel Core i7-3770K processor

Ultrabooks adopt Chipzilla's vPro

Intel has shown off kit galore using the third generation of its Core-i-series PC silicon in Australia, but used the press event at which it did so the emphasise that the new kit is imbued with its vPro management toolkit it aims at enterprise customers with fleets of PCs.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Jun 2012

Telefonica chooses stable of young ones to make it money in London

Telefonica's desks-for-shareholding deal, Wayra, has picked the lucky sixteen startups who'll benefit from central London office space, logistics support and business development, in exchange for percentage holding in the resulting business.
Bill Ray, 05 Jun 2012
NetApp DenseStak

NetApp completes low-end revamp

After revamping the big model of its entry-level FAS 2000 arrays last November NetApp has boosted the smaller model and introduced combined flash-disk storage volumes.
Chris Mellor, 05 Jun 2012
Dell Copper ARM server sled

Dell storage sales drooping while others thrust up

Dell's storage sales are down, reflecting lost EMC storage revenues and selling issues.
Chris Mellor, 05 Jun 2012

HP 3PAR flattens the SAN

HP announced a direct Fibre Channel connection at its Discover event in Las Vegas on Monday, between a 3PAR array and BladeSystem servers using Virtual Connect. This simplifies the storage area network (SAN) fabric enormously and saves a ton of cash.
Chris Mellor, 05 Jun 2012
SGI logo hardware close-up

Exabyte era nigh for Nexenta

The exabyte era is hurrying closer for ZFS storage supplier Nexenta, which hopes to have its partners ship more storage boxes than NetApp in five years time.
Chris Mellor, 05 Jun 2012

Kobe University gets a prime cut of K super

If you have built the largest supercomputer in the world, which the Japanese government has (once again) done with the 10.5 petaflops K supercomputer, the one thing you can't do is have it sitting there being idle.

Is HP pulling a fast one on deduplication?

Is HP pulling the deduplication wool over our eyes by claiming its dedupe box can run at 100TB/hour while EMC's best rate is 31TB/hour? Should a 4-pool dedupe system realistically be compared to single pool design?
Chris Mellor, 05 Jun 2012
Dell Boomi Atom logo

Dell adds crowdsourced regression tests to Boomi

Dell has announced a new service for its fully buzzword-compliant "cloud integration platform", Boomi, which taps the power of the crowd to help tap the power of the cloud.

US military gives NASA two better-than-Hubble telescopes

In a surprise reminder that NASA is not the only US space program – nor likely the best-funded one – the US Department of Defense's National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is giving the perennially underfunded space administration two better-than-Hubble-class space telescopes, prosaically named Telescope One and Telescope Two.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Jun 2012
Pure Storage video

Napster duo launch Airtime to reinvent videoconferencing

Shaun Fanning and Sean Parker have reunited to launch Airtime, a videoconferencing system that links in with Facebook to hopefully eliminate one handed users.
Iain Thomson, 05 Jun 2012
Hadoop Elephant

Cloudera herds new bacon-saving Hadoop stack

In advance of the Cloud Expo in New York next week, commercial Hadoop distributor Cloudera got the jump on its rivals HortonWorks and MapR Technologies by kicking out a new release of its Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop – CDH for short – and the related Cloudera Manager tool for making the Hadoop elephant, er, stand on a stripy ball..?
A VCE vBlock

VMware's Asian new biz Veep jumps to VCE

Paul Harapin, VMware’s vice president for business development and cloud across Asia Pacific and Japan, has left the company, The Reg can reveal.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Jun 2012

Transit of Venus, live-ish from Australia

To Reg readers hoping for a quick peek of today's transit of Venus from Sydney, where the whole thing was visible for hours, we're sorry to disappoint, on two counts.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Jun 2012

Facebook testing "announce important post" feature

Facebook has confirmed it is trialling a feature that would allow users to shove posts into friends' faces make sure their posts are seen by all their friends.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Jun 2012

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