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Samsung set to roll with betting apps

Australian interactive TV application developer Two Way is set to deploy its betting application across Samsung’s range of internet-enabled TVs, smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems.
Natalie Apostolou, 04 Jun 2012
Nokia Lumia 900 Dark Knight Rises edition

Bot imitates bat for better flight

It may be despised as the vector of a really nasty virus*, but like all bats, Australia’s Grey-headed Flying Fox is an aerobatic (sorry) marvel – and it’s provided part of the model for researchers trying to mimic bat flight using a combination of articulated wings and smart materials.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2012

Chinese diplomat accused of spying on Japanese military

A Chinese diplomat with links to the People’s Liberation Army has been accused of snooping on Japanese military technology data while working in Tokyo.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Jun 2012

Microsoft douses Flame

Microsoft has noticed Flame, the malware supposedly burning up the middle east and spreading like wildfire to the rest of the world, and has taken steps to stop it before becoming an uncontrollable conflagration.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2012

China overestimates 3G numbers by HALF

The Chinese government has been forced into an embarrassing u-turn after admitting that previously estimated figures for 3G subscriptions in the country were double what they should have been.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Jun 2012

NTT demos double-sided see-through smartphone

Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo and computing giant Fujitsu gave smartphone fans a glimpse into the future of mobile computing at this year’s Wireless Japan show, demoing a prototype Android device with a transparent, double-sided touchscreen interface.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Jun 2012
Mobile Cases

Ten... bits of Jubilee tat tech

Product round-upThe Jubilee weekend has landed. All that exists now is junk, drunks, plums and parties. And we've all got an additional 48 hours off from the world, man. Here in London, though, you've never seen so much human traffic.
Caleb Cox, 04 Jun 2012
apple logo

Apple quietly reveals iOS security innards

Apple has published a guide to iOS security, detailing in one place the various safeguards that stop perps p0wning fondleslabs and iPhones.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2012

El Reg's GAGA robot lawn-slasher loses its mind. For now

The weather has been working against us in the Hibernian branch of Special Projects: not only did it rain interminably for months but it then broke into blazing sunshine prompting an explosion of growth for which we were entirely unprepared. Location sensing is still under development, more on that later, but now we're racing to produce some kind of growth retardant while the grass is, quite literally, growing under our feet.
Bill Ray, 04 Jun 2012

Big Data is now TOO BIG - and we're drowning in toxic information

Open ... and ShutUnless you have found a clever way of avoiding the internet completely, you no doubt have been warned that THERE IS A BIG DATA EXPLOSION! By many accounts, we are currently drowning in information - from log files to stock charts to customer profiles - and face a host of new products cropping up to help us manage the onslaught. Unfortunately, our fixation on hoarding and storing data may actually be making the problem worse, not better.
Matt Asay, 04 Jun 2012

Music Biz: The Man is still The Man, man

A long weekend is traditional time for gentlemen to retire to the garden shed. Even if you're not planning to do so yourself, please do spare half an hour to read what I think might be the best analysis of the music business I've read this year - or, I think, any year. It's a quite magnificent, panoramic view of the landscape with a very provocative conclusion.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Jun 2012
Australian Government 2.0 taskforce logo

How to get a job in Australia

Here in The Register's antipodean eyrie, we have good economic news!
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2012
Facebook data center - interior, lit up

Hyperscale servers sell like hotcakes

The first quarter was not an easy one for the server business, according to IDC, and analysts say that 2012 is shaping up to be an interesting one. Modular servers – including traditional blades and density-optimized servers aimed at hyperscale web operators and supercomputer installations – are where the action is.

Small banking Trojan poses major risk

Security researchers have discovered a tiny, but highly capable banking Trojan.
John Leyden, 04 Jun 2012
AMD Bulldozer core module

AMD gooses the clocks on 'Bulldozer' Opterons

Chip giant Intel has hogged all of the headlines lately in the server racket lately, and Advanced Micro Devices this morning is trying to get a word in edge-wise with some clock speed bumps on its "Bulldozer" family of processors for server with one, two, or four sockets.
server room

Falling share price exposes NetApp

NetApp's market worth has dropped 51 per cent in 16 months, making it vulnerable to a takeover.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2012

HP freezes out SAN fabric

HP is removing the need for a Fibre Channel fabric linking its 3PAR arrays and BladeSystem servers with a quasi direct-attach supplied though its Virtual Connect technology.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2012

HP doubles down with dedupe speed record

HP reckons it can claim the dedupe speed king crown, ingesting at 100TB/hour and spitting it our at 40TB/hour, faster by far than the dedupe dominator, Data Domain.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2012

Firefox 13 now available for download

UpdatedAlthough its official release date is not scheduled until this Tuesday, Firefox 13 is now available on the Mozilla website.
Rik Myslewski, 04 Jun 2012

SanDisk mimics EMC's Lightning

SanDisk has a PCIe server flash card called, as if to mimic EMC, Lightning, developed from its existing Lightning SSDs.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2012

Salesforce goes social with $689m Buddy Media buy

Salesforce.com has lashed out $689m on social media marketing firm Buddy Media as part of its plan to work social media deeper into its platform.
Iain Thomson, 04 Jun 2012
Corning flexible glass

Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future

Corning has been showing off a new form of flexible glass that is the thickness of a sheet of paper yet easy to mass-produce.
Iain Thomson, 04 Jun 2012
IBM Watson QA Power7 cluster

IBM rejigs Platform control freakery for supers

Big Blue wants everything to be about Smarter Planet, but its acquisition of grid computing pioneer Platform Computing back in October 2011 was about giving IBM a place in the cloudy, gridded, and automated cluster management space and some necessary tools to maintain some sort of control – both literally and financially – in the modern data center.

Researchers hide malware from Google Bouncer

Google’s Bouncer malware detection system might not be as strong as the Chocolate Factory hopes, with a pair of security researchers demonstrating flaws in the system.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2012
Cat 5 cable

IBM strides along the storage edge

IBM has at last added compression to its Storwize V7000 product and made a raft of storage announcements at its EDGE event in Florida today.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2012

Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business

This is a guest post by Kieran Cummings, a network/server admin. Kieran tweets as @sortius
Kieran Cummings, 04 Jun 2012

TPPA so deep a secret not even the minister knows what’s in it

Australia’s bureaucrats appear to have learned the lesson from ACTA’s slow-motion train wreck in Europe, and aren’t letting the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) anywhere near something as unpredictable as a parliament.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2012

Oz has to go nuclear, says Adelaide U scientist

Prominent University of Adelaide climate scientist Professor Barry Brook says it’s inevitable that Australia will embrace nuclear energy in the battle against greenhouse gas emissions.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2012

Asia needs US$1.1 trillion telco spend this decade to stay digital

Asia has been warned that it will need to invest USD $1.1 trillion in telecom infrastructure by the end of the decade in order to compete in the digital economy by Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific president Rajeev Singh-Molares.
Natalie Apostolou, 04 Jun 2012

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