4th June 2012 Archive

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  • Samsung set to roll with betting apps

    Oz startup Two Way pushes bookies into tellies

    Mobile 04 Jun 00:15

  • Bot imitates bat for better flight

    Flying fox the model for ‘BaTboT’

    Science 04 Jun 01:30

  • Chinese diplomat accused of spying on Japanese military

    Embassy official was apparently attached to PLA

    Security 04 Jun 03:38

  • Microsoft douses Flame

    Redmond smothers fake certificates fingering it as the spark

    Security 04 Jun 03:59

  • China overestimates 3G numbers by HALF

    Domestic 3G/landline hybrid counted as pure 3G by mistake

    Networks 04 Jun 04:54

  • NTT demos double-sided see-through smartphone

    Fujitsu-made handset has transparent appeal

    Mobile 04 Jun 06:15

  • Ten... bits of Jubilee tat tech

    Fit for a Queen?

    Hardware 04 Jun 07:00

  • Apple quietly reveals iOS security innards

    Cupertino promises "solid protection" against net nasties

    Security 04 Jun 07:45

  • El Reg's GAGA robot lawn-slasher loses its mind. For now

    Credo: Things you can't do from the pub aren't worth doing

    SPB 04 Jun 09:30

  • Big Data is now TOO BIG - and we're drowning in toxic information

    Just why are we hoarding every last binary bit?

    Cloud 04 Jun 10:00

  • Music Biz: The Man is still The Man, man

    An insider's extraordinary tale

    Media 04 Jun 11:06

  • How to get a job in Australia

    Diamond Jubilee washed out? US jobs data scary? Ride out the recession Down Under!

    Jobs 04 Jun 11:30

  • Hyperscale servers sell like hotcakes

    Linux machines eclipse Unix boxes

    Servers 04 Jun 12:00

  • Small banking Trojan poses major risk

    Size doesn't matter, after all

    Security 04 Jun 12:30

  • AMD gooses the clocks on 'Bulldozer' Opterons

    Last hurrah until 'Piledriver'?

    Servers 04 Jun 15:32

  • Falling share price exposes NetApp

    Looks vulnerable

    Storage 04 Jun 15:34

  • HP freezes out SAN fabric

    Directly attaches 3PAR to blades

    Storage 04 Jun 18:00

  • HP doubles down with dedupe speed record

    Boosted HP no longer needs Sepaton

    Storage 04 Jun 18:12

  • Firefox 13 now available for download

    Arrives one day early with New Tab and Home pages

    Software 04 Jun 19:02

  • SanDisk mimics EMC's Lightning

    PCIe flash card

    Storage 04 Jun 19:15

  • Salesforce goes social with $689m Buddy Media buy

    Aims for cradle-to-grave social media

    Business 04 Jun 20:17

  • Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future

    Ultra-slim sheets ready to roll

    Data Centre 04 Jun 22:13

  • IBM rejigs Platform control freakery for supers

    Hadoop MapReduce clone, new HPC stacks ship this month

    HPC 04 Jun 22:14

  • Researchers hide malware from Google Bouncer

    Nastyware makes it into Android Market

    Security 04 Jun 23:02

  • IBM strides along the storage edge

    Compresses data and manage storage better

    Storage 04 Jun 23:16

  • Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business

    Crashes, authentication problems, Metro weirdness, make Win 8 "unworkable"

    Windows 8 04 Jun 23:24

  • TPPA so deep a secret not even the minister knows what’s in it

    ‘Yes Ministering’ a non-minister in Senate Estimates

    Policy 04 Jun 23:43

  • Oz has to go nuclear, says Adelaide U scientist

    Stop worrying, learn to love nuclear power

    Science 04 Jun 23:45

  • Asia needs US$1.1 trillion telco spend this decade to stay digital

    Alcatel-Lucent sees NBNs everywhere

    Networks 04 Jun 23:59